All-Star Weekend is a week behind us, but there is still plenty of reason to check out the best five plays from the game, including some from Blake Griffin’s 38-point effort and some from Chris Paul’s second All-Star Game double-double in a row. With so many highlight plays and so many points scored in the game, it is tough to narrow it down, but there are the best five plays from the Clippers in the 2014 All-Star Game:

5. “It Sure Does Look Good”: There is something to be said about the chemistry of regular-season teammates in the All-Star Game. On this play, Paul dribbled down the center of the floor and displayed impeccable timing with his fancy lob to Griffin from about 30 feet. It almost seemed like they knew where each other would be on the floor without even looking.

4. Wrap Around: Paul casually dribbled into the lane and as the defense collapsed he turned it on, leaping toward the rim, ducking between defenders and wrapping a pass around Chris Bosh for an easy dunk by Griffin. It was part of Griffin’s near All-Star record 18-point first quarter.

3. “Once again, it’s Griffin from Paul”: Griffin’s seventh dunk of the first quarter came on a lob from Paul. Griffin slipped a pick and was open at the rim for a high-flying alley-oop.

2. KD Can Play, Too. Paul, Griffin and Kevin Durant play a three-man game as Paul found Durant with a between the legs dribble and no-look pass at the top of the key and he subsequently found Griffin for another alley-oop, this time with one hand.

1. From Shaqtin’ A Fool to Wow: After Kyrie Irving had the inbounds pass slip out of his hands, Paul picked up the loose ball and shoveled a no-look pass to Griffin down the middle of the lane. The finish was arguably one of the best dunks of the night… and that’s saying a lot. Twelve of Griffin’s record 19 field goals made were via the dunk.