October 18 – 22 What is this week’s healthy snack?
October 25 – 29 Which Clipper gave this week’s tip?
November 1-5 What is this week’s healthy snack?
November 8-12 Which Clipper gave this week’s tip?
November 15-19 What is this week’s physical activity?
November 22 - 26 What is this week’s physical activity & healthy snack?
November 29 – 3 Which Clipper gave this week’s tip?

Week of October 18th –

This week’s physical activity is…riding bikes.

Warm-up before starting any physical activity. This will prepare your body for exercise and decrease your chance of injury.

Johan Wang, Clippers Assistant Trainer

“I played every sport all day, every day. My parents always wanted us outside playing.”

Blake Griffin #32

This week’s healthy snack is…Fruit (Blake Griffin’s Favorite)

Eat a balanced diet. If you want to look like an athlete, eat like an athlete. Try and eat a well-balanced diet consisting of the proper amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates. If you would like professional advice, consult a registered dietician.

Johan Wang, Clippers Assistant Trainer

Week of October 25th –

This week’s physical activity is… Basketball and Soccer (Chris Kaman’s favorites)

Stretch after activity. This is the best time to stretch because the muscles are loose, creating an optimal environment to maintain or gain flexibility.

Johan Wang, Clippers Assistant Trainer

“Rest and sleep is important if you’re going to work hard. You need to replenish your body.”

Chris Kaman #35

This week’s healthy snack is…grilled chicken and grilled fish (Chris Kaman’s favorites)

Week of November 1st –

This week’s physical activity is…Track / running (Eric Gordon’s Favorite)

“I would spend a couple hours a day running whether it was on the court or off.”

Eric Gordon #10

This week’s healthy snack is…granola bars.

Week of November 8th –

This week’s physical activity is…soccer (DeAndre Jordan’s Favorite).

This week’s healthy snack is…Water.

Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise. Hydration is key to optimal performance. Dehydration may lead to a decrease in mental focus/concentration and heat related illnesses.

Johan Wang, Clippers Assistant Trainer

Week of November 15th –

This week’s physical activity is…Kickball (Craig Smith’s Favorite).

“Get up and do any type of physical activity, like kickball, its fun and you stay in shape.”

Craig Smith #1

R.I.C.E. – rest, ice, compression, elevation. After sustaining injury, make sure to rest the injury, ice the injury, compress the injury and elevate the injury. These four things will help speed recovery and get you back in the game. Always consult your physician if your injury does not improve or worsens.

Johan Wang, Clippers Assistant Trainer

This week’s healthy snack is…carrots, celery and milk (Craig Smith’s Favorite).

“I like to eat healthy snacks like carrots and celery during the day.”

Craig Smith #1

Week of November 22nd –

This week’s physical activity is…calisthenics (Randy Foye’s Favorite)

“Kids should just go out and have fun doing whatever it is they want to do. Just go be outside in the fresh air and have fun.”

Randy Foye #4

This week’s healthy snack is… oatmeal.

“Oatmeal is a nutritious way to start your day.”

Johan Wang, Clippers Assistant Trainer

Week of November 29th –

This week’s physical activity is…Push Ups / Jumping Jacks / Sit ups (Brian Cook’s favorites).

“Work hard and stay active while you are young. It’s easy to go outside and have fun when you are young, just enjoy running, playing and trying new sports to see what you are good at.”

Baron Davis

This week’s healthy snack is…cereal (Marqus Blakely’s Favorite).

“It’s important to eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of your day.”

Chris Kaman #35

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