Throughout All-Star Weekend Clippers Insider Eric Patten will be talking to players and coaches about the Clippers. Here is part one of the 2014 edition of the Clipboard, featuring comments from Western Conference All-Stars Dwight Howard, James Harden and LaMarcus Aldridge as well as 2013 Slam Dunk Champion Terrence Ross and West head coach Scott Brooks.

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard on DeAndre Jordan’s improvement:

“Well, I think that he’s just playing his role. I think the first couple of years, he wanted to do more on the offensive end, and he would get upset when he didn’t get the ball, stuff like that. But now, he understands what they need for him to do, rebound, block shots, and dominate the paint as much as he can. And he’s been doing that. He’s been rebounding. He’s been blocking his shots. He’s been running the floor, and he’s been scoring that way. And I think at a young age, when you do that, it just makes you better because you learn how to play without the basketball. And as you get older, there will be opportunities to where you get the ball; you get your chance to score. And now, you understand that you can score with the ball, you can score without having the ball in your hands, and you can do all of those other things; rebounds or block shots. So, it’s only going to make him better.”


Houston Rockets guard James Harden on the Clippers’ growth under Head Coach Doc Rivers:

“They’re very good. They have two athletic big men. They’ve got a coach on the court in Chris Paul. He’s back. And they’ve got shooters around him. They’ve got some veterans that know how to win and know what to do. So, they’re a dangerous team. They’re always a dangerous team, especially in the playoffs.”


Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge on Blake Griffin’s development:

“You know, everybody that knows him or that’s around him says he works hard. I’m real close with Jamal Crawford, best friends; and he says Blake works hard. I think also, having [Chris Paul] go out. I thought CP going out put him at the forefront. I thought he actually shined in that moment, so that’s good for him.”


Oklahoma City Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks on the competition in the Western Conference:

“Man, the West is so good and so competitive. These games are like playoff atmosphere games, the last 25 or 30 games. And there are great buildings to play in. There’s so many meaningful games [with] playoff implications, seedings to get in the playoffs. There’s going to be three teams that are right there, that are really good, that probably won’t be in…well they won’t be in the playoffs. So, every game is important, but we’ve always had that philosophy that every game is important. You can’t put more weight in this game, than your last game or your next game. Every game you have to do your best and live with the results.”


Toronto Raptors forward Terrence Ross on Blake Griffin's performance in the 2011 Slam Dunk contest:

“He brought the showmanship to the Dunk contest because before, nobody would ever even think to do something like jumping over a car. But, it was fun to watch.”

Note: Quotes transcribed for by Brandon Ehrlich.