For Immediate Release

The Los Angeles Clippers today announced the following personnel changes within the team’s Communications Department:

Seth Burton, with the team for six years as Assistant Director of Communications, will be elevated to the post of Director of Communications, effective immediately. Burton fills the vacancy left by the recently-departed Rob Raichlen who left after 20 years.

In addition, long-time NBA Communications veteran Dennis Rogers will join the Clippers as Director of Team PR and Publications. Rogers currently serves in the role of Director of Basketball Communications with the New Orleans Hornets, and will assume his new duties with the Clippers on December 3, 2012.

Two other personnel adjustments were also announced: Ta’Nisha Cooper’s title will change to Assistant Director of Media Services and PR (from Assistant Director of Media Services) to reflect her involvement with the Clippers’ Community Relations initiatives. Steven Esparza (currently Coordinator of Media Services) will now be Assistant Director of Communications and Publications.

All will report to Clippers’ Vice President of Communications Joe Safety, who said:

“Losing a long-term asset as important as Rob Raichlen is never easy and even harder when it happens at the beginning of an always-hectic season. But we are very fortunate that Seth is so well-prepared to step into the vacancy, and just as fortunate to be able to add a person of Dennis Rogers’ skills, experience and stature. We’re proud of Seth and excited to welcome Dennis. I expect we will not miss a beat as we move forward.”

Burton joined the Clippers prior to the 2006-07 season and has been responsible for all team publications and game notes while overseeing editorial content on as well as assisting in all other aspects of the department.

Rogers, the new face, has spent the last 10 seasons with the Hornets, most recently as the Director of Basketball Communications for the past five seasons. In his recent role, the Southern Methodist University graduate oversaw all internal and external communications of the team’s players and coaches. In addition, he oversaw all daily aspects of the department. Born in Los Angeles, but raised in Dallas and San Antonio, he has also served as the Director of Public Relations for the NBA Summer League from 2004 until 2008 as it grew into the premier summer league in the NBA. He currently serves as an assistant to the summer league, promoting the league through all aspects of social media. Prior to joining the Hornets, Rogers served as a Basketball Operations Assistant for Momentum Sports Agency in San Antonio, an Intern for the Dallas Cowboys and was a Graduate Volunteer for the Mississippi State University Men’s Basketball Team while pursuing his masters.

In her role as Assistant Director of Media Services and PR, Cooper will be the responsible for all media credentialing and seating requests, while also serving as the primary media contact pertaining to the Clippers’ Community and Fan Relations programs and events.

Esparza will take a more active role in the production of all team publications, including game notes and editorial content on and LAC TV.

All four members of the Clippers Communications Department will travel with the team on a regular rotating basis.