Game #39 | January 10, 2014
Staples Center | Los Angeles, CA

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LOS ANGELES – There was no single moment in the first quarter that indicated the Clippers were on their way to one of their most lopsided victories in franchise history. There were dozens.

It could have been when Blake Griffin caught a lob from Darren Collison and pulverized the rim. Or when J.J. Redick, in his first game since November, made his first three shots, including a finger roll layup off a fake pass. Or when DeAndre Jordan ripped the ball away from Pau Gasol, raced the other way and smiled at fans sitting courtside before dunking the ball on a breakaway.

It was like that much of the night for the Clippers as they buried the undermanned and overmatched Lakers, 123-87, at Staples Center Friday, marking the second largest margin of victory in franchise history and their most lopsided win over their so-called hallway rivals.

“Tonight it was really 48 minutes executing our game plan, defensively, offensively,” Griffin said. “And I thought we did a pretty good job.”

It may be an understatement to call it a pretty good job. It was the third win in a row without superstar Chris Paul for the Clippers (26-13) and by far their most convincing. They held the Lakers (14-23) to eight points in the third quarter, led by as many as 43, scored 37 points off 21 Lakers’ turnovers, and had enough highlights to fill any nightly top 10.

Griffin led the rout, doing a bit of everything, and finishing with 33 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, four steals and two blocked shots.

He caught an incredible lob from Collison, who added 20 points and seven assists, and threw down another dunk in transition over former teammate Chris Kaman in his 20-point first quarter.

Jordan, whose aforementioned fast-break dunk perhaps epitomized the night, finished with 13 points, 10 rebounds and seven blocks. And Redick in his first game back from a 21-game absence with a torn ligament in his right wrist and fractured hand scored 19 points, including tallying 15 in the first quarter.

“That was fun,” Redick said. “I was obviously out a long time, so the worry was I would take a little bit of time to find a rhythm and to find the rhythm in the first four minutes was surprising but very nice.”

Without Paul, the first quarter has been something of a gold mine for the Clippers this week, running off at least 30 points in their each of their last three games. On Friday they unearthed a gem. They led 43-25, missed just seven shots and scored 20 points in the paint. The rout was on from there.

They led 101-60 at the end of the third quarter and eventually ratcheted the lead to 43 points. Not a single starter played for the Clippers in the fourth quarter.

“I thought our ball pressure literally changed the game,” Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said. “I was really happy with our defense tonight. Through all of their (the Lakers) injuries they’re still a very good offensive team and they have been. I think it was an eight-point quarter in the third and you’re going to win a lot of games when you do that.”


The previous largest margin of victory over the Lakers was a 125-94 win in 1992 at the Sports Arena… The Clippers led the Bulls by 42 points in November, and ultimately won by 39, securing the largest margin of victory in franchise history… All 13 Clippers players scored… Kendall Marshall led the Lakers with 16 points and 10 assists… The Clippers had a season-high 16 steals and a season-high 13 blocked shots. Since 1985-86 the Clippers have never done had at least 16 steals and 13 blocks in the same game… The Clippers outrebounded the Lakers, 56-47. It was the fifth time this season the Clippers have grabbed 50 or more rebounds… They are 5-1 in their last six games against the Lakers…



RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game

“You know it was nice, the ball pressure I thought changed the game. I think the first five minutes; both teams were just going up and down. Then I thought our ball pressure literally changed the game, Maalik [Wayns] and Darius [Morris] picking up the pressure. They have so many injuries. Kendall [Marshall] is their only real point guard. When they had to sub him out and we could put pressure, they had the twos trying to bring it up. It’s what we’re doing at times as well. I thought that our guys were really ready for that and did a nice job.”


RE: Overall team outlook

“We still have our injuries. Chris Paul is not playing and J.J. [Redick], it didn’t look like he missed any games, but this was his first game back. We are just focusing on being a better team. That is what I talk to our guys about: not the opponent, and not the opponent’s dilemma. Our job is to improve each day, so that by the end year we’re a better team. Nights like tonight are a good time for us.”


RE: J.J. Redick’s effect on the team

“[J.J. Redick] is one of those guys, and again, I didn’t know him but I’ve always liked him. Our practices are different when he practices. He just plays at that gear and with that intensity. You can see it. I thought him coming off those screens to start the game really got us going. It’s just nice to have him back.”


