MEMPHIS – Over the next couple of weeks as teams continue to build their rosters via the waiver wire and free agents on contract buyouts, decisions will be made that could alter the complexion of the postseason.

It happened for Doc Rivers in 2008 when the Celtics signed veteran P.J. Brown for the remainder of the season and the surly veteran became a key member of Boston’s second unit, including knocking down a game-winning jumper in the Playoffs. And it’s happened numerous times since with teams adding a player, such as Chris Andersen in Miami last February, who bolsters a contending team’s rotation.

Rivers said Friday the Clippers (37-20) plan to search for someone who can potentially help them. And that includes recruiting players.

“I'm not going to say any names, but there's more than one team that wants all these guys, at least a lot of the guys,” Rivers said. “You have to talk to them, for sure.”

After trading Antawn Jamison and Byron Mullens on Thursday, the Clippers roster is down to 12 players. To comply with NBA rules, they must add a 13th player by Mar. 6. Rivers said Thursday that the Clippers will consider a number of options, including 10-day contracts and buyouts. And even with J.J. Redick sidelined with a bulging disc in his lower back, they will not rush to add someone without seeing who is available.

All players currently on an NBA roster must be bought out or waived by Mar. 1 in order to be eligible for another team’s postseason roster. Players who are already free agents can sign at any time, even after the Mar. 1 deadline, and remain eligible.

Asked why a free agent at this point in the season would want to join the Clippers, Rivers said, “We want to win. That's it. Other than that, I'm not a beauty queen or anything. They're not going to come play for me for my looks or anything. But, the opportunity of winning is what anyone should want. And we're one of a lot of teams that has that opportunity.”

Jared Dudley said the idea of winning a championship should be a primary selling point for anyone seeking a new team.

“Obviously, this is a Playoff-type team,” Dudley said. “Any time you have one of the best point guards on your team it opens up things because it gets everybody involved. So, you have that. You have one of the best coaches in the NBA, who has won a championship. He’s a player’s coach and can adapt to any style of play and a great communicator. I think when it comes to the city and the excitement we have and the potential we have as a team to go far. I think that makes it eye candy to most people.

“You should be about winning and there are few teams that have a real shot to win a championship. There are probably six or seven, max, teams that have a chance and I’d probably go to one of those six or seven.”