With their 109-95 win over the Lakers, the Clippers won the Pacific Division for the first time in franchise history. Here’s some of the immediate reaction from the locker room postgame:

Chris Paul

“It means a lot. It means we’re headed in the right direction. There was no cake, no champagne popping or anything like that in the locker room. I think that says even more about our team and that we’re not satisfied. We understand that this is something small compared to the big picture. We just want to continue to work hard and keep trying to play the right way going into the playoffs. We’ve been saying for a while, as bad as we’ve been playing a little while ago, we can only get better. If we keep this pace up, we’ll be okay."

“We’ve had the opportunity to speak to season ticket holders who have been here for a very, very long time who have been waiting for this. It’s not just about us guys in the locker room; it’s about the organization. It’s about the Sterling Family; they’ve been doing this for a long time now so it’s good to see what that feels like.

“It’s good to clinch the division, but what I told the guys before the game is that we knew that when Golden State [Warriors] lost, we still could have clinched the division. But we didn’t want to do it that way. We wanted to clinch the division on our own terms and win a big, emotional game here in the city. We were able to do it.”

Blake Griffin

“It means something to me; it’s my first one. Never having been in that situation or even my first year not even being close, it means something to me. At the same time, we kind of had the mindset that this was what we were supposed to do, and we want something a little bit more than that.”

DeAndre Jordan

“It’s big for us and it’s big for the organization. It’s big for our fans. It’s big for the Clippers’ community. It’s not the only thing we want to do. We want to take this momentum into the playoffs. This is the first time that this has ever happened in franchise history so we want to enjoy it, but we know that this is not the only thing that we want to do. Like I keep saying, it’s big for us but we just have to keep pushing forward.”

Jamal Crawford

“The division championship is an accomplishment. You don’t want to just look over it because the last couple of weeks we were just struggling. I think that we’ve had a terrific season. Hopefully we’re playing well at the right time going toward the playoffs. We really want to play for a championship and this is just a stepping stone to get there. This is how I felt in the beginning of the season. We only have five games left. I feel good about the way we’re playing going into the playoffs.”

Caron Butler

“I thought that one of our main goals was to accomplish each small goal first, so that we could have good momentum going into the playoffs and obviously have healthy guys. We want to win the whole thing and we’re right on pace so let’s keep this thing going.”

Matt Barnes

“The franchise has come a long way. It’s a new era around here. Obviously winning the division title is great for the franchise.”