RE: Season opener vs. L.A. Lakers

“It wasn’t a long, long time ago. Both teams are in a different position now, obviously. But, we definitely remembered… I mean, they hit 14 threes on us; their bench scored 76 points; 11 of those threes were uncontested threes. We just didn’t play well, and that was kind of a focal point for us coming into this game; for us not to get relaxed and to feed off that energy of getting stops and getting out in transition.”


RE: Playing with a large lead

“That’s something we talked about after the last game. We got up on Boston somewhat big, and in the end kind of let them back in the game. So tonight, it was really 48 minutes of executing our game plan defensively, offensively and I thought we did a pretty good job.”


RE: Return of J.J. Redick

“It was huge. Obviously, you saw the first four minutes, or whatever that was, and he [J.J. Redick] was just knocking down shots. It just puts pressure on them. He’s constantly moving. Even if he’s not hitting shots, it’s the movement. You always have to be aware of where he is. So, it opens up a lot of things for the rest of us.”


RE: Team’s play in Chris Paul’s absence

“It’s one of those situations where none of us can replace CP [Chris Paul] because of the type of player he is. We just have to step up, and we need it from everybody. I think everybody’s done a great job of upping their intensity, and it’s almost a mental thing; being a little bit more locked in and really being ready to rotate on defense. You know, the small things like that, which obviously accumulate and add up to something big. So, it’s not a matter of anybody trying to do too much. We just have to lock in and make sure we’re on ourselves.”


RE: Losing to Lakers in the season opener

“Yeah, I think it added some type of motivation. Anytime a team beats you, you always want to get back at them however you can. We know it’s a long season. We know we weren’t at our best the first time around. We made a lot of mistakes that we normally don’t make, but that’s why it’s a long season. You just wait to take your turn against a team that beat you, and I think that we showed that tonight.”


RE: J.J. Redick’s hot start

“It gets everybody going. It seems like J.J. [Redick] doesn’t need to get warmed up the first five minutes. That’s what he’s been doing all season long. I think we’re all happy to have him back. He does so many good things for us; not just shooting the ball, but moving without the ball and opening it up for us.”


RE: Blake Griffin’s recent play

“Blake [Griffin]’s played phenomenal. I think the ability that Doc [Rivers] has put into the offensive system, as far as moving the ball from side to side, is really opening it up for him [Blake Griffin]. There’s some times where he can take the open shots, but he’d rather be unselfish and swing to the other side, set another screen, and then he’ll take that shot. So Blake [Griffin], believe it or not, has been our most unselfish player and he’s receiving all of the credit that he deserves. We’re not surprised about this, but we know that Blake [Griffin] can play at an MVP level every single night, and he’s playing so hard on the defensive end. That’s what’s amazing about his effort.”


RE: Quick start

“I was obviously out a long time, so the worry was that I would just take a little bit of time to find a rhythm; and to get into a rhythm in the first four minutes was surprising, but very nice.”


RE: Point guard play

“Darren [Collison] was great tonight. [He] really [had a] great command of the game, really on both sides of the ball. The pressure he was putting on their defense, especially in that first half, make or miss, just attacking and pushing the ball up, opened up a lot of things for us. And then defensively, he was great with the ball pressure, and really Darius [Morris] too, in that second quarter.”


RE: Play of Blake Griffin

“Well, I’m going to use a cliché, but he [Blake Griffin]’s a man on a mission. I’ve been a Blake [Griffin] fan from afar; [and] he’s better than I realized, and one thing that is mind blowing to me is how hard he works. I don’t think he gets enough credit for that. He works on his game daily, and it shows. He’s getting better. He’s playing at an elite level right now, as well as anybody in the league.”


RE: Thoughts on return to game play

“I was surprised, I guess, by the start, how well things started for me. Well, I’m not surprised, because I was prepared to do it. When the team has been on the road, I’ve been running sprints in the gym, alone; unsolicited, with no trainer. I knew I was in good enough shape. I put in a ton of time this week, once I got cleared to resume ball handling and shooting. My biggest worry was that, the skill aspect. I knew I was in good enough shape. My wrist, I felt confident being able to play basketball. It was just not having played for five weeks essentially, that I was worried about, but I got it done.”


