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Joe Kelly

JOE KELLY Fan Relations & Services Director | 213-763-7775 | jkelly@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: September, 2003

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Alma Mater: University of Memphis

3 Things About Me: I've had the incredible opportunity to travel to Rome and Berlin over the last few years. Next on the list are Barcelona, London, Athens and Sydney. Sports are a huge part of my life and I'm a major fan of University of Tennessee Football (Go Vols!), Memphis Basketball and I share season tickets for the Arizona Cardinals. Of course my #1 team is here in LA, the mighty Clippers.


JAMIE LEE Premium Services Manager | (213) 742-7545 | jlee@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: August 2004

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Alma Mater: Long Beach State University

Favorite Clippers Moment: An all-time favorite is my NBA Summer League Trip in 2009 with Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and DeAndre Jordan.

3 Things About Me: I'm a pescetarian foodie and wino. I love the performing arts (dance, concerts, theatre). My yorkie-poo is the love of my life!


CARLY PETERSEN Account Services Executive | (213) 742-7519 | cpetersen@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: September 27, 2010

Hometown: Redding, CA

Alma Mater: Cal State University, Northridge & University of San Francisco

3 Things About Me: I love watching sports, eating lots of good healthy food and laughing as much as possible.



COLLIN BREEN Account Services Executive | (213) 742-7542 | cbreen@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: July 10, 2012

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Alma Mater: Cal State San Marcos

Favorite Clippers Moment: Watching the crowd’s reaction to DeAndre Jordan’s alley-oop dunk on Brandon Knight. #THROWITDOWNBIGMAN

3 Things About Me: I love to Golf (even though it's the most frustrating sport in the world), I love trying all different types of craft beer, and I am a huge baseball fan. GO DODGERS!


DANIELLE ARES Account Services Executive | (213) 742-7514 | dares@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: August 28, 2012

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Alma Mater: Santa Monica College & California State University, Los Angeles

Favorite Clippers Moment: Being at Game 1 of the 2006 Playoffs with my dad and watching the excitement on his face and everyone else at STAPLES Center. It was unforgettable!

3 Things About Me:: Born and raised a Clippers fan (former season ticket holder), Disney Fanatic, and I love swimming or being poolside during my free time.



CARL LAHR Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales | (213) 742-7530 | clahr@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: June 22, 1981

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Alma Mater: Penn State University

Favorite Clippers Moment: The Clippers defeat the Utah Jazz 115-107 in Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs on Sunday May 3, 1992 at the Anaheim Convention Center. The game had been postponed and relocated from the LA Sports Arena due to riots that had ensued on April 29th. The local fans rejoiced at a chance to get out and have something to smile about. The Clippers gave them plenty of smiles that day.


UREL MARTINEZ Director of Ticket Sales | (213) 742-7552 | umartinez@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: August, 2005

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA

Alma Mater: University of California, Irvine

Favorite Clippers Moment: Historic 24 point come-from-behind victory over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 1 of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

3 Things About Me:Played High School Quarterback. Have an unstoppable fade away jumper (doesn't always go in). Love In-N-Out Burgers and Chick-Fil-A.


JESSICA BASCARA Inside Sales Manager | (213) 742-7547 | jbascara@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: October 11, 2010

Hometown: Fairfield, CA

Alma Mater: California State University, Long Beach GO BEACH!

Favorite Clippers Moment: Breaking franchise records – 17 game winning streak (undefeated December 2012), Pacific Division Champs, sweeping the Lakers.

3 Things About Me: I have a huge sweet tooth. I’m ‘Team S.F.’ (49ers & Giants). I love Disneyland & anything that sparkles!


CEDRIC WILSON Senior Account Executive | (213) 742-7543 | cwilson@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: June 5, 1995

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Alma Mater: Cal Poly Pomona

3 Things About Me: I enjoy sports, music and relaxing.


ROB STRIKWERDA Senior Account Executive/Arena Operations Coordinator | (213) 742-7541 | rstrikwerda@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: June, 1996

Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

Alma Mater: Indiana University

Favorite Clippers Moment: I think my favorite moment has yet to happen because I don't recall sweeping the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals anytime recently.

3 Things About Me: I enjoy being a part of a successful team more than any individual success could provide. I see more concerts than I do sporting events, and if we end up competing on the same basketball court, you better bring it.


DANIEL DE LA TORRE Senior Account Executive | (213) 763-4652 | ddelatorre@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: February 8, 2010

Hometown: Southgate, CA

Alma Mater: Dominguez High School

Favorite Clippers Moment: When we signed Chris Paul & watching the tides turning here in Los Angeles

3 Things About Me: I love riding motorcycles & dirt bikes. I also love watching live boxing & MMA fights.


CHRISTIAN LEWIS Account Executive | (213) 763-4651 | clewis@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: July, 2006

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Alma Mater: UCLA

Favorite Clippers Moment: Opening night every year.

3 Things About Me: I enjoy all forms of auto racing Nascar, Indy Car and Formula One. I also enjoy freelance writing for magazines and independent newspapers. I graduated from UCLA after playing baseball for 5 seasons.


TYLER KEALEY Account Executive | (213) 763-4650 | tkealey@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: September 23, 2010

Hometown: Mount Kisco, NY

Alma Mater: CSUN

Favorite Clippers Moment: Signing Chris Paul and seeing his first Lob to Blake Griffin!

3 Things About Me: I like not only working for an organization in the NBA, but playing the game as well. I also enjoy eating broccoli and other vegetables that could help me achieve my goal to be tall enough to play in the NBA!


LUKE ELLIOTT Account Executive | (213) 763-4618 | lelliott@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: October 11th, 2010

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

Alma Mater: Mount Marty College

Favorite Clippers Moment: The night we traded for CP3. Everything changed.

3 Things About Me: I love food (authentic Mexican food, pizza, and Taco Bell are my favorite), I am a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan, and I go to as many baseball games as possible.


ALEXANDRA NOVAK Account Executive | (213) 742-7503 | anovak@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: January 4, 2011

Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA

Alma Mater: San Diego State University (Bachelor’s Degree), Indiana University (Master’s Degree)

Favorite Clippers Moment: The day I walked into the press room for my first game as a Clippers employee, and no longer as a family member of a Clippers employee.  It was a completely  different experience from what I can remember at the age of 10.

3 Things About Me: I love to travel, along with watching and competing in sports (basketball, softball/baseball, volleyball, swimming, boxing & football). My favorite place is the beach (specifically Tel Aviv beach in Israel, or Whitsunday Island beach in Australia, though I guess Zuma/Malibu will suffice). I was a Division I College Athlete.


RICKY MALOTT Account Executive | (213) 763-4658 | rmalott@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: May 13, 2013

Hometown: Park City, Utah

Alma Mater: California State University, Long Beach (Bachelor