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February 11, 2011

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Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated takes a look at Blake Griffin’s dunks through the eyes of the victim: “The first dunkee whose name Griffin remembers also happens to be one of his best friends and high school teammates. At the time, Holloway was a 6'6", 240-pound power forward—strong and agile enough that he went on to play offensive tackle for Tulsa—while Griffin was a relatively slim small forward. (His nickname for many years, if you can believe it, was Little Blakey.) Every day the duo would stay after practice to work on their skills in OCS's tiny gym. In one particularly masochistic drill the boys took turns trying to dunk on one another. Player A would stand under the hoop, Player B would take a few steps and then—wham!—the two would meet at the rim. 'In two years I never got one on Blake,' Holloway says. As for him? Holloway chuckles. 'Blake got plenty on me.' " READ MORE

Blake Griffin sits down with Peter Vecsey of the New York Post and talks about his childhood, what has shaped him, and what motivates him now: "What they miss, what they can't see, what they can't measure is what's in a person's mind, what's in his core, what induces him to work hard, to be a better player. Nobody knows that so how can you make judgments on kids? That bothers me so much. That's what drives me." READ MORE

Being away from home hasn’t hurt Baron Davis’ game. In fact, he’s playing better basketball. Lisa Dillman of the LA Times explains: “Both factors, the explosion of Griffin and the absence of the injured Gordon, have reshaped the role of Davis. Or maybe he's just fitting into it better on the Clippers' long trip through North America.... Davis has been increasingly enforcing his will in the first four games of this eight-game adventure before the All-Star break.” READ MORE

This one’s just to put you guys at ease. Steve Perrin of ClipsNation.com explains why Blake Griffin is not going anywhere: “OK, so at least there's a viable way Griffin could be available in 2014, but how realistic is this scenario? Here is the complete list of NBA players since the implementation of the current system who have eschewed signing a maximum contract and instead signed a qualifying offer in order to reach unrestricted free agency sooner: Nobody. It has never happened.” READ MORE

The more minutes he gets, the more he continues to prove why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the NBA. Kristofor Molson of DigitalJournal.com recaps Randy Foye’s big night in the Clippers’ road win over the Knicks: “The third quarter the Knicks tried to bounce back but the Clippers kept their foot on the gas by building a 20 point lead. The Clippers made nine of their first 13 shots in the third and opened an 84-64 lead on Foye's 3-pointer with 3:13 left.... Stoudemire had a dunk to make it a three-point game, but Foye would not let the Knicks get any closer than that scoring 17 of his 24 points in the fourth quarter. Foye hit a big 3-pointer to make it a 109-102 lead with less than three minute remaining.” READ MORE

Here’s a fun throwback. Check out LostLetterman.com’s list of top 10 dunks from Griffin’s college years: “As college sports fanatics, we don’t pay attention to the NBA much but we make an exception for former Oklahoma forward and human pogo stick Blake Griffin. Only half-way through his rookie season in the NBA, he’s already compiled a highlight reel of dunks worthy of an entire career. And as we prepare for what he’s about to unleash at the Slam Dunk contest in two weeks (we can only hope it’s as entertaining as his McDonald’s dunk contest), let’s take a look back at the former National Player of the Year’s Top 10 College Dunks.” READ MORE

Player of the Week

Baron Davis

Since the Clippers embarked on a long 11-game road trip, Davis has averaged 19 points (7 more than his overall season average) and 10 assists (3 more than his overall season average). He put up a Sweet Sixteen in the 116-108 victory over the Knicks, scoring 16 points and racking up 16 assists. The numbers speak for themselves, but what should be noted in all of this is Davis’ production on the court as of late. What has made the vet so effective this week is his ability stretch the floor on the offensive end to ease up pressure on Griffin in the low post. Davis has shown he knows exactly when to shoot it and when to pass it, or when to drive to the rim. It’s exciting to see Baron Davis step up his game, and this newfound aggressive style of play will be all that more exciting when he brings it back home to Los Angeles.

Tweet of the Week

@TheBigLead is amazed by the rookie out of Kentucky -- and no, it’s not John Wall:

“Totally blown away last night by Clippers rookie Eric Bledsoe. Had no clue he'd be this good. Quick, great instincts, nice jumper.”

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Facebook Post of the Week

David Carrillo hit the nail on the head with this one:

“The Clippers' victory over the Knicks on the road was a classic example of a "team win." Six players in double figures with season-high point totals for Dre, Foye, and Bledsoe.”

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