Q&A With Dalron Johnson

Wednesday, June 11th, 2003

Dalron Johnson
(K.M. Cannon, Las Vegas Review-Journal)
How did the workout go?
"The workout was good. It was my first workout so it was a new experience. It was good to see other guyís workout like Jarvis Hayes and Joe Shipp; guys who are my size or bigger and could play hoops."

How does it feel to start the pre-Draft process?
"With a person in my position it can be frustrating at times. If your not one who knows your going in the first round or in the lottery or what your chances are of playing are, it can be real frustrating. But overall, I really enjoyed the experience and hopefully I can get more workouts."

How are you preparing for the next leve and what is your biggest strengthl?
"Right now Iím still working on getting a few more pounds on my body. I have the ability to guard twoís, threeís on up. With that added weight I could possibly guard fourís and maybe even a five for an occasional game."

Who are your basketball heroes?
"Lamar Odom, Tracy McGrady mostly tall athletic wing guys. Scottie Pippen was one of my favorite players. But most of all someone who my game is nothing like, Michael Jordan."

What do you think will be the biggest adjustment to NBA life?
"Off-court, I donít really get myself wrapped up in the limelight and the whole 'I got money'. Iím not a flamboyant type of person. Iím still very humble and Iíll probably be at my house watching movies with my girlfriend and with my kids. On the court, there is a different maturity level it is a whole different tempo from the college game. In the pros youíre switching and looking at zones and different match-ups. Mostly itís just a mental game and strength game."