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Reggie Bullock, SF, North Carolina

Bullock, an athletic junior from North Carolina, is one of the more complete wing players in the Draft. He shot 44 percent from 3-point range, is a tremendous athlete, good finisher and is expected to play both small forward and shooting guard at the NBA level. NBA Draft.net said Bullock could be the “perfect scoring role player” on the team that picks him. He averaged 6.5 rebounds last year and protected the ball (1.2 turnovers). Toughness and strength are not necessarily his strong suits. According to most mock Drafts, Bullock is slated to be a top 25 selection with some suggesting he could go as high as No. 15.

“Standing roughly 6-foot-7 with a near 6-foot-10 wingspan, Bullock has solid size for the small forward position, but he doesn't possess great explosiveness, which is most clear when watching his operate one-on-one and on the pick and roll,” wrote Matt Kamalsky of Draft Express. “Lacking the burst to get into the paint consistently and proving to be only an average ball-handler, Bullock does not create his own shot prolifically and struggles to score over defenders in the midrange area, especially under pressure.”

Pre-Draft measurements and results, according to Draft Express:

Height w/o Shoes

6' 5.75"


6' 8.75"

Standing Reach

8' 6"

Body Fat


Standing Leap


Max Leap