RE: DeAndre Jordan’s effect on team defense

“That’s what makes our defense so good. We’ve got the big fella [DeAndre Jordan] down low guarding guys one-on-one, and it allows us to stay home and stay attached to their shooters.”


RE: DeAndre Jordan’s performance this season

“We’re asking [DeAndre Jordan] to guard the best big guys in this league, and every night he’s going out and taking the challenge. Not many plays are being ran for him, but he’s still getting double-doubles. He’s almost leading the league in rebounds and he’s up there in blocks. He’s doing a tremendous job.”


RE: Guarding a talented player like Pau Gasol

“You’re not going to be able to take everything away from a guy. This is the NBA. Guys are talented. It’s hard to stop a guy one-on-one in this league, especially a very skilled offensive player. But if our defense is the way it is, I’ve just got to do my job.”


RE: Mental approach to defense

“It’s my job. We expect CP [Chris Paul] to give us fifteen assists, Blake [Griffin] to give us twenty plus points, CP [Chris Paul] to give us twenty plus points. So I also have to come out there and do my job.”


RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game

“They just jumped all over us with their athleticism. We turned the ball over, which is one of our problems, and we couldn’t keep up with them.”


RE: Competiveness of the team

“I thought we’ve been competitive up until now, this is our first really bad game but we can get better. We’re going to need somebody to come back off of the injury list and settle us down a little bit. We got guys running off fumes a little bit but we’ll compete. Tonight wasn’t good but just athletically we couldn’t keep up with them.”


RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game

“The first nine minutes were okay. The next 39 were long and hard and frustrating, just difficult to suffer. We didn’t play well enough. We played right into their hands, turned the ball over too many times. They’re the team that gets out in transition and they’re very effective that way.”


RE: Struggle in third quarters

“Every game it seems like the third quarter we struggle. It’s something consciously we have to do a better job on and come out with confidence, come out with aggressiveness, decisive, and also just trying to stop people. We definitely have to do a better job of stopping people and forcing guys and teams to make tougher shots and shoot tougher shots. Right now every game seems like they’re playing with too much confidence and taking it for granted that they’re going to come out, the Lakers are just an easy game, they are just going to score 120, 130 points, everybody is going to get their numbers, and it’s going to be a wonderful night. So we’ve just got to cut that out somehow.”


RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game

“I think when you lose this bad you just have to forget about it. Obviously we have a lot of stuff to work on, but it’s just frustrating.”


RE: Struggles in third quarters

“I really don’t know. I think they are playing as hard as they can and that’s just a hurdle we have to get over. I really don’t have an answer for it. Just have to keep playing hard and get better.”


RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game

“It’s frustrating especially for a game like tonight against a rival team. Everybody is supposed to get up for a game like this. This game is supposed to be fun and we’re supposed to enjoy but when it rolls like that, it’s embarrassing.”


RE: Losing by a large margin

“It shouldn’t happen, period. We shouldn’t lose by 40 to nobody, especially at home against a team like the Clippers. That makes it worse, even though we’ve been losing. To lose by 40, that’s a bad sign for us.”




By: Eric Patten | Follow @EricPatten

LOS ANGELES – Two months ago when the Clippers and Lakers tipped off the season, there was somewhat of muted expectation when it came to the so-called hallway rivalry.

Kobe Bryant was still nursing his way back from his Achilles injury, Doc Rivers had yet to coach a game for the Clippers and there was little way of knowing exactly what either team would look like once the games actually counted.

Nearly halfway into the regular-season schedule, the outlook for both teams has started to crystalize, even if the expectations for the matchup have all but dissipated.

The Clippers (25-13) come in winners of four of their last five, including two straight home wins without superstar Chris Paul. The Lakers (14-22) have lost three in a row and nine of their last 10, are in 13th place in the Western Conference and reside closer to the bottom of the standings than a No. 8 seed.

It wasn’t long ago that the roles were reversed: the Lakers a heavy favorite facing the seemingly overmatched Clippers. For Blake Griffin, who watched from the bench during his lost first season in the NBA, as the Clippers were swept by the Lakers in 2009-10, owning an 11-game advantage in the standings means very little.

