Training Camp Thoughts

The Clippers were out and running once again today as they continue training camp and get ready for the start of the season.

If you needed to find Baron Davis at training camp Wednesday, all you had to do was follow the young (wild) cat in the No. 12 jersey, Eric Bledsoe. Everywhere the rookie out of Kentucky went, Baron Davis was one step behind him. Although Davis is still recovering from a calf strain and minor knee swelling and was limited with his on-court participation, he made sure to give Bledsoe every possible pointer. When Bledsoe wasnt being vocal enough, he heard about it. When Bledsoe came off a screen a little funny, Davis was there to correct it. When Bledsoe needed advice on his footwork, Baron was the one dishing it out.

I want him to do that, Del Negro said. Weve talked about that, helping out the younger guys a little bit. Chris (Kaman) with the big guys and Baron with the guards. Any knowledge that you can share, any way that you can speed up the learning curve is obviously a real positive.

With the Clippers entering the season as one of the youngest teams in all of basketball, its become more important than ever for the veterans to provide that mentorship. Its fun because we get to all help each other, Baron said in an earlier interview with Were in a good situation here with the coaching staff and what weve been doing to prepare ourselves for the preseason. Everyone has been working together.

It isnt just Baron chipping in. Veteran forward Ryan Gomes, a career 80.7 percent free throw shooter, spent some time after practice with DeAndre Jordan to help him work on his form at the line. Chris Kaman sprinted to one of the last drills of the day and urged his teammates to do the same. Lets just say this -- the towel guys were plenty busy with rookies and vets alike getting on the floor for loose balls.

These may seem like little, insignificant things, but successful franchises are built upon their attention to detail. After all, most basketball games are decided by just a few possessions. Neglect to do the little stuff, and youre most likely getting blown out of the water.

Play of the Day

  • Picture this if you can: Chris Kaman is dribbling with Eric Gordon defending him in an individual drill. Kaman gives Gordon a little shimmy move, then goes with an in-and-out dribble with his left hand. Gordon is rocked back to his heels a bit, and then Kaman pulls off a ridiculously quick around the back dribble that puts Gordon square on his butt. As his teammates howled in approval, Gordon got up laughing and gave Kaman one of the many high fives he would receive for the move.

    Other Notes

  • Vinny Del Negro most certainly lives up to his reputation around the league as a great motivator. Del Negro picked his spots on Wednesday, but when he had a message to deliver it came through loud and clear. The few times the energy level dropped a bit, Del Negro was sure to fire it right back up.

  • Experiencing Blake Griffin all over again is just as enjoyable as it was the first time around. If Griffin has lost any explosiveness at all, its sure hard to tell. On one fast break drill Griffin actually leapt so high into the air that he accidentally bumped his head on the backboard. The explosiveness is most definitely there. As for his conditioning? Griffin was regularly ahead of the pack when the team ran suicide drills.

    Stay tuned to this week for more daily coverage of training camp.

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