Draft Profile


Kenny Kadji, PF, Miami

Originally from Cameroon, he spent two years at Florida and two more at Miami. Kadji enters the Draft as one of the eldest and most physically able players available. He is 25, which has likely helped him refine his jumper. He has a big frame, long arms and high release point, making his shot difficult to block. While he averaged 12.9 points per game as a senior with the Hurricanes, his 3-point percentage was down to 35.1 percent after shooting 41.8 percent his junior year. His collegiate game, from an offensive standpoint, will likely translate well to the NBA as a potential stretch 4. He is slated to go in the second round or undrafted, according to most mock drafts.

Michael Visenberg of NBA Draft.net wrote, “He’s already 25 years of age, meaning he has entered his athletic prime and was quite a bit older than the vast majority of competition he faced. It’s hard to believe he will become radically different from the player he already is, which more than likely limits him to being a rotation option at best down the line.”

Pre-Draft measurements and results, according to Draft Express.com:

Height w/o Shoes

6' 8.75"


7' 3"

Standing Reach

8' 10.5"

Body Fat


Standing Leap


Max Leap