1978-79 SEASON

San Diego had not been home to an NBA basketball club since 1971, when the San Diego Rockets had moved to Houston after a four-year stay in southern California. Levin renamed his club the Clippers and appointed Gene Shue as the new head coach for 1978-79. The Clippers got a good performance out of Lloyd B. Free (later known as World B. Free), who had come to San Diego after three years in Philadelphia. Free averaged 28.8 points and finished second in the league in scoring, only 0.8 points per game behind league leader George Gervin of the San Antonio Spurs. Also turning in a solid season for the Clippers was Randy Smith, who finished his fourth consecutive season with a scoring average of better than 20 points per game (20.5).

Levin's franchise performed well in its first year in San Diego, finishing with a 43-39 record. Unfortunately, the record wasn't good enough to earn the team a playoff berth in the Western Conference, which boasted six teams with at least 45 victories each.

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