Andre Miller Transcript

Andre Miller Press Conference Transcript

Wednesday, July 31st, 2002

Andre Miller

  • Re: Playing in front of his family and friends
    “First of all I’m happy to be here in L.A., my home town. It’s been a long time coming I’ve been to the University of Utah and then all the way to Cleveland and now I get a chance to come back home to play in front of family and friends. I’m looking forward to the opportunity and the chance to play with an exciting team, so thank you for having me.”

  • Re: The opportunity to play with an up tempo type of team
    “The one thing that I look forward to is the up tempo pace of the game, getting up and down the court. I didn’t have the opportunity to do that in Cleveland and now I have some guys here who can run the lanes and I got the big guys in Elton and Olowokandi who can also run the lanes so it’s going to make my job that much easier.”

  • Re: Being back in Southern California and finding out about the trade
    “I just got back to Southern California a couple of hours ago. I spend my off-season in Sacramento. The trade wasn’t too much of a surprise, I’m happy to be back. But, once I heard that the trade was final I just turned my phone off. I rarely come back home but now that I’m back I’m going to spend time with my family and take this opportunity to spend time with my mother and stepfather.”

  • Re: Where he learned to play basketball
    “I grew up in the inner cities of Los Angeles not too far away from here, I grew up in Watts that’s where all of my family and friends are. I’m just happy to be back, I enjoyed myself in Cleveland but it’s good to be back home to play in front of friends and family.”

  • Re: Playing with more weapons
    “I have a lot more weapons here then I had in Cleveland and there was a lot more pressure there. Here I just get a chance to distribute the ball a lot more, even though I did that in Cleveland, I get off seeing guys play well and I think I’m going to enjoy playing here (in Los Angeles).”

  • Re: Taking the Clippers to the playoffs
    "I followed them towards the end of the season. The Clippers are an exciting team. We are just going to have fun and go out there and play hard and whatever happens happens. If we go out there and play hard and play good defense everything will take care of itself.”

  • Re: His best attributes
    “Right now being able to rebound and push the ball up court. I’m not looking to come here and be some type of scorer I’m just coming here to make guys better.”

    Alvin Gentry

  • Re: His thoughts on the trade

    “Obviously I think looking at New Jersey you could see what a great point guard can do for your team and as you look around I look at Andre being in that mold right there. I think he can take the team with the talent that we can surround him with I think we will definitely be a team to be wrecking with. This is the one area that we feel we got better at not just offensively as far as running the team but also he gives us a tremendous upside from the standpoint of being able to play a little more aggressive defensively. Obviously, you are looking at a lineup with Andre, Eric Piatkowski or Quentin, Lamar, Michael and Elton that’s a pretty dog gone good starting five with guys like Corey coming off the bench so I think there is an opportunity for us to be able to play with most of the teams in this league.”

  • Re: The potential to win 50 or 60 games next season
    “I don’t want to put a number on anything but our players that play will try to get us into the playoffs and whatever number of wins that takes that’s what our goal is going to be. Not just to get into the playoffs but get into the playoffs and play well. We had that goal last year and obviously we ran into some injuries and things like that. But, our ultimate goal is to win a championship. Obviously, you have to take baby steps first by adding Andre to our team we have the potential to play with anyone. We won’t fear anyone, we will go out there and play well and I think we can do well on a high level.”

    Elgin Baylor

  • Re: Trading for Andre Miller and the potential of the Clippers next season
    “A lot of things have been said about this trade but Andre is a player we desperately wanted to get. We have had conversations with Jim Paxson that have been going on when the season first started, up to the trading deadline and during the playoffs and finally it got done. Again desperately we wanted to get this player. But, we knew we would have to give up something to get a player of his quality. We were hoping we wouldn’t have to give up Darius Miles. Again, we think highly of Darius and say that Darius is the type of player that has a lot of potential and eventually he could become a very good player, but to get a player of Andre’s quality you have to give up a good player. Now in reality when you look at the situation, what we have done, we have one of the top point guards in the league. A position we have been desperately trying to fill. We feel with a player of Andre’s quality not only will we get to the level we are talking about in the playoffs but we feel we can advance and that’s our goal.

    We stated our goal is to get to the playoffs but now we can go further in the playoffs. But when you look at what we have done, we’ve gotten a player who is considered a complete all around player. Darius is a player who is potentially a talented player, potentially. This is a proven player, Darius was a reserve and we gave up a reserve that was not starting for us for a player of his stature. We are happy to have him (Andre) and I just think he is a, complete player, shows up every night and is durable you know what he is going to give you every night he steps on the floor. I think he excels at every aspect of the game. I think the chemistry is going to be great. The players who talk about him speak highly of Andre so we are really excited to have him.”

  • Re: Filling a hole in the lineup with a player the Clippers wanted
    “The player that Cleveland wanted was Miles and the player that we wanted was Andre. We took their best player and I don’t think they got our best player. In order to get a deal like this I think is tremendous and we only gave up one player. When you look at it, when you at the league and at players the two toughest positions to fill number one is the center and number two would be the point guard, those are the hardest players to get. We accomplished that by getting Andre and we’re just ecstatic.”