Prior to the Clippers’ Feb. 11 matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers, longtime NBA head coach Doug Collins met the media and talked about the Clippers’ depth, their championship potential and Chris Paul’s leadership, among other topics.

On what stands out about the Clippers:

“They have great depth. Their bench is dynamic. I think Jamal Crawford is having a great year. [Eric] Bledsoe is having a great year. I think what helped Bledsoe is when Chris was out he got to play a little bit more and run the team. Now Grant Hill is back. I think he did a great job yesterday, defending Carmelo [Anthony].”

“They have shot blocking. They defend the paint very well. They’re number one in steals and points off turnovers. When you look at this team they have glamorous players, but to me they’re a very blue collar team. I think that really is their calling card is that they’re tough.”

On Chris Paul:

“They are 30-11 with Chris Paul. He’s obviously the guy who makes that team go on both ends of the floor with his defense, with his passing, with his shooting.”

On whether or not the Clippers can win a title this season:

“Absolutely. Sure they can [make a run at a title]. What were they 16-0 in one month this year? They’ve got stars. Anytime you defend and rebound you’ve got a chance. They’re not a great free throw shooting team. And it’s interesting, they’re not a team that shoots a lot of free throws. That’s an area, I think that come playoffs could be a little bit of a concern. But they’ve got depth and they defend. And when you defend and you have a dynamic player like Chris Paul who can go anywhere and win for you. Chauncey Billups is coming back now. He’s got the big game experience. They can shoot the three. I don’t see them as having any weakness if they keep everybody healthy.”

On the “Lob City” moniker:

“[Lob City’s] not hype. That’s reality. But that’s not what wins the games for you. They win games because they’re one of the best defensive teams in the league. They rebound the ball. They share the ball. They turn you over. Sometimes you look at the glitz and glamour of the lobs and you forget the blue collar approach that these guys take to the game every night.”