Photo of fans at the Clippers Santa Monica Pier Clinic

For the last century, historical Santa Monica Pier has accommodated thousands of visitors from all over the globe. But this past Thursday and Friday, children from all areas of Los Angeles had the opportunity to experience the fun, some for the first time.

Two trips to the Santa Monica Pier concluded the 20 Clippers Clinics offered throughout the summer. These trips are put on by the Los Angeles Clippers Foundation. Providing a departure from many of the sports-centric activities, the pier days promote family fun, giving children an opportunity to enjoy their last days of summer before heading back to school.

Taking place in Pacific Park, children had the opportunity to experience 12 thrilling carnival rides, 17 midway games, and a variety of food selections.

The group checked in at the entrance of the park, given a white Clippers T-Shirt, a meal card, and a carnival ride wristband. Standing in line and squirming with excitement, kids seemingly couldn’t keep their eyes off of the colorful array of carnival rides nearby. Even the rumble of the rollercoaster above couldn’t dull the voices bustling with laughter and excitement.

“It’s wonderful. My son gets the opportunity to run around with his wristband and ride on everything. It’s a lot of fun,” explained Tamika, a mother of a Clipper Clinic participant.

From the popular beaches to the iconic Ferris wheel, the Santa Monica Pier is a staple of Southern California culture, although not all have had the opportunity to experience it.

“This is really good experience, especially for our inner-city kids because a lot of kids don’t get to do this,” Tamika added. “This is a local activity, but there are so many kids who don’t get a chance to ever come to the pier.”

And that is what the Clippers Clinics have prided themselves on summers past and present: giving children an opportunity to experience things they may otherwise might not. On Thursday and Friday that experience included swooping through the air on florescent colored miniature biplanes, chucking darts at balloons and spending a day in the sun with waves crashing around them.