DeAndre Jordan

Can’t get enough of DeAndre Jordan’s epic dunk on Brandon Knight from Sunday night? Here are some more anecdotes about it from the web and quotes after Monday’s practice.


DeAndre Jordan: “I didn’t watch it until I got home. And that was a pretty nice pass by Chris [Paul]. It was pretty nice pass, man. And my teammates’ reactions were pretty animated.”

“Maybe Matt [Barnes had the best reaction] because he just took running. Ronny Turiaf laid on the ground. And seeing Vinny trying to hold Blake [Griffin] back was pretty funny.”

“When you dunk a basketball you don’t know how high you are or how bad you dunk on somebody until you see the reactions of your teammates and then the crowd.”

Chris Paul: “Even after Blake dunked on Kendrick Perkins last year and stuff like that I usually never react to them like that because I try to stay locked into the moment. But that one [by Jordan] was unreal.”

“I thought that he was too far back and I was hoping he was just going to try and bring it down instead of dunk it, but somehow he stretched out.”

Vinny Del Negro: “[Jordan’s] a big athletic guy, so it doesn’t surprise me. Or Blake doing something like that. You see it in practice and stuff like that. It was a great athletic play, a great pass, a great finish.”


@JimRome: “DeAndre Jordan and Brandon Knight are still trending?! For one play, during a regular season game. Has to be a twitter record, right?”

@BrandonKnight07: “It wasn’t in the scouting report that the Clippers threw lobs lol.”

@ESPN: “It’s been 12 hours, and we’re still not sure if what DeAndre Jordan did to Brandon Knight is legal.”

@JCrossover: “The pass from @CP3 , and the dunk from @deandrejordan was SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! #wow has to be #1 on #sportscenter!”

@SethDavisHoops: “The best part of that DeAndre Jordan dunk is that he made the free throw. Okay maybe that was the second-best part.”

@LarryFitzgerald: “We have a code red and need a cleanup crew in the paint at the @STAPLESCenter! Send @deandrejordan the bill for it!!”

@NBA: “DeAndre Jordan throws down one of the most ridiculous alley-oop finishes you will ever see!!!”

@ESPNChrisPalmer: “We have a new dunk of the year. My goodness, DeAndre Jordan.”


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