The Clippers have played the Lakers three times this season, mounting an 84-point combined margin of victory in the last two meetings. Due to the pace both teams operate, the floor is open for what the Clippers do best: alley-oops. Whether you still call them Lob City or Lob Angeles or merely the Pacific Division leaders, there is no question the Clippers put on one of the best aerial shows in NBA history. On the heels of the Clippers’ record-breaking 142-94 win on Mar. 6, here are the best five alley-oops by the Clippers against the Lakers this season:  

5. Paul to Jordan (9:49 3Q, Mar. 6, 2014): Chris Paul bookends the top five list and on this one just makes it look too easy in a half-court set. All five Clippers players touch the ball on the possession, including Paul receiving a handoff from Griffin, getting into the lane and firing up an off balance lob to DeAndre Jordan.

4. Crawford to Griffin (10:04 2Q, Oct. 29, 2013): Jamal Crawford pulls a rebound away from Jordan Hill, pushes the ball down the center of the court and finds Blake Griffin streaking up the left side of the lane for an alley-oop. He made the pass a step past the half court stripe. Griffin caught the ball, threw it down with two hands and spun off the rim.

3. Griffin to Jordan (6:15 3Q, Mar. 6, 2014): Griffin has assisted on 53 of Jordan’s field goals this season, second on the team to Paul’s 56 assists to Jordan. This was his latest, posting up Xavier Henry, spinning to drive and finding Jordan cutting to the rim. All he had to do was lob it seemingly up near the shot clock and Jordan out-jumped everyone else to make it 91-49.

2. Collison to Griffin (7:04 1Q, Jan. 10, 2014): Darren Collison’s speed can be a problem for defenses and it’s highlighted further when he’s got Jordan and Griffin as options on the break. Collison got in the lane, looked towards Jordan, jumped off one foot and threw a lob to Griffin ahead of him. The pass was a little behind the NBA’s leading dunker since 2010-11, but he caught it with his right hand and found a way to throw it down anyway.

1. Paul to Griffin in 3-on-1 (3:09 3Q, Mar. 6, 2014): The looks on the faces of the fans and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak told the story of the night and the emphatic conclusion to Griffin, Paul and Jordan’s time on the court. Paul was flanked by Jordan and Griffin with only Wesley Johnson between them and the hoop. He flung a pass with his right hand across his body to Griffin, who threw down one of his more vicious slams of the year. “When it rains, it pours,” Reggie Miller said as TNT went to a commercial break.