Round 1, Game #2 | April 21, 2014
Staples Center | Los Angeles, CA

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LOS ANGELES – It’s unlikely the Clippers will refer to Game 2 of their best-of-seven series with the Warriors as a statement.

But in many ways it was.

They all but erased a disappointing series opener with a franchise-record 138-98 victory over Golden State Monday night at Staples Center, drawing even at one game apiece as the series shifts to the Bay Area.

“I think [Golden State] sent a message because they got Game 1,” Matt Barnes said. “That’s your goal as the road team to come in here and get one and they did that. So, I don’t think you send any messages. We just bounced back and had a good win tonight.”

The good win was the most prolific single-game performance in franchise history. They won by 40 points the largest in franchise postseason history, surpassing the previous mark of 25 set in 2006 against the Phoenix Suns and their 138 points scored surpassed the Buffalo Braves’ previous record of 124.

The overall offensive onslaught, which included a dozen 3-pointers, seven players in double figures and a 32-for-35 (91.4 percent) free-throw shooting night was only the start of the contrast between the series opener and Monday.

“We really kept the game simple tonight,” Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said. “When a guy had an open shot, he shot it. When he didn’t he passed it. And it’s very difficult to guard when the ball moves as quickly as it was moving tonight.”

Blake Griffin, who fouled out after playing just 19 minutes, scored 35 points, a postseason career high, including 14 points in the first quarter and the third quarter. He set the tone for everything the Clippers did, bullying his way to the rim, making jumpers, and scrambling defensively.

“Blake just stayed on the attack,” Rivers said. “That’s what we wanted him to do.”

They held Golden State to worse than 42 percent shooting through three quarters, had 15 steals, and prevented Stephen Curry from scoring until more than 22 minutes into the game.

Chris Paul had 12 points and 10 assists as did Darren Collison. DeAndre Jordan scored 11 points with nine rebounds and five blocked shots. Danny Granger scored 15 points off the bench. And Matt Barnes scored 13 points.

The bench helped extend an early nine-point lead to 21 in the second quarter. And it never got under 20 again. They finished with a combined 58 points, led by Granger’s 15 and 13 more Hedo Turkoglu.

“They came in and turned up the pressure,” Griffin said of the bench. “They did it defensively. They hit shots but defensively all night was where it was at.”

And for the Clippers, in a season full of three of the most lopsided wins in team history, the combined performance was arguably their most impressive yet.


The Clippers had a franchise playoff record, 15 steals… They shot 56.6 percent from the field and 12-for-25 from 3-point range (48.0 percent)… The Clippers avoided being the fourth team since 2005-06 to go down 0-2 in a series by losing both home games… Curry finished with 24 points after scoring just four in the first half… Jordan has 10 blocks in two games… Former Clipper Chauncey Billups and former Warrior Jarrett Jack were among those in attendance… R&B singer Brian McKnight sang the “Star Spangled Banner” pregame… It was the third worst loss in Warriors playoff history… Game 3 is Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. PT in Oakland…




RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game

“It was a good win for us, obviously. They came in here and did what they had to do but went into the other night, but I liked how we approached the game, and came out and played the right way tonight on both ends of the floor.”


RE: Blake [Griffin]’s performance tonight

“It was terrific. I thought everyone's was. I thought he took it when he had it, moved it when he didn't. I thought our spacing was great, and Blake just stayed on the attack. That's what we wanted him to do.”


RE: Mindset of tonight’s game

“Well we told them before the game, play to the finish line no matter what the score was. I thought our bench tonight was fantastic. Great in the 2nd quarter, obviously great in the 4th quarter, they shot the ball well, they defended. And that's what we need our bench to do. That's what that was about, just no let up.”


RE: [Stephen] Curry’s struggle in first half

“We were just playing our defense honestly, trying to keep him in the box as much as possible. But I thought Stephen [Curry] was trying to get everybody else going on his team too. I didn't think he was trying to force it or anything, which is good for him. And then in the second half I thought he really started trying to go for it, which he can do that—he's that good. So I thought it was a little bit of us, but I thought it was some of him too, trying to get the other guys going.”