“I’ve said this from day one, when it wasn’t like this, I couldn’t care less about what’s going on over there,” Griffin said prior to Thursday’s practice. “It’s about us and the most satisfying thing is to be a part of this change of culture and this environment where we expect to come in and we expect to win games and make the Playoffs. We expect to do all of these things and that’s the most satisfying thing.”

On Friday the Clippers expect to get J.J. Redick back after the guard missed 21 games with a fractured right hand and torn ligament in his wrist. While they’re still without Paul and rookie Reggie Bullock (ankle), they are significantly healthier than the Lakers.

Bryant is shelved with a fractured left knee and they have only one active point guard with Jordan Farmar (hamstring), Steve Blake (torn UCL), Steve Nash (back) and Xavier Henry (knee), who had masqueraded as a point guard at times, all out. Even former Clipper Nick Young is listed as probable with a sore back.

Still, Jamal Crawford, who started 14 of 21 games in Redick’s absence, said injuries or not, the Lakers will have their full attention.

“There was no Kobe for them and they beat us,” Crawford said, referring the Lakers’ 13-point win on opening night. “We’ve just got to continue to build and get better. As long as we don’t take steps backwards and stay on the right path and we’ll be okay.”





Griffin’s monstrous throwdown over Kris Humphries immediately brought to mind his two dunks on Pau Gasol in April 2012. In that game Griffin leapt over Gasol’s back for a follow dunk on a missed 3-pointer by Randy Foye and later had a similar play to the one that got Humphries, leaping over Gasol for a right-handed tomahawk off a pocket pass from Caron Butler.

Two years later, Griffin is putting together one of the most dominant stretches of his career, averaging 25.0 points per game since Dec. 14 and coming off a 29-point, eight-assist outing against the Celtics on Wednesday.

“During this stretch he’s done everything he’s been scoring, he’s unselfish, he’s been rebounding, taking charges, blocking shots, he’s been everywhere,” Crawford said.

Gasol has played well of late, too. He’s recorded four consecutive double-doubles in 2014, averaging 21.0 points, 13.0 rebounds and 5.3 assists.

In 11 matchups with Gasol, Griffin is 5-6. He’s averaged 20.3 points to Gasol’s 14.5 and they are nearly even in rebounding. However, Griffin has shot 46.6 percent in those games. Moreover, Griffin shoots nearly 10 percent better when Gasol is off the court.


1. Avoiding the letdown. The Clippers have, at times, shown a penchant for playing some of their worst basketball against teams near the bottom of the standings, including losses to Cleveland and Orlando. However, they have had few such games at home where they are 16-3. Their losses at Staples Center came against a full-strength Memphis team, Indiana, who owns the league’s best record and Phoenix.

Crawford said it’s all about the approach. “We have to continue to generate our own energy and continue to play the same way no matter who we’re playing.”

It likely won’t be a problem against Lakers after a somewhat stunning opening night loss and the repercussions of losing a fourth division game in the tightly contested Western Conference.

2. The Benches. While the Lakers may only have nine players available, they still boast one of the highest scoring benches in the league. Young leads the team in scoring and is one of the top scoring full-time reserves in the league (16.4 points per game). On Wednesday against the Magic, the Clippers scored just 12 points off the bench. That should change against the Lakers when Crawford could return to his sixth man role with the pending return of Redick.


The Clippers are 4-1 against the Lakers in the last five… Friday will be just the second time the Clippers have played the Lakers with at least an 11-loss difference in the standings… The Clippers are the league’s highest scoring team at home (109.3 points). While it’s in the same arena, it is still a “road” game for the Lakers. They are the third worst team in the NBA in points allowed away from home (106.9)… Jared Dudley has scored 10 or more points in 15 games. The Clippers have won 14 of those… Darius Morris, Matt Barnes and Antawn Jamison previously played for the Lakers… Blake, Young and Chris Kaman played for the Lakers… In the last 10 games the Lakers have allowed a league-worst 56.7 points per game…



Clippers Leaders:
Pts: Griffin 29
Reb: Jordan 13
Ast: Griffin 8

Last Time Out




Lakers Leaders:
Pts: Young 25
Reb: Gasol 12
Ast: Marshall 8