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Fan Relations & Services Director | (213) 742-7532 | jkelly@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: September, 2003
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
College: University of Memphis
3 Things About Me: I?ve had the incredible opportunity to travel to Rome and Berlin over the last few years. Next on the list are Barcelona, London, Athens and Sydney. Sports are a huge part of my life and I?m a major fan of University of Tennessee Football (Go Vols!), Memphis Basketball and I share season tickets for the Arizona Cardinals. Of course my #1 team is here in LA, the mighty Clippers.

Fan Relations & Services Coordinator | (213) 742-7545 | jlee@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: August, 2004
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Alma Mater: Long Beach State University
What I do for the Clippers: I work hard to provide MVP?s with the best NBA experience! A short summary of my responsibilities include coordinating MVP events/programs/benefits/game day activities, managing our intern staff, selling and servicing my own accounts. Don?t forget to follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/clippersmvps
3 Things About Me:I am a two-time champion running back in flag football (but my background is in dance/cheer). I have never paid to get my hair done (my mom is a beautician). I love musicals so much that I go alone (especially in New York)! And it must be noted? I am a GLEEk!

Premium Seating Executive | (213) 742-7514 | ggriffith@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: September 8, 2008
Hometown: Woodland, CA
Alma Mater: College Of The Redwoods
3 Things About Me: Love sports. Love traveling. Love the ocean.

Account Service Executive | (213) 742-7519 | cpetersen@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: September 27, 2010
Hometown: Redding, CA
Alma Mater: Cal State University, Northridge & University of San Francisco
3 Things About Me: I love traveling, sports and my puppy.

Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales | (213) 742-7530 | clahr@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: June 22, 1981
Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia
Alma Mater: Penn State University
Favorite Clippers Moment: The Clippers defeat the Utah Jazz 115-107 in Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs on Sunday May 3, 1992 at the Anaheim Convention Center. The game had been postponed and relocated from the LA Sports Arena due to riots that had ensued on April 29th. The local fans rejoiced at a chance to get out and have something to smile about. The Clippers gave them plenty of smiles that day.

Director of Sales | (213) 742-7535 | hbennett@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: October 27, 2008
Hometown: New York City and Philadelphia
Alma Mater: Hackley School (NY) and Ursinus College (PA)
3 Things About Me: Love being steps from the sand in Venice Beach, playing poker, live concerts/games and weekend road trips?Started my career in sports with the Philadelphia Eagles and still consider myself their biggest fan!

Season Sales Manager | (213) 742-7552 | umartinez@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: August, 2005
Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA
Alma Mater: University of California, Irvine
Favorite Clippers Moment: The 2006 playoff run.
What I do for the Clippers: Train and manage sales executives to learn the skill-set to sell season tickets, mini plans, event suites, and groups.
3 Things About Me: Growing up I always thought I would be playing in the NBA. When I realized that would not be the case, I figured why not get the next big thing and work for an NBA team. With my passion for sports I?m an avid basketball player on the weekends and a real couch potato on NFL Sunday?s

Inside Sales Manager | (213) 765-0425 | mgwartz@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: May 17, 2006
Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
Alma Mater: El Dorado High School and The University of Arizona
Most Memorable Clippers Moment: Winning the 2009 Draft Lottery ? Welcome Blake!  And acquiring my college alum Hassan Adams for exactly two hours and five minutes on Wednesday, January 7, 2009.
What I do for the Clippers: Along with my own selling and service responsibilities, I recruit, train, and manage a staff of 14 Inside Sales Executives to sell Season Tickets, Packages, Groups, and Suites.
3 Things About Me: C & H, playing sports, eating.

Inside Sales Manager | (213) 742-7536 | zryan@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: September 9, 2006
Hometown: Kelton, PA
Alma Mater: THE WVWC
Favorite Clippers Moment: Hitting the game winning jump shot while Rob Strikwerda was trying to guard me during an office pick-up game!
What I do for the Clippers: Amongst other things?..I assist a team of 12 people in achieving their dream of obtaining a full time position in the sports industry.
3 Things About Me: I like spinach, dolphins and classical music (not necessarily at the same time)

Business Development Manager | (213) 742-7544 | carviso@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: Originally Drafted June 1, 1998
Hometown: Big Bear Lake, CA
Alma Mater: University of La Verne
What I do for the Clippers: My current title of Business Development Manager enables me work with our current Sales Team. I help the sales team with their individual and team goals, give direction, guidance and recommendations where necessary.
Favorite Clippers Moment: The inevitable move from the beloved Sports Arena to the ?State of the Art? Staples Center 10 seasons ago. A lot has changed since our first game here in 1999.
3 Things About Me: I enjoy live music, BBQing my own creations and spending time with Family and Friends.

Senior Account Executive | (213) 742-7541 | rstrikwerda@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: June, 1996
Hometown: Valparaiso, IN
Alma Mater: Indiana University
Favorite Clippers Moment: I think my favorite moment has yet to happen because I don?t recall sweeping the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals anytime recently.
3 Things About Me: I?m the Clippers current two-time Fantasy Basketball League Champion, I recently turned 40 and I still have the best jump shot in the sales department.

Senior Account Executive | (213) 742-7543 | cwilson@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: June 5, 1995
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Alma Mater: Cal Poly Pomona
3 Things About Me: I enjoy sports, music and relaxing.

Account Executive | (213) 742-7542 | agirgis@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: January 5, 2009
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Alma Mater: Cal State Fullerton
3 Things About Me: I love the Clippers, ice-cream sandwiches, and ping-pong

Account Executive | (213) 742-4651 | clewis@clippers.com
Clippers Signing Day: July, 2006
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Alma Mater: UCLA
Favorite Clippers Moment: Opening night every year.
3 Things About Me: I enjoy all forms of auto racing Nascar, Indy car and formula one. I also enjoy freelance writing for magazines and independent newspapers. I graduated from UCLA after playing baseball for 5 seasons.

Account Executive | (213) 742-7546 | cshaffer@clippers.com
I?m looking forward to an exciting season. Please don?t hesitate to contact me if you need anything at all.
Clippers Signing Day: July, 2010
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Alma Mater: UCLA
3 Things About Me: I?m a diehard Bruin fan from a diehard Bruin family ? I?m currently the UCLA Young Alumni Downtown LA Regional Co-Chair! I worked in marketing, publicity and special events in the entertainment industry before moving into sports. I love traveling ? my favorite trip was volunteering in Thailand last summer.

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