Clippers forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis answers your questions in the latest edition of the Mailbag. Submit your question here or use the hashtag #LACMailBag to do so on Twitter.
Note: The above video appeared on the Mar. 5 edition of “Clippers Weekly” on Prime Ticket. We reserve the right to edit your question for the sake of brevity or clarity.

@EDITHC32, How did you get the “Big Baby” nickname?
“Obviously I was a big kid. I was a nine year old playing senior football. I was supposed to play pee-wee, and my football coach was like ‘You are on a senior team. You need to stop acting like a big baby.’ Then it just spread like wildfire. As soon as I got to middle school, they came to watch me play football and I was on TV. Everyone was like ‘oh Big Baby,’ and after that it just spread like wildfire.”

@STANK013, Are DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin really that good? How do you fit in with the Clippers?
“You know what, they are really good. The crazy thing about it is they have so much more upside because they are young players. They really haven’t experienced a lot of playoff basketball or going deep into the playoffs. It just amazes me how athletic they are. I just see myself kind of being the glue making it all fit together; giving them rest when they need rest. They run so much and they play so many minutes, it’s tough to do that in the playoffs. Just trying to get them rested, find my niche and try and help win.”

@THEREALATRAIN15, Do you believe that this is one of the best opportunities you have to win another championship?
“Yes, I really think so. With the coaching staff also the quality and caliber of guys that are on this team, also the culture here that the organization has. You can tell when you walk in here that they want to win. They have got everything for players to be successful here. When I walked in, I felt it. But it is going to take work and we all understand that. We are willing to bring our lunch pails and our hard hats.”

@CLIF815, Why number 0?
“In college I was number 0 and that is when I played my best basketball. If I could have chosen 0 when I was with the Celtics, I would have chosen it, but I had to choose 11. 0 is really my number.”

@JEEPINJOSH, What does Doc like to do to prepare the team for playoffs, if anything?
“He does a lot of motivational videos and I would say that his pregame speeches are unbelievable. Every day he always talks about if you want to go far, you can’t go by yourself.  If you want to accomplish something bigger than yourself, you have to do it together. That sticks with me. He told me that when I was a rookie with the Celtics and I never forgot it. I can tell that he is trying to implement that into this team.”