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Neil Olshey's Interview on ESPN.com
March 26, 2010

Clippers acting General Manager Neil Olshey joined Ryen Russillo on ESPN’s NBA Today podcast. Says Olshey: “I think we have positioned ourselves to really make a run.”

Photo by: Noah Graham (NBAE/Getty Images)

  • Click here for the link to the ESPN audio podcast.

    What to expect this summer...

    1:39- We have positioned ourselves incredibly well. We had an eye on this summer years ago. We have cleared up our roster, we have kept our core intact. We have all stars at the one and five in Baron and Chris Kaman. We’ve got two of the best young players in the league in Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin. Right now we have a hole at the SF spot. But we have $20M in cap room, we have our draft pick this year. In the future we have all our picks in perpetuity and Minnesota’s pick unprotected by the 2012 draft. We’ve got an owner who is willing to spend money we’ve got a premier practice facility in the league and we are in a great market. I think we have positioned ourselves to really make a run and really make an impact in free agency, the draft and we have an owner who is willing to spend money and he’s open to making trades to make the team better.

    Has the team played to expectations this year:

    2:35- No, and I think that is why you saw a coaching change. It was a tragic loss to lose Blake Griffin but at the end of the day he was going to be a rookie, our projected starting lineup was intact. We felt like at some point, even Coach Dunleavy, felt like the team was under performing and it was time for them to hear a new voice.

    Baron Davis' commitment:

    6:24- From a commitment standpoint, Baron is absolutely committed. He is going to do everything he can to help recruit a Robin for his Batman. Whether it is all about him or the other guy it doesn’t matter. Baron is a key component we all know it is impossible to find point guards in this league so when you have one with the tools and skill set he has, you hold on to it, you cultivate it and you hope that it is the right fit for the team.

    Likelihood of signing a max player this summer:

    7:00- All anyone can do is open up and have the opportunity to do something special in free agency. There are no guarantees in this at all. But there are other alternatives. If that doesn’t work out you’ve got the opportunity now to have the room to absorb a max salary or a high salary from a team that maybe is in financial trouble or someone that can sign one of those guys.