LA JOLLA – After nearly six hours of practice time over the last day Photo of Chris Paul wearing new blue jerseyand half, the Clippers scrimmaged for the first time in the waning minutes of Wednesday’s workout at RIMAC Arena.

The first scrimmage lasted four minutes with a brief two-minute scrimmage that followed. Each group won one game.

“It was good because it was at the end of practice,” Clippers forward Jared Dudley said. “We had a long practice today so guys were actually tired. So, that’s when you have to work on your execution. That’s what [Head Coach] Doc [Rivers] was talking about [with us]. But it’s always good to be competitive.”

There were plenty of noteworthy plays in the six-minute flicker of action. Darren Collison took an inbounds pass from one end of the floor to the other in about three seconds to finish a layup around DeAndre Jordan. Jamal Crawford made three free throws after drawing a foul by J.J. Redick on a 3-point shot late in the second game. DeAndre Jordan had two dunks, including an alley-oop from Chris Paul. And Blake Griffin confidently knocked down a 22-foot jumper from the left wing.

Rivers said the scrimmage was less about watching specific personnel and more about seeing how each group executed when they were tired.

“I love when the games end up in an end-of-the-game situation,” Rivers said. “They tend to do that in training camp, no one’s running away from anybody.”

Both scrimmages came down to final few possessions and each team had to run out-of-bounds plays out of timeouts to either hold onto a lead or catch up.

“They were very competitive,” Paul said of the final six minutes of practice. “It’s the first couple of days and it’s the first organized ball anybody’s played in a long time.”

After a group of players that will likely make up the second unit won the first game, Paul’s competitive side showed up.

“The second unit looked good out there,” Dudley said. “They won the first one. Chris demanded we play a second one and we jumped on them.”


After Tuesday’s practice sessions were spent mostly focusing on defense, Rivers said the team got a little deeper into the offense Wednesday. He said there will be some noticeable differences between the 2013-14 version of the Clippers and last season.

Ultimately, though, he said the new offense will be about motion and rhythm and finding a system that helps not only the stars but role players thrive.

“There is a different between running and staying in motion,” Rivers said. “Every team talks about running. We want to be a running team, but for us we want to be a team that’s in motion, constant movement, so it’s very difficult to load up on us.

“It’s almost a rhythm, a pace. The pace is not extremely fast. It’s not slow. It’s always a pace and, to me, that’s more effective and that’s what we’re trying to get our guys to do. We don’t want our team to be an isolation team. We don’t our team to be a hold the basketball team. I think you can get away with that in the regular season and then in the playoffs they load up on you and all of a sudden that isolation doesn’t work anymore.”

Paul was in favor of some of the changes Rivers and Associate Head Coach Alvin Gentry have installed.

“It keeps everybody engaged on the defensive end and keeps everyone involved on the offensive end,” Paul said.


 Photo of Reggie Bullock


Rookie Reggie Bullock sat out for the second straight day with a sore knee. While the injury is not considered serious, Rivers said he does not know when the No. 25 overall pick will be back on the floor.

“I don’t actually know when he will be allowed [to practice],” Rivers said.

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