Eric Patten |
Originally posted on: 3/19/14

There was a point a week ago when Darren Collison gave up at least seven inches in height to three consecutive opponents he was asked to defend.

On average Gerald Green, Klay Thompson and Gordon Hayward dwarfed Collison by 7.7 inches and 36 pounds. Forced into big minutes against the giants as the starting shooting guard, the 6-foot, 175-pound guard more than held his own.

It was reminiscent of a few weeks earlier, when pressed into playing the second half against Houston’s James Harden, Collison helped tilt the game defensively and led the Clippers to their third victory of what would be 11 in a row.

“He’s doing everything,” Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said. “You know, it’s just his willingness to guard guys out of position, to try to hold his own. Going into the Golden State game, we told him he’s going to get posted up and just to deal with it because we just like the other matchups. So, he would have to do it; and he keeps his composure.” READ MORE »

Darren Collison