In the final mailbag of the regular season, Clippers superstar Chris Paul answers your questions.

Note: The above video appeared on the Apr. 9 edition of "Clippers Weekly" on Prime Ticket. We reserve the right to edit your question for the sake of brevity or clarity.

@IVAN243326, What is your best moment as a Clipper?

“It may have been that 27-point comeback in Memphis; that first playoff game as a Clipper.  I think everyone had counted us out but it really showed how much fight our team had to come back and win that game.”

@JAMESKWOK, How often does Chris Paul hang out with Cliff Paul?

“All the time during the summer. During the season, he’s usually busy working and I’m doing the same.”

@ZEEKJONES, How are you able to be so effective when a lot of players are taller than you?

“One thing I’ve always said is, as long as they don’t change the goal from 10-ft to like 11 or 12-ft, I think I’ll be just fine. When you’re out there playing, it sounds very cliché but, it’s not about your size or height, it’s about your heart.”

@HILARIOUSVP, Who is the funniest guy on the team?

“Jared Dudley. He’s very animated when he talks, especially with his hands. He’s a very funny guy.”

@XAVIERMARTIN, Who are some of your favorite young point guards?

“I really like Kyrie Irving, Michael Carter-Williams. I’m a big Kemba Walker fan. He has a lot of heart, a lot of grit. He plays hard every night.”

@_KANYENORTH, How much would you say you’ve seen Darren Collison grow from his rookie year to now?

“His attention to detail now, his confidence, he just understands the game so much more now. It’s fun to be a part of it.”

@854749088, What is the most valuable thing Doc Rivers brings to the Clippers this season?

“I think the poise and the combination of his hunger and his passion. As a player, you know how bad you want to win but having a coach that wants to win just as bad and who never gets rattled in situation… I think it gives our team confidence that no matter what’s happening in the game, we feel like we can win.”

@GGAARCIA1217, How was Blake [Griffin]’s breakout season impacted your overall game?

“I think seeing his confidence actually gives me more confidence and gives our team a collective feel of ‘we can do anything.’ BG can’t be guarded on any given night. I think that we have something special this year.”

@JEANBAL6, What’s been one of your greatest accomplishments as an athlete so far?

“Probably scoring 61 points for my late Grandfather.”

@ALEXVERRIPS, What is your Mount Rushmore of basketball players?

“It’s still being written. I’m trying to get in it though, I can tell you that much.”