Clippers Superlatives Ballot

The Clippers got into the spirit of election season with a little voting themselves…Check out who won in each of the team's Superlative categories.

Best Dressed: Chris Paul (9)
Others receiving votes: Grant Hill (2), Lamar Odom, Matt Barnes, Caron Butler, Chauncey Billups
When you're on the cover of GQ, it's almost a sure thing you'll win this category.

Nicest Car: Chris Paul (4)
Others receiving votes: DeAndre Jordan (3), Lamar Odom (2), Jamal Crawford (2), Caron Butler, Blake Griffin
Chris Paul wins again, but a much closer race… Clearly there is a nice array of cars in the Clippers parking lot.

Worst Driver: Three way tie between Eric Bledsoe (3), Matt Barnes (3), and Travis Leslie (3)
Others receiving votes: DeAndre Jordan, Lamar Odom, Trey Thompkins
With how nice these cars are, it's a surprise this team has so many "bad" drivers!

Biggest Clown: DeAndre Jordan (13)
Others receiving votes:Blake Griffin (2), Lamar Odom, Trey Thompkins
DeAndre Jordan runs away with this one… not that it's much of a surprise!

Best Dancer: Trey Thompkins (3)
Others receiving votes: Caron Butler, Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, Grant Hill, Chris Paul, Ronny Turiaf, Robert Pack
The Clippers voted Trey Thompkins the team's best dancer, but quite a few players also got votes, as well as Assistant Coach Robert Pack. Dance Party, anyone?

Most Likely to become a Politician: Grant Hill (11)
Others receiving votes: Chris Paul (3), Chauncey Billups (2), Willie Green, Trey Thompkins
Grant Hill's DC roots may have tied into this one. His mother was roommates with Hillary Clinton in college, and Hill recently accompanied the first lady on a trip to the London Olympics. It doesn't hurt that he's very eloquent and well-spoken, can you see him in office one day?

Biggest Gossip: Chris Paul (3)
Others receiving votes: DeAndre Jordan (2), Jamal Crawford, Lamar Odom, Matt Barnes, Ryan Hollins, Jasen Powell, Vinny Del Negro, Pete Serrano
Chris Paul narrowly wins this category, but quite a few others received votes, including Matt Barnes who appointed himself here! Players also pointed to team trainer Jasen Powell, team equipment manager Pete Serrano, and head coach Vinny Del Negro as the biggest chatterboxes…

Best Nickname: Chauncey Billups, "Mr. Big Shot" (9)
Others receiving votes: Jamal Crawford, Chris Paul "CP3", Trey Thompkins "TT"
With a well-earned nickname like "Mr. Big Shot" it's no surprise Chauncey Billups walks away with the win in this category.

Clumsiest: Eric Bledsoe (5)
Others receiving votes: Ryan Hollins (4), Trey Thompkins (2), Blake Griffin, Travis Leslie
It seems his teammates think Eric Bledsoe is a bit clumsy! Ryan Hollins came in close second, and he was a self-admitted klutz!

Life of the party: DeAndre Jordan (8)
Others receiving votes: Lamar Odom (3), Caron Butler (2), Travis Leslie (2), Trey Thompkins (2), Eric Bledsoe, Chris Paul
"Biggest Clown" winner DeAndre Jordan is the life of the party for this team— clearly he's always bringing the laughs.

Most Cultured: Ronny Turiaf (7)
Others receiving votes: Grant Hill (4), Chauncey Billups, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul
Growing up in the French Caribbean Island of Martinique, Ronny Turiaf earns the title of Most Cultured on this Clippers team. The worldy Turiaf came to the states for the first time at the age of 18 to attend Gonzaga. Teammate Grant Hill comes in second, he's got quite the erudite upbringing, as well as an extensive collection of African American art.

Biggest Eater: Blake Griffin (3)
Others receiving votes: Eric Bledsoe (2), Matt Barnes, Caron Butler, Ryan Hollins, DeAndre Jordan, Lamar Odom, Trey Thompkins
Blake Griffin takes the title of the team's biggest eater-- It takes a lot to maintain that 6'10", 250 frame!

Best Taste in Music: Jamal Crawford (3)
Others receiving votes: Trey Thompkins (2), Chauncey Billups, Caron Butler, Blake Griffin, Grant Hill, Travis Leslie, Lamar Odom, Ronny Turiaf
Jamal Crawford has impressed his teammates with his music— the Seattle native clearly has some unique (206) taste!

Best Friends: Trey Thompkins & Travis Leslie (6), Blake Griffin & DeAndre Jordan (6)
Others receiving votes: Travis Leslie & Eric Bledsoe, Chauncey Billups & Chris Paul, Matt Barnes & DeAndre Jordan
This one comes down to a tie. Georgia teammates and Clippers draft buddies Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie are joined at the hip, and jokesters Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have been buddies since day 1...

Most Team Spirit: Caron Butler (3)
Others receiving votes: Blake Griffin (2), DeAndre Jordan (2), Chris Paul (2), Trey Thompkins (2), Travis Leslie
Caron Butler is almost always wearing his Clippers gear, whether it be a team hat or a Lob City sweatshirt— he's proud to be a Clipper!