RE: Keeping up team momentum

“Well listen, I don't know if we have it or not, but we just have to play basketball. I told them Golden State is the opponent, there's no other opponent in this series, and we have to play just the way we play. I thought we did that tonight. We really kept the game simple tonight. When a guy had an open shot, he shot it. When he didn't, he passed it. And it's very difficult to guard when that ball moves as quickly as it was moving tonight.”


RE: Performance of the second unit

“It was huge. They came in and didn't miss a beat. They came in, turned up the pressure, and they did it defensively. They hit shots, but defensively all night was where it was at.”


RE: Teammates and coaches having trust in his performance

“It means a lot. Whether you believe it or not, you know every NBA player deals with confidence issues at times and before every game to hear CP [Chris Paul], Jamal [Crawford], DJ [DeAndre Jordan], Matt

[Barnes], DC [Darren Collison], all down the line and then our whole coaching staff say, go attack, go score, go do what you do. That's a confidence builder that gets me into the game. Even when I'm missing shots and they still say that, sometimes I just want to say, „Man, you guys do it for a little bit.' But that's huge man, that's encouraging, and it's big for our team.”


RE: Mindset after losing Game 1

“I think we were a little encouraged because we played so poorly and they played well Saturday. We were still in the game, the game was tied with whatever left, less than a minute and I think we just kind of looked at our mistakes, tried to rectify them and tried to correct them. I think the big difference was you know, tonight, we were actually more relaxed, [looser] than we were going up into game 1 even being down 0-1. You can just tell in the locker room [that] everybody was relaxed, everybody was so confident that we just got to come in and execute.”


RE: Blake Griffin’s performance

“You saw tonight how dominant he is. Last game he had 16 points in 19 minutes, and I think when we play that way, we play with that force and thrust, it's tough to defend us.”


RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game

“We've shown all season long that we bounce back pretty well. We showed that when we play with force and aggressiveness and play together what we're capable of. It's only one game. Those guys did what they were supposed to do; they came here and got one, and now we have to go try to get game 3.”


RE: Importance of high energy level

“It's very crucial. That team over there has a lot of offensive firepower. The last four minutes of the second half we basically started turning the ball over, we weren't making great decisions, and we can't do that. We know we definitely can't do that when we go on the road, and we just have to try to sustain and keep putting pressure on for 48 minutes.”


RE: Carrying momentum over to game 4

“When you're on the road, especially there, we don't expect to see any red in the crowd. It was exciting on Christmas day playing there, and Matt [Barnes] played for them, so Matt [Barnes] has been telling everyone how exciting and loud it's going to be.”


RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game

“We made a focus that we had to play with more intensity. We came out in the first game; we had that intensity, but we couldn't really sustain it for the rest of the game. Doc [Rivers] said that we lost the game, but we shouldn't have won the game. We had a chance to be in it, but we really shouldn't have won the game. Blake [Griffin] was in foul trouble, so [we] had a lot of things that contributed to the loss. This game, I told Blake, „Please, stay in the game. You have got to stay in the game. Do not foul.' Obviously when he's on the court we're a different team.”


RE: Mindset after a blowout victory

“There's a rule in the NBA. You never get too excited after a win; you never get down after a loss. It's just one game. Even though we won this game by however many points, it's still just one game. Those points don't carry over into the next game. So we're back, put our hard hats on, go back to practice and take the same approach as we did the first two games.”


RE: Performance of the second unit

“We wanted to make a concerted effort to change the game, and we did that. We came in, we played up-tempo, got some stops on the defensive end, and we pushed the lead from 10 to 21. I don't think they got any closer after that, so that's just one of the advantages of being a deep team.”


RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game

“We were more ourselves today. But it's still a long way to go. We're not going to overreact off of winning one game. It's good that we won before we go on the road, but at the same time, it's one game. But I thought today was more of us. We started playing more our style of play defensively and offensively.”


RE: Importance of Blake Griffin to the team

“[Blake Griffin] is our firepower. Blake changes a lot. He's tough to guard in transition. He's doing a lot of good things in the post, he's making the right plays passing out of the post, but it's more than one guy. We definitely need Blake to stay in the game, but even if he's in foul trouble we have other guys that can step up and make plays. It definitely helped that Blake played a lot more.”


RE: Reaction after second unit’s low shooting percentage in Game 1

“I'm not worried about the shooting percentage and what we shoot from the floor. Everybody in that second unit can make shots. It comes down to the defensive end. Even though we were five for whatever, you're going to have nights like that, but defensively you've got to be there at the right spots. I thought today we did a good job defensively.”


RE: Clippers defense of Stephen Curry

“Well, similar to what they did in game 1. They trapped him [Stephen Curry] in pick-and-roll situations. They over helped. They forced the ball out of his hands. They were the aggressor, and we didn't match their intensity early on. I thought Steph [Stephen Curry] got into a rhythm [in the second half]. But overall, give them credit. They really disrupted us offensively, and we didn't make the adjustment.”


RE: Clippers decision to keep playing aggressively late in the game

“No, I didn't look at it that way [as a statement]. We were bad. When you think about giving up 138 points, you think about them scoring 30 in every quarter. You think about them shooting almost 57% from the field. That wasn't our brand of defense. Disappointing, but no, I didn't look at it that way at all.”


RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game “One thing I will not do, I will not act like I never saw playoff basketball before. This happens. We played bad. We own it. We've got to be better. We'll get in the lab. We'll make the adjustments, and we look forward to Thursday. We turned the ball over. We didn't defend at a high level. We were tentative. They disrupted us with their intensity, with their aggressiveness defensively. Give them credit. There's no sense in pointing the finger anywhere else other than the fact that we did not get it done. But, I will say this; just like I told my team, for 82 games, we earned the six-seed. We came here and earned home court advantage, so we will not overreact. We look forward to making the adjustments, going home, and not having a crowd win the ball game. Not having a crowd take care of the basketball, or get a stop or get a charge; but make the proper adjustments. And now, we go in front of the best fans in the business and we look forward to it. That's a very good basketball team, and they came with a sense of urgency.”


RE: Clippers defensive efforts

“It was pretty similar [to game 1]. I was having trouble getting downhill, trying to put pressure on the double team. I didn't get many shots early in the first half. Credit to them, they took it up another notch defensively. We came out with a sense of urgency, just nothing was clicking and we couldn't make enough plays early to keep ourselves in it. That's how well they were playing. From there, it was kind of a wrap from there. We'll figure it out going back home, look at the film and see the intensity and what was different from game 1 to game 2, and why we couldn't get gelling quick enough.”


RE: Lack of effort down the stretch

“When we were down 20 or 25, we thought we could come back. When the clock hit zero, zero, zero, that's when we can say that it's one and no we're headed back home. At no point in that game did we think, „well, we've already got one, so let's go home.'”


RE: Impact of officiating on the game

“They [the Clippers] were a little more aggressive than us. We're not going to worry about how the game was called, or whatever happens with that. We just weren't aggressive enough, which led to too many turnovers. We've got to worry about what we can control and try and control that; and if we play better, we'll be fine, no matter how the game is called.”


RE: Lack of aggression

“Yeah, like I said, you've got to give them some credit because they imposed their will, but we've got some things that we can do better simply based on us. We have to focus on those things, and we'll be ready come Thursday.”


RE: Overall thoughts on tonight’s game

“They played well. They came out and made the adjustments, and kept us on our heels. We didn't respond very well to their run and I think that was the difference between this game and last game. They played with a different sense of urgency, and like I said going into game 1, playoffs are about chess moves. It's a thinking man's game, and they won a game that they had to win. Obviously, we don't want to get drummed like we got drummed tonight, but if I had to pick a scenario to be in, it would be tied one-one

after getting drummed going back to Oracle with two days to try to lick our wounds and try to make this right. So, we understand what we need to do, now it's our chance to show what our move is, and we'll see how well they absorb our next play.”






By: Ben Haber | Follow @HaberBen

Despite losing home court advantage and falling 109-105 to the Warriors in Game 1, the Clippers remain confident heading into Monday’s crucial Game 2.

“[We] just got to refocus and be ready,” Chris Paul said. “Being that we don’t have home court anymore, we need to win [Monday].”

For the Clippers to knot the series at one apiece, several players and Head Coach Doc Rivers have said they need to cut down on turnovers and missed free throws. They coughed the ball up 17 times and went 23-of-35 from the charity stripe (65.7%).

But more than simply execution, Game 2 will be about returning to the brand of basketball that made the Clippers the most dominant home team in the West.

“I think both teams want to win so bad and both teams not only want to win, but they want to beat each other,” J.J. Redick said. “And I think that lead to some out of character plays of both sides, and we just have to regroup.”


By: Eric Patten | Follow @EricPatten





1. Rebounding. With Andrew Bogut sidelined due to a broken rib, the battle on the glass seemingly would have come easier for the Clippers. That wasn’t the case. The Warriors snatched 48 rebounds in Game 1, and the Clippers had 42.

“We just have to rebound,” Matt Barnes said. “We have to find bodies and rebound, I think that’s the key.”

Offensive rebounds were actually strength for the Clippers, accumulating 16 of them. Blake Griffin tallied only three rebounds because of foul trouble, logging a mere 19 minutes. Getting Griffin back in the mix for his usual playing time will help the Clippers rebound better. In all five of the encounters between the Clippers and Warriors this season, the team with more rebounds prevailed.

2. Avoiding Foul Trouble. Griffin and Andre Iguodala racked up six fouls each, ending their respective days early. Paul and David Lee were forced to sit out at times because of foul trouble as well. The extended absence of Griffin forced the Clippers into an unfamiliar spot.

“I don’t just go into a game prepared for Blake to be in foul trouble, but he was in foul trouble so you just have to adjust,” Rivers said. “I’m sure that Blake would like to have a couple of those fouls back. You can’t waste fouls. I thought we fouled way too much.”

Griffin said it was tough to find a rhythm because of his foul trouble. The Clippers need Griffin out there to take care of business.

“I kept putting myself in a whole, in a bad situation, fouling,” Griffin said. “It affected our team obviously, and I have to do a better job.”

3. Jamal Crawford Back on Track. Jamal Crawford is arguably the leading candidate for NBA Sixth Man of the Year, but his 2014 postseason got off to a rough start. The Clippers lethal bench scorer shot 2-for-11 with 9 points. Going forward, Crawford isn’t got to adjust his strategy.

“Honestly, I’ve shot worse than this before, so I’ll let it go.” Crawford said. The Clippers rely on Crawford to carry the second unit, which struggled in Game 1. He averaged 18.5 points per game this season, first among bench scorers. Crawford’s teammates aren’t worried about him, and expect him to bounce back.

“Jamal is a shot-maker, we’re not worried about him.” Darren Collison said after Game 1. “He’s going to continue to hit his shots down the stretch.


The Warriors Game 1 win snapped their three game losing streak against the Clippers on the road… The Clippers are 4-5 at home in the Playoffs during the last two seasons… Los Angeles and Golden State matched up 198 times in the regular season before meeting in the 2014 Playoffs, only two other teams played more regular season games before squaring off in postseason... The Clippers and Warriors both used 11 players in Game One… Paul has averaged 22.7 points and 10.1 assists in seven career Game 2’s... Only three road teams in 30 chances since 2005-06 have taken a 2-0 lead in a best-of-seven series. All three went on to advance…


LAC: None

GSW: Andrew Bogut (fractured rib) is out indefinitely. Festus Ezeli (recovering from right knee surgery) is also out.


Doc Rivers: “You obviously don’t want to drop the first game, but we did, and so now we have something about it. We knew coming into this series it was going to be a hard series, and that it was.”


Game 1: Warriors 109, Clippers 105

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Clippers Leaders:

Pts: Paul 28

Reb: Jordan 14

Ast: Paul 8