With 28 of the nation's best young players as well as a number of elite coaches and administrators on hand for Thursday’s intra-squad scrimmage, there was no shortage of things to talk about. Here are a few of the best quotes from the evening that relate to the Clippers, DeAndre Jordan and more:

DeAndre Jordan on the upcoming NBA season:

“We have a new coach and new guys on our team and this is definitely just a kick-start, coming out playing with these different types of bigs and these guards. It will only help you get better. I’m excited.”


Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson on the approach players took during the four-day mini-camp:

“I think [players] see that this is a great experience and this is probably the best run they’re going to get, maybe even in some games. There is talent here. These guys are ready to come in and compete and play and obviously we want to make each other better, but also want to battle to try to prove ourselves.”


Warriors forward Harrison Barnes on former North Carolina teammate Reggie Bullock:

“Reggie was great as a teammate. I thought people slept on him in the Draft and he showed what he can do in the Summer League. He’s 6-foot-7, a long defender and can shoot the ball well and he’s diversifying his game. I think he’ll have a spot for a long time as an NBA 2-guard.”


Head coach Mike Krzyzewski on the process for this young group of players:

“Guys were terrific all week. I think this was a good first step in this four-year period. We’re watching everybody.”


Grizzlies guard Mike Conley on playing on a team with DeAndre Jordan after competing against him for two years in NBA playoffs:

“It is different. We kind of kid with each other on the court, and off the court, just talking about in-game moments. He’s always like, ‘Remember this?’ and he’ll dunk it. And I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah. I remember that.’ And we’ll mess around with each other. We have a great relationship. But he’s a great competitor and I had a lot of fun playing alongside him tonight.”