Iron Clipper: Eric Piatkowski

Guard Eric Piatkowski recently became the Clippers all-time leader in games played*, eclipsing Loy Vaught's previous record of 558 on November 6th in Philadelphia. During his tenure with Los Angeles, Pike has set franchise marks in career 3PT FG % (.404), career 3PT FG made (658) and attempted (1634), most 3PT FG made in a game (7), and highest 3PT FG % for a season (.466). He has also played in three different local home arenas, and has a longer NBA past than either the Memphis Grizzlies or Toronto Raptors franchises.

The Clippers would like to recognize and thank Eric for his dedication, loyalty, and for giving fans 100% each and every night he steps on the floor.

  • Photo Gallery: Piatkowski Through The Years

    Back In 1994.....

    A lot has changed since Eric entered the NBA in the fall of 1994. Take a look back at what was going on during the start of Piatkowski's career with Los Angeles:

  • Almost 2/3 of his current Clippers teammates were still in high school, while forward Chris Wilcox was just entering 7th grade.
  • For the first time in history, baseball's World Series was cancelled.
  • Bill Clinton was serving his first term as President.
  • Forrest Gump was a box office smash.
  • Piatkowski's alma mater, Nebraska, capped off a 13-0-0 season to capture the 1994 NCAA Football Championship.
  • Michael Jordan was a baseball player
  • Friends and ER debuted on primetime television.

    Head Of The Class

    Piatkowski's tenure with the Clippers is not only notable for the franchise history, but also among his fellow 1994 NBA Draft picks. Out of the top 15 players selected, only Pike still remains with the team he played for during his rookie year. (*Note: Eric was originally drafted by Indiana, but his draft rights were traded to the Clippers along with Malik Sealy and Pooh Richardson for Mark Jackson and the rights to Greg Minor on June 30th, 1994)

    Pick Name Rookie Year Team Current Team
    1 Glenn Robinson Bucks Hawks
    2 Jason Kidd Mavericks Nets
    3 Grant Hill Pistons Magic
    4 Donyell Marshall Timberwolves Bulls
    5 Juwan Howard Bullets Nuggets
    6 Sharone Wright Sixers Out Of The NBA
    7 Lamond Murray Clippers Raptors
    8 Brian Grant Kings Heat
    9 Eric Montross Celtics Raptors
    10 Eddie Jones Lakers Heat
    11 Carlos Rodgers Sonics Out Of The NBA
    12 Khalid Reeves Heat Out Of The NBA
    13 Jalen Rose Nuggets Bulls
    14 Yinka Dare Nets Out Of The NBA

    (*Note: Randy Smith holds the franchise mark with 715 games, but only donned a Clippers uniform during San Diego Clippers inaugural season of 1978-79 and again in 1982-83. For more information, visit the History section of