Nickname: Ari

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Years on the Spirit: Rookie

Three words that describe you: Dedicated, Passionate, Enthusiastic

One thing you cannot live without: My Family

College: UC Berkeley

Occupation: Brand Development Agency

Dance Background: I have been dancing jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop since High school. I have also trained in Belly dancing and Tahitian!

Hobby/Hobbies: Yoga, Hiking and Reading

Interesting/Fun fact(s) about you: I lived in Mexico for an early part of my childhood and am fluent in Spanish!

Favorite movie(s): The Notebook

Favorite TV show(s):Desperate Housewives

Favorite music artist(s): Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Janet Jackson

Favorite actor(s)/actress(es): Penelope Cruz

Favorite quote or saying: "If you don't risk anything you risk even more"

Favorite thing about Los Angeles: My favorite thing about LA is the diversity and amazing restaurants that offer the best authentic dishes!

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