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The Clippers Spirit Dance team is the key component to Clippers Game Entertainment. Off the court, dance team members serve as goodwill ambassadors for the organization. They appear at hundreds of community events each year, have traveled internationally on behalf of the Clippers and the NBA and have been featured on local and national television.

Under the direction of Audrea Harris, this year's Clippers Spirit is comprised of 16 professional dancers who range in age from 18-26. Some of the ladies have earned undergraduate as well as graduate degrees. Others are currently enrolled as full time students at various universities. These ladies hold very interesting and diverse jobs in many different fields. Among their career titles: clinical social worker, television film writer, dance instructor, Pilate's instructor, account manager, consumer products analyst, and Disney Resort performers. All 16 members have extensive dance backgrounds and technical dance training. In its 27th season, nine rookies join seven returning veterans to make up the 2010-2011 Clippers Spirit Dance Team.

Spirit in China

Members of the Clippers Spirit traveled to China as part of an NBA tour. Check out their Facebook page for more updates and pictures! Meanwhile, Spirit Dancer Recee blogged about their experience so far:

June 3, by Teresa

Wei, ni hao Clipper Nation! That means "Hey, how are you Clipper Nation", for those of you that don't speak Chinese. Ever since we arrived in Shanghai, it has been my personal goal to understand and learn as much of the language as I possibly can. I mean, when else am I going to get a chance like this to learn from the locals, right? Many of my teachers have been strangers on the street, or employees of our hotel; but my favorite and best teacher of all, is our tour guide Tony. He has taught me so much in one week, it is truly "foong le" (crazy)! Everything we've been taught, has been in the main language Mandarin. In all of China, there are 80 different regional dialects, and also more than 200 branches off of those 80 dialects; to unify all of China, everyone must learn Mandarin, even if they live in a region that has it's own dialect. I wish that I could share all the words and phrases that we've learned, but without careful explanation, it might be hard to understand all of them. What I can do, is give you a basic explanation of what I've learned about the language, and a couple simple words.

Firstly, Mandarin has four basic tones:
( / ) low to high
( - ) same
( \ ) high to low
( U ) high low high

So when I say tones, I'm talking about the pitch of your voice. In their language, one word can be said multiple different ways by changing which tone is used. For example, the word "hao" can be said two different ways, and have two different meanings. If you say hao in the ( - ) tone, it means okay or I agree. If you say hao in the ( \ ) tone, it means good. The phrase "I'm sorry" is also another good example of the different tones; it is pronounced "di b q". Each separate word has it's own tone: di ( \ ), b ( - ), q ( U ). In English, any word can be said in any pitch and it will mean the same thing. In Chinese, if you don't use the proper tone, no one will understand you. It is amazing that such a small difference can change the meaning. One of my favorite words that we've learned is "la la di", which means cheerleader.

Whenever we go site seeing or even just inside the hotel, I always try to practice what I've learned, by talking to the locals. On our flight from Shanghai to Beijing, I sat next to a nice woman and I said "Hello, good afternoon. How are you? What's your name? My name is Teresa" all in Mandarin. I get so "kuai l" (happy) whenever they understand me!

My experiences here in China have been nothing short of "bang" (amazing, perfect), and I am looking forward to learning even more during our stay in Beijing. I can definitely say that "wo i Shanghai" (I love Shanghai)!

...Until next time!! Zi jn (goodbye)!!!!


May 31, by Spirit Team Director Audrea Harris

It has been an amazing five days for us all here in Shanghai! I pinch myself sometime realizing the awesome job I have. This is the third international trip the Clippers Spirit has been on since October, and we are so appreciative of the opportunities the NBA offers us. When I received the email with the invitation to Shanghai and Beijing, I of course did not hesitate to say YES!

As of 6:30 pm Tuesday evening Shanghai time(3:30 am Tuesday morning, Los Angeles time) the Clippers Spirit ladies have worked two days and have had two free days. The first two work days have been at the fun Boshiwa Kids Carnival at the Shanghai Arena. Lots of kids came out to enjoy the fun! The Clippers Spirit performed and signed autographs and made many new friends!

Free days have been spent shopping and sightseeing. We hope you are enjoying the photos weve been sharing!

Monday, May 30th:

The day was spent shopping, shopping, shopping!!

That evening we enjoyed the ERA Intersection of Time in Shanghai Circus. Its similar to Cirque du Soleil. Its a stunning acrobatic extravaganza and aerial show, the first of its kind in China. ERAs inspiration is the combination of traditional Chinese acrobatic arts and modern technology. The lighting, sound effects, elaborate costumes, and original live music made for a phenomenal show. Our tour guide Tony said it was a MUST-SEE in Shanghaiand he was so right!

Tuesday, May 31st:

We went to the Jade Buddhist Temple. Our interpreter and tour guide Tony gave us an incredible history lesson and tour of the temple.

Our next stop was Riverside Park Waterfront. Skies were a little overcast, but we still had a great view. I can only imagine it is absolutely gorgeous on a sunny blue day!

Tony treated us to tea at a traditional Chinese Tea House. We sat around a table and were served numerous delicious teas. Our server, Zoe, described all of the different teas to us and also told us the health benefits of each one. My 3 favorites were: black, green, and jasmine. Many of the teas smelled as delicious as they taste. We then went to the Tea Market downstairs where we could purchase the tea, and various tea items, tea sets, etc.

Our final stop of the day was at Old Town Outdoor Market where we did a little more shopping and looking around. It began to sprinkle so we decided to call it a day. We are all relaxing a bit before dinner and deciding what well do tonight. It wont be a late night as the ladies have three autograph signing appearances tomorrow.

Two more days in Shanghai and then we are off to Beijing.

Well check in again soon!

May 29, 2011, by Recee

Amazing opportunities like a 12 day trip to China dont happen too often. So when Spirit Director, Audrea, called to invite me along, I was ecstatic!!! Traveling to Shanghai and Beijing to represent the Clippers is definitely a dream come true and I couldnt imagine a better way to spring into summer! We arrived at LAX with multiple books, laptops, movies and any other entertainment to occupy our time during the 14 hour plane ride. The ride was long but there was much space to stretch our legs and walk around in the cabin.

We finally arrived at the Pudong Shanghai Airport and were greeted by our translator and escort, Tony. Tony immediately led us to our shuttle and set off for the center of Shanghai, about 50 minutes from the airport. Driving through the beautiful rural side of Shanghais surrounding cities was so peaceful and relaxing. It allowed us to see a different side of Shanghai, complete with vegetation and sprawling farmlands. Soon enough though, our scenery slowly transformed as we approached the bustling epicenter of Shanghai, which, as our guide Tony informed us, is the most recent location of the World Expo! Shanghai looks so much like New York City! The tall skyscrapers and modern buildings are extremely reminiscent of the magnificent Manhattan skyline! The city also boasts an efficient metro system which runs close to 260 mph. It was surprising and really comforting to see the similarities of the two cities.

Our first two days of performance have been for the Boshiwa Kids Carnival held at the Shanghai Stadium. The carnival has been really busy and exciting! There is a rock climbing station, a shooting court, a stage and an area for autograph signing. After our signing, we were able to meet Golden State Warriors player, Jeremy Lin who is of Chinese descent. Amongst the media and press covering the event, are hundreds of energetic children. Signing autographs and taking pictures with fans who reside so far from our hometown has been life changing. Seeing the excitement on their faces made the 14 hour trip well worth it. Many of them had practiced English greetings just as much as we spent time learning how to say hello and thank you in Chinese. While communicating proves difficult at times, the desire to cross the unfamiliar cultural divide overruled and we are learning a lot from each other about our homelands!

Remember to click on our Facebook page for more photos throughout our trip!

Spirit in Mexico

Members of the Spirit traveled to Mexico City on a promotional tour ahead of the Clippers and Spurs NBA Preseason match-up abroad. Check out the video and photogallery of their experience below:

Meet your Clippers Spirit

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The Clippers Spirit would like to extend a very special thank you to hair stylist Gina Castillo as well as the Dennis Sparks hair team for their amazing work!