The Clippers have set the gold standard for the “count it and the foul” call in the past two seasons. Perhaps, the two most famous “and-1” baskets in recent memory came on Blake Griffin’s right-handed dunk over Kendrick Perkins in Jan. 2012 and a little over a year later when DeAndre Jordan threw down an alley-oop over Brandon Knight in Mar. 2013. In addition to Griffin and Jorand, they have the career leader in 4-point plays in Jamal Crawford and one of the league’s best guards at creating contact in Chris Paul.

There has not been a Perkins or a Mozgov or a Pau or a Brandon Knight yet this season, but there still have been plenty of spectacular and-1 plays through the first month and a half. Here are the five best:

5. Dec. 1, 2013 vs. Indiana: While nearly all of Paul’s and-1 plays come below the rim, they are usually pretty creative. Here he weaves around a Jordan screen, gets bumped from the left by George Hill and somehow manages to fling in a tough right-handed shot that banks in.

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