Steven Esparza | 6/14/12
With the NBA Draft rapidly approaching, the Clippers continued their work of evaluating incoming talent. Currently holding just one selection in the 2012 Draft, the 53rd overall pick, the Clippers hosted a pre-draft workout in Playa Vista on June 14. Kyle Fogg (University of Arizona), Charlie Westbrook (South Dakota), Darryl Partin (Boston University), Dominique Ferguson (Florida International) joined Georgetown's Henry Sims and Wichita State's Garrett Stutz. spoke with Sims and Stutz about the pre-draft process.

Henry Sims - Georgetown University | PF/C

How did you feel the workout went today?
"It went well. I got the chance to play against some guys I've seen on TV the past few years. I enjoyed being out here and I think the workout went good."

How has the draft process been for you?
"It has been fun. It's a once in a lifetime experience so you have to enjoy it. You get a little tired of the process and all of the workouts, but you have to enjoy it and have fun."

What types of drills did you work through today?
"They put us through a lot of pick and pop stuff. They want to see if we can shoot and I think I did pretty well with that. We did a couple of ball handling drills and some low post stuff as well."

With coaches, trainers and other staff on hand do you feel the nerves setting in at some point?
"In college basketball you have thousands of people in the stands so nerves don't bother you as much. Coming out of Georgetown I'm used to playing in front of a lot of people and on the big stage."

What other teams have you worked out with?
"I've worked out with Cleveland, San Antonio and Sacramento. It's been a long few weeks."

Who's the toughest guy you have worked out against?
"I'd probably say Kyle O'Quinn (Norfolk State). He goes hard every play and we've gone against each other three or four times so he brings it every workout and forces you to do the same."

Garrett Stutz - Wichita State | C

How has the workout process been for you?
"It has been really interesting and eye opening. I really didn't know what to expect but I've had people mentoring me and helping to prepare me for this experience."

What advice have people given you about the workout process?
"Any chance you have, whether it's something small like running to a spot on the floor, making eye contact with a coach or giving and receiving feedback. Just take every opportunity and don't waste it."

With coaches, trainers and staff on the sidelines watching you workout, does it get nerve racking?
"Not really, going through college basketball and playing in front of so many people you get used to it after a while."

What types of drills did you work on today?
"We did a lot of foot work and pick and pop stuff. We did a lot of perimeter stuff and played a ton of three on three. We went through all different situations. They wanted to see how we reacted to each other so it was good basketball."

What other guys have you worked out with and who've impressed you?
"Henry [Sims] did a great job today; he really shot the ball well. I've been working out with Myers Leonard (University of Illinois) and Jeremy Lamb (University of Connecticut) and those guys can really play."

What other teams are you working out for?
"I've got seven or eight lined up in the next week or so with Sacramento being next in line."

What guys are you looking forward to competing against?
"It doesn't matter who I go against. It's more about focusing on what I do and what I do well and not who I'm going against."

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