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Attention Clipper Nation! Now you can get the breaking Clippers news, the latest stats, exclusive ticket offers and more sent directly to your wireless phone!

There is no subscription fee to join MYLAC Mobile and there are no additional premium charges when you receive your MYLAC Mobile updates. If it costs you ten cents to receive a text message under your current wireless plan, then your MYLAC Mobile text alerts will cost just ten cents. If you have an unlimited data plan then, MYLAC Mobile messages are FREE!


Fans can expect to receive up to five (5) messages per week and may unsubscribe at any time by replying "STOP" to any MYLAC Mobile message.

There is no premium fee for this service. Standard text messaging rates apply.

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About MYLAC and shortcode 69522
The shortcode 69522 is owned by the Los Angeles Clippers and managed by FanDriveMedia. It is used to send members of Clipper Nation relevant team information via mobile alerts through the MYLAC subscription list. The shortcode 69522 is also used by the Clippers for in-game contests which includes but is not limited to: Text Trivia, Clippers Jukebox, Clippers Text-2-screen and Trivia on KFWB Broadcasts. An individual is not automatically opted-in to MYLAC Mobile Alerts if they participated in an in-game contest nor will they ever be opted-in unless they choose to do so.

How to use MYLAC
There are a few functional keywords that can be used to operate MYLAC:

MYLACBy texting MYLAC to 69522, you are signing up to the Los Angeles Clippers Mobile Alerts. Once you have signed up for MYLAC alerts, you will then receive mobile phone alerts from the Los Angeles Clippers up to five (5) times per week.
STOP QUIT CANCEL REMOVEOnce you have opted in to MYLAC mobile alerts, you can opt out by texting 'STOP', 'QUIT', 'CANCEL', or 'REMOVE' and you will not receive any further text messages from the shortcode 69522.
HELPFor Help with your MYLAC Mobile Alerts subscription or during in-game contests, text 'HELP' to 69522 and you will receive a response message with proper instructions.
INFOFor additional information on the 69522 shortcode, text 'INFO' to 69522 and you will receive a response message with 69522 shortcode information.

How to sign up for MYLAC Mobile Alerts
If you would like to sign up for MYLAC Mobile Alerts, text MYLAC to the shortcode 69522. MYLAC subscribers receive insider Clippers news the moment it breaks along with ticket discounts to upcoming games.

How to opt-out of MYLAC
If you are a current MYLAC mobile alerts subscriber and wish not to receive future alerts from the Los Angeles Clippers, text 'STOP', 'QUIT', 'CANCEL', or 'REMOVE' and you will not receive any further text messages from the shortcode 69522 unless you re-sign up for MYLAC mobile alerts. Or you can send an email to Please allow two to three business days to process your request.

MYLAC Subscriber Benefits
All MYLAC Mobile subscribers will receive:
  • Summer League rookie reports
  • Breaking team news
  • Updates from Clippers Training Camp
  • Quotes from Clippers players and coaches
  • Exclusive ticket offers
  • Scores and stats updates from all Clippers games

MYLAC Frequently Asked Questions
I participated in an in-game text contest and began receiving text spam shortly thereafter. Was that from MYLAC?
No. The Clippers respect the privacy of their MYLAC subscribers and anyone who participates in in-game contests and do not share their data.

How many messages should I expect to receive from MYLAC?
There are two ways you can receive MYLAC text messages. The first is through participating in an in-game contest. Contest participants can expect to receive one bounce-back message from 69522 per text sent and one “Thank you” text from 69522 following the game which they attended. The second way is by subscribing to MYLAC, the official mobile alerts of the Los Angeles Clippers. MYLAC subscribers can expect to receive up to five texts per week from MYLAC.

I have started to receive unsolicited texts from a third party. How do I get them to stop?
Per the Mobile Marketing Association’s guidelines, any entity who sends text messages must allow their recipients to opt out. Commonly used opt-out keywords are STOP, QUIT, CANCEL or REMOVE. Replying with any of these keywords will opt you out of any unsolicited text messages.

More MYLAC Information
  • For help or questions regarding MYLAC, e-mail
  • For comments or information regarding MYLAC, e-mail
  • for more information, please visit the website: