2/17/13 | Eric Patten 

Throughout All-Star Weekend will be talking to players and coaches about the Clippers. Here is part one of the 2013 edition of the Clip-Board, featuring comments from 76ers All-Star Jrue Holiday, Grizzlies All-Star Zach Randolph, Warriors point guard Stephen Curry and former Clippers floor general Sam Cassell. 

Sam Cassell on his days with the Clippers and why the team is successful now:

“I just saw the talent that we had: Chris Kaman, Elton Brand, Cuttino Mobley, [Chris] Wilcox, Shaun Livingston. There was a lot of talent around there. My one thing that I wanted to do was let those guys believe. Let them believe that we can do the right thing and we could win. And that’s what we did.”

“Now, wow, they are gone. The Clippers are the best ticket in L.A. right now.”

“Chris is an excellent leader. And to be successful in this business, you need leadership. Chris Paul is the perfect guy to lead that ball club. He holds everyone accountable. He even holds himself accountable. And you throw in a Chauncey Billups, and his veteran leadership, that’s easy now. The hard part is over.”

Stephen Curry on Chris Paul’s competitiveness:

“That’s one thing I learned from him. He’s a likeable guy and he’s got a lot of friends throughout most of the teams, but you’ve got to be a different person once it’s game time, knowing that the guy across from you is going to try and beat you every single night, so you’ve got to have that edge.”

Zach Randolph on Blake Griffin’s development:

“Blake’s good. He’s athletic. He can play as a post player. The guy is a workaholic. He’s got a great work ethic and he’s a good person, so he’s always going to get better because he soaks it up and listens.”

Jrue Holiday on the Clippers:

“They’re a really good team. They’re definitely hard to stop. They’re hard to contain because they have so many weapons, especially with a floor general like Chris Paul out there controlling everything, controlling the situation. It makes them that much tougher.”


2/16/13 | Eric Patten

Throughout All-Star Weekend will be talking to players and coaches about the Clippers. Here is part one of the 2013 edition of the Clip-Board, featuring comments from Kyrie Irving, Joakim Noah, David Lee and Tim Duncan.

Tim Duncan on the Clippers as a contender in the West: 

“I hope not well at all. I hope they implode and I hope they’re not a problem at all. That’s what I hope, but their talent level is not going to let them do that. Chris [Paul] has been hurt for a little while and think that’s taken a little bit from them, but playing them earlier in they were absolutely impressive, their athleticism, their depth, all that stuff.”

Joakim Noah on fellow All-Star big man Blake Griffin:

“I really like his demeanor out there. I think he’s a real cool dude, somebody who is a hard worker and somebody who has unbelievable abilities obviously. I’m more of a tip-in type of guy while he’s more of throw it down on your neck type of guy. He’s a competitor and I respect him for that.” 

David Lee on former New York Knicks teammate Jamal Crawford:

“One of my favorite teammates, we still keep in touch quite often now. He’s a guy that is a very selfless guy. For the amount of shots he puts up, he’s one of the most unselfish guys I’ve ever met in my life. But he was a great veteran to me. He was a guy who taught me a lot about how to act off the court and was always a professional.”

“I was a screen-setter for him for a couple years, and when he had 50 [points] in New York, I think I set about set about 25 straight down screens for him in that game against Miami. That’s one of my greatest memories from when I was in New York was when he had that game.”

Kyrie Irving on dynamic young point guard Eric Bledsoe:

“I think now he’s starting to get recognition. His value is definitely going up. He’s doing a great job backing up CP3 (Chris Paul) and when CP was out he did a great job as well. He’s continuing to get better from when he first came in.”