Throughout the Clippers’ weeklong journey in China, will provide an inside look at what players are saying about their experience.

Center DeAndre Jordan reflects on his trip to the Great Wall and praises the fan base in China after Saturday’s Media Day in Shanghai (as told by Eric Patten).

The Great Wall was cool. I’ve never been to that before and it was a good team bonding experience. We had the reception in Beijing and I learned some Chinese phrases. Just the basics like “Hi, how are you?” “Thank you,” “You’re welcome,” and “Bye.” There’s no way I would have ever expected to learn those words, never in my life, but it’s cool. Everyone is really nice here. I love it.
We didn’t get to do anything Friday. I slept a little bit, we had film session, and that was really it. We didn’t do anything at all yesterday outside of the hotel.
The media is really different than they are back home. They love us out here, from Chris Paul to Blake Griffin to Willie Green to all the way down to whoever. They also know everything about you. More than people back home would know about you, which is really flattering.  
The fans really love basketball, too. Sports period, but they really love basketball. That’s just what you see. Fans are crazy in a good way. They are outside of the hotel all day and all night.
Before I leave Shanghai, I want to beat the Heat. That would be a good way to end the trip.