MVP Spotlight

Each month we will spotlight one of our very special Clippers MVPs in our MVP Press.

MVP Spotlight: Barbra Night

MVP Since: 2012

MVP Location: Section 312


I instantly became a fan after attending my first playoff game back in 2012.  The energy of the game completely consumed me, and I also really loved the arms on #32 (best I’ve ever seen). I used to go to games with my nephew, Orry (also a Season Ticket Holder), as a guest and I realized that I was a big fan and wanted to attend on my own, rather than just wait for an invitation.


I attend games with my life partner and best friend of 20 years, Errol.  


I am the owner/publisher of TrendsWest, a LA Retail Notebook. “LIVELOVESHOPLA” is our motto! It’s a fashion, food, and lifestyle website ( that focuses on trends from the hippest city in the world, Los Angeles.


I have a lot of fun memories, but my favorite Clippers memory has to be every time Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan make 2 consecutive free-throws.  


The Clippers experience is so consuming and awe-inspiring that it becomes a part of your life. In a town where purple and gold reigned supreme for so long, it’s very exciting to feel like you are a part of the team that is helping re-write the history of the L.A. sports scene. Oh, and watching #32 for each and every game at STAPLES Center isn’t too bad either…  

MVP Spotlight: Ed Spiegel
MVP Since: 1999
MVP Location: Section 116

When did you become a Clippers fan, and why?

Ed has been a Clippers fan for a long time, and has rooted for them since before they moved into the STAPLES Center. He also has Lakers season tickets, but says he has always rooted for the Clippers more because they were the underdogs and are now a very exciting  team that is easy to relate to!

What do you do for work?

For years Ed owned a company called “Cast & Crew Entertainment Services”, which provides software and payroll for film and television production. He has recently sold his interest and retired from the entertainment side of the business but retained the company that  is involved in the management and investment side of things, and has the role of its Managing Partner.

Who do you usually go to games with?

Ed attends most games with family…primarily his wife, daughter, or son. However he also brings his friends, grandkids (for day games), and clients. 

What is your favorite Clippers memory?

Ed’s favorite Clippers memory is undoubtedly our 27 point comeback versus Memphis in the 2012 playoffs. He can still remember the excitement of watching the game at home with his family!

In your opinion, why should somebody be a Clippers Season Ticket Holder?

This team is so easy to relate to, and are one of the most exciting teams in the league to watch! You can tell they have great chemistry on the court, and really get along. Season tickets are a great gift to give to friends and clients, as everyone wants to be a part of the team’s excitement. Especially right now!  

MVP Spotlight: Lamont Cosby
MVP Since: 2001
MVP Location: Section 107

When did you become a Clippers fan, and why?
Lamont initially became a fan of the Clippers in 2001, when he first bought season tickets. He has always been a big NBA fan, and ended up becoming a Clippers fan because they were an exciting team to watch. He found out about Clippers season tickets through an ad in the paper, and at the time the ads were promoting Clippers tickets as a way to see all the other teams in the Western Conference…oh how times have changed!

What do you do for work?
Lamont works as a professional photographer. He specializes primarily in architectural and landscape photography!

Who do you usually bring to games?
When he attends games, Lamont brings a variety of people to come enjoy Clippers basketball with him, usually friends & business colleagues.

What is your favorite Clippers memory?
Having been a Season Ticket Holder for well over 10 years, Lamont has had many great memories to look back on. Coming just seconds away from the Western Conference Finals was up there. However, since that “ended in disaster”, he had to go with our 27 point playoff comeback versus Memphis had to take the cake as his favorite memory! Simply incredible!

In your opinion, why should somebody be a Clippers Season Ticket Holder?
Among all of the exclusive benefits and experiences that Season Ticket Holders receive, Lamont said that one of his favorite things about being a MVP is how unique our entire fan base is. He loves to walk the arena concourse and neighboring streets, meeting all sorts of fun people who all have one thing in common…they love the Clippers!


PhotoMVP Spotlight: Greg McAloney
MVP Since: 6/24/1988
MVP Location: Section 110
When did you become a Clippers fan, and why?

The year I graduated from College was the year Magic Johnson was drafted by the Lakers, so it was very exciting to watch Basketball, just like it is now with Blake & CP3.  I attended many Lakers games, but paid high prices.  I had been following the Clips for years and then when the Clips drafted Danny Manning, I decided to buy Season Tickets which were very affordable and the seats were great.  I have remained a Clippers Fan because those in attendance at Clippers Games seem to be much more Basketball savvy and serious B-Ball fans rather than those just out to see and be seen.  And the Clippers players have always been exciting and hard working. 


What do you do for work?

I own my own Manufacturer’s Rep Agency, W.H. Steele Co. I help Architects with details and specifications and I enjoy job site visits to answer questions about exterior and interior wall panels and Building Envelope issues. I use some of the tickets as “Thank You” gifts for clients that do work with us.

Who do you usually go to games with?

When I attend games it is usually with my wife or 3 kids or with clients and friends.  The kids each get 2 games each year to attend.

What is your favorite Clippers memory?

Loy Vaught, Ken Norman, Eric Piatkowski and Elton Brand were great players and high-character people that I really enjoyed following.  Up until recently, the best memory had been the ’06 Playoffs when we were one Raja Bell 3 pointer away from going to the Conference Finals.  Recently there have been so many great memories. The greatest thing about the Clippers recently has been Doc Rivers’ impact on team commitment to defense and the transformation of DJ into a great defensive presence.

In your opinion, why should somebody be a Clippers Season Ticket Holder?

There has never been a time in LA when it has been more exciting to watch NBA basketball than right now with the Clips and CP3, Blake, DJ, Crawford, Redick, Dudley, Collison and Barnes.


PhotoMVP Spotlight: Roger Lowenstein
MVP Since: 10/3/1984
MVP Location: Section 111
When did you become a Clippers fan, and why?
When I lived in New Jersey, my law firm and I had Nets tickets. I love the NBA, and I've always been a basketball fan. The athletes in the NBA are the best in the world. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was turned off by the glitz of the Lakers, so I jumped at being a Clippers fan! To me they are the true workingman's team. I'm a lefty political activist type, so it didn't bother me that our only celebrity fan was Frankie Muniz. My friend, Rocky Lang, originally got these tickets with me, and then I eventually took over.
Who do you usually go to games with?
I go to the games with wife Barbara, my friends Allan and Jeff, or with a student or teacher from my school.
What do you do for work?
Although I am a lawyer by training (like Donald Sterling!), in 2001 I founded a charter public school. The school is in Lincoln Heights, a poor Latino neighborhood just north of downtown. I have a K-12 program, definitely college prep. The main goal is to change a community in which the average adult education level is seventh grade.
What has been your favorite Clippers memory thus far?.
A lot of my favorite Clippers memories are from the 2006 playoffs, when we got into the second round and lost that exciting series versus Phoenix.

In your opinion, why should somebody be a Clippers Season Ticket Holder?
With the talent we have in the NBA, there aren't any pushover teams any more, and every single game is exciting! Our team is as exciting and athletic as it gets, and we can beat any team in the league on any given night!