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Second Round: Furkan Aldemir, Turkey (53) - traded to HOU

Second Round: Trey Thompkins, Georgia (37)
Second Round: Travis Leslie, Georgia (47)

First Round: Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest (8)
Second Round: Willie Warren, Oklahoma (54)

First Round: Blake Griffin, Oklahoma (1)

First Round: Eric Gordon, Indiana (7)
Second Round: DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M (35)

First Round: Al Thornton, Florida State (14)
Second Round: Jared Jordan, Marist (45)

Second Round: Paul Davis, Michigan State (34) (from Charlotte)

Guillermo Diaz, Miami (52)

First Round: Yaroslav Korolev, CSKA Moscow (Russia) (12)
Second Round: Daniel Ewing, Duke (32)

First Round: Shaun Livingston, Peoria High School (IL) (4)
Second Round: Lionel Chalmers, Xavier (33)

First Round: Chris Kaman, Central Michigan (6)
Second Round: Sofoklis Schortsanitis, Iraklis (Greece) (34)

First Round: Chris Wilcox, Maryland (8) (from Atlanta)

Melvin Ely, Fresno State (12)
Second Round: Mario Kasun, Opel Skyliners (Germany) (41)

First Round: Tyson Chandler, Dominguez H.S. (CA) (2)

First Round: Darius Miles, East St. Louis H.S. (IL) (3); Quentin Richardson, DePaul (18) (from Toronto via Atl., Phil. and N.Y.)
Second Round: Marko Jaric, Fortitudo Bologna (Italy) (30)

First Round: Lamar Odom, Rhode Island (4)
Second Round: Rico Hill, Illinois State (31)

First Round: Michael Olowokandi, Pacific (1); Brian Skinner, Baylor (22) (from Miami)

First Round: Maurice Taylor, Michigan (14)

First Round: Lorenzen Wright, Memphis (7)
Second Round: Doron Sheffer, Connecticut (36)

First Round: Antonio McDyess, Alabama (2)
Second Round: Constantin Popa, Miami (53) (from New York)

First Round: Lamond Murray, California (7); Greg Minor, Louisville (25) (from Atlanta)

First Round: Terry Dehere, Seton Hall (13)
Second Round: Leonard White, Southern (53) (from New York)

First Round: Randy Woods, LaSalle (16), Elmore Spencer, UNLV (25) (from Cleveland)

First Round: LeRon Ellis, Syracuse (22) (from Phoenix via Seattle)
Second Round: Elliot Perry, Memphis State (37); Joe Wylie, Miami (Fla) (38) (from Cleveland)

First Round: Bo Kimble, Loyola Marymount (8); Loy Vaught, Michigan (13) (from Cleveland)

First Round: Danny Ferry, Duke (2)
Second Round: Jeff Martin, Murray State (31); Jay Edwards, Indiana (33) (from Sacramento)

First Round: Danny Manning, Kansas (1); Hersey Hawkins, Bradley (6) (from Sacramento)
Second Round: Tom Garrick, Rhode Island (45) (from Portland)
Third Round: Rob Lock, Kentucky (51)

First Round: Reggie Williams, Georgetown (4); Joe Wolf, North Carolina (13) (from Houston); Ken Norman, Illinois (19) (from Detroit)
Second Round: Norris Coleman, Kansas State (38) (from Utah)
Third Round: Tim McCalister, Oklahoma (47)
Fifth Round: Chad Kessler, Georgia (93)
Sixth Round: Martin Nessley, Duke (116)
Seventh Round: Henry Carr, Wichita State (139)

Third Round: Dwayne Polee, Pepperdine (54)
Fourth Round: John Brownlee, Texas (78)
Fifth Round: Steffond Johnson, San Diego State (100)
Sixth Round: Tim Kempton, Notre Dame (124)
Seventh Round: Johnny Brown, New Mexico (146)

First Round: Benoit Benjamin, Creighton (3)
Third Round: Anicet Lavodrama, Houston Baptist (52)
Fourth Round: Jim Deines, Arizona State (74)
Fifth Round: Wayne Carlander, USC (99)
Sixth Round: Malcolm Thomas, Missouri (121)
Seventh Round: Gary Maloncon, UCLA (143)

First Round: Lancaster Gordon, Louisville (8) (from Golden State);
Michael Cage, San Diego State (14) (from Seattle)
Fourth Round: Marc Glass, Montana (75)
Fifth Round: Alonza Allen, Southwestern Louisiana (98)
Sixth Round: Phillip Haynes, Memphis State (121)
Seventh Round: David Brantley, Oregon (144)
Eighth Round: Jim McLoughlin, Temple (167)
Ninth Round: Dave Schultz, Westmont (189)
Tenth Round: Dick Mumma, Penn State (211)


First Round: Byron Scott, Arizona State (4)
Fifth Round: Manute Bol, Sudan (97)
Seventh Round: Dan Evans, Oregon State (143)
Eighth Round: Mark Gannon, Iowa (166)
Ninth Round: David Maxwell, Fordham (188)
Tenth Round: Keith Smith, San Diego State (209)

First Round: Terry Cummings, DePaul (2)
Second Round: Richard Anderson, California-Santa Barbara (32) (from Detroit)
Third Round: Craig Hodges, Long Beach State (48)
Fourth Round: Darius Clemons, Loyola (Ill) (71)
Fifth Round: Gary Carter, Tennessee (94)
Sixth Round: Eric Marbury, Georgia (117)
Seventh Round: Ed Hughes, Colorado State (140)
Eighth Round: Jacques Tuz, Colorado (163)
Ninth Round: John Hegwood, San Francisco (186)
Tenth Round: Daryl Stovall, Creighton (207)

First Round: Tom Chambers, Utah (8)
Third Round: Jim Smith, Ohio State (54)
Fourth Round: Lee Raker, Virginia (77)
Fifth Round: Dennis Isbell, Memphis State (100)
Sixth Round: Mike Pepper, North Carolina (123)
Seventh Round: Randy Johnson, Southern Colorado (146)
Eighth Round: Todd Haynes, Davidson (168)
Ninth Round: Art Jones, North Carolina State (190)
Tenth Round: Tony Gwynn, San Diego State (210)

First Round: Michael Brooks, La Salle (9) (from Cleveland)
Fourth Round: Ed Odom, Oklahoma State (76)
Fifth Round: Wally Rank, San Jose State (99)
Sixth Round: Londale Theus, Santa Clara (122)
Seventh Round: Paul Anderson, Southern California College (145)

Third Round: Tom Channel, Boston University (55)
Fourth Round: Lionel Garrett, Southern (77)
Fifth Round: Greg Joyner, Middle Tennessee State (99)
Sixth Round: Bob Bender, Duke (119)
Seventh Round: Jene Grey, LeMoyne (139)
Eighth Round: Renaldo Lawrence, Appalachian State (158)
Ninth Round: Mike Dodd, San Diego State (176)
Tenth Round: Greg Hunter, Loyola Marymount (194)

Second Round: Jerome Whitehead, Marquette (41) (from Phoenix)
Third Round: Mike Santos, Utah State (48) (from Indiana); Ricky Gallon, Louisville (51) (from Detroit); Marvin Delph, Arkansas (65) (from Philadelphia)
Fourth Round: Jim Boylan, Marquette (68); Larry Harris, Pittsburgh (73);
Leroy McDonald, Wake Forest (76)
Fifth Round: David Thompson, Florida State (90)
Sixth Round: Bob Misevicius, Providence (112)
Seventh Round: Stan Pietkiewicz, Auburn (133)
Eighth Round: Felton Young, Jacksonville (154)
Ninth Round: Bobby White, Centenary (172)


Second Round: Larry Johnson, Kentucky (24)
Fourth Round: Melvin Watkins, UNC-Charlotte (68)
Fifth Round: Mike Hanley, Niagara (90)
Sixth Round: Curvan Lewis, Virginia Union (112)
Seventh Round: Mike Jackson, Tennessee (133)
Eighth Round: Emery Sammons, Philadelphia Textile (153)

From Kentucky Colonels: William "Bird" Averitt

First Round: Adrian Dantley, Notre Dame (6)
Third Round: Gary Brewster, Texas-El Paso (48)
Sixth Round: Danny Odums, Fairfield (100)
Seventh Round: Frank Jones, Tennessee Tech (118)
Eighth Round: Mark McAndrew, Providence (136)
Ninth Round: Bob Rozyczko, St. Bonaventure (153)
Tenth Round: Tim Stokes, Canisius (169)

Third Round: George Bucci, Manhattan (52)
Fourth Round: Bob Fleischer, Duke (70)
Fifth Round: Sam Berry, Armstrong State (88)
Sixth Round: Larry Jackson, UNC-Charlotte, (106)
Seventh Round: Mike Franklin, Cincinnati (124)
Eighth Round: Allen Jones, Pepperdine (142)
Ninth Round: George Rautins, Niagara (158)
Tenth Round: Art Allen, Pepperdine (172)

First Round: Tom McMillen, Maryland (9)
Third Round: Kim Hughes, Wisconsin (45)
Fourth Round: Bernie Harris, Virginia Commonwealth (63)
Fifth Round: Tony Byers, Wake Forest (81)
Sixth Round: Gary Link, Missouri (99)
Seventh Round: Tommy Curtis, UCLA (117)
Eighth Round: Glenn Price, St. Bonaventure (135)
Ninth Round: John Falconi, Davidson (153)
Tenth Round: Andy Rimol, Princeton (170)

First Round: Ernie DiGregorio, Providence (3)
Third Round: Ken Charles, Fordham (38)
Fourth Round: Doug Little, Oregon (54)
Fifth Round: Randy Knoll, Marshall (72)
Sixth Round: Mike Macaluso, Canisius (88)
Seventh Round: Tim Bassett, Georgia (106)
Eighth Round: Carl Jackson, St Bonaventure (122)
Ninth Round: Bob Fullerton, Xavier (OH) (140)
Tenth Round: Nick Connor, Illinois (153)
Eleventh Round: Mike Lee, Syracuse (168)
Twelfth Round: Aaron Covington, Canisius (176)
Thirteenth Round: Bob Vartanian, Buffalo (184)
Fourteenth Round: Ron Gilliam, Brockport St. (190)
Fifteenth Round: John Fraley, Georgia (195)
Sixteenth Round: John Green, Oregon (200)

Seventeenth Round James Garvin, Boston U. (204)
Eighteenth Round: Don Johnston, North Carolina (207)
Nineteenth Round: Ron Thornson, British Columbia (209)
Twentieth Round: Phil Tollestrop, Brigham Young (211)

First Round: Bob McAdoo, North Carolina (2)
Second Round: Harold Fox, Jacksonville (15)
Third Round: Bob Morse, Pennsylvania (32)
Fourth Round: George Bryant, Eastern Kentucky St. (49)
Fifth Round: Arnie Berman, Brown (65)
Sixth Round: Ed Czernota, Sacred Heart (82)
Seventh Round: Greg Kohls, Syracuse (99)
Eighth Round: Andy Denny, South Alabama St. (115)
Ninth Round: John Collins, Brockport St. (131)
Eleventh Round: Jim Prokell, Edinboro St. (158)
Twelfth Round: Frank Dewitt, Virginia (167)
Thirteenth Round: Kim Huband, North Carolina (176)
Fourteenth Round: Greg Corson, North Carolina (182)
Fifteenth Round: Paul Hoffman, St. Bonaventure (189)
Sixteenth Round: Norman Bounds, Brockport St. (194)

First Round: Elmore Smith, Kentucky St. (3)
Second Round: Fred Hilton, Grambling (19); Amos Thomas, Southwest Oklahoma St. (26);
Spencer Haywood, Detroit (30) (from Philadelphia)
Fourth Round: Jim O'Brien, Boston College (53)
Fifth Round: Garry Nelson, Duquesne (70)
Sixth Round: Glen Summors, Gannon (87)
Seventh Round: Randy Smith, Buffalo St. (104)
Eighth Round: Craig Love, Ohio (121)
Ninth Round: Gary Stewart, Canisius (138)
Tenth Round: Don Ward, Colgate (154)
Eleventh Round: Bill Warner, Arizona (170)
Twelfth Round: Butch Webster, LSU-New Orleans (184)
Thirteenth Round: Pete Smith, Valdosta St. (197)
Fourteenth Round: Ray Lavender, Drury (209)
Fifteenth Round: William Chatmon, Baylor (218)
Sixteenth Round: James Douglas, Memphis State (226)
Seventeenth Round: Nelson Isley, LSU (230)
Eighteenth Round: Joey Meyer, DePaul (233)

First Round: John Hummer, Princeton (15)
Second Round: Cornell Warner, Jackson State (24)
Third Round: Chip Case, Virginia (43)
Fourth Round: Erwin Polnick, Stephen F. Austin (58)
Fifth Round: Robert Moore, Central State (Ohio) (77)
Sixth Round: Doug Hess, Toledo (92)
Seventh Round: Cliff Shegogg, Colorado State (111)
Eighth Round: Larry Woods, West Virginia (126)
Ninth Round: Larry Duckworth, Henderson St. (145)
Tenth Round: Joe Taylor, Dillard (160)
Eleventh Round: Dick Walker, Wake Forest (177)


Emmette Bryant, Boston Celtics

Fred Crawford, Milwaukee Bucks

Dick Garrett, L.A. Lakers

Herm Gilliam, Cincinnati Royals

Bill Hosket, New York Knicks

Bailey Howell, Boston Celtics

Paul Long, Detroit Pistons

Mike Lynn, L.A. Lakers

Don May, New York Knicks

Ray Scott, Baltimore Bullets

George Wilson, Philadelphia 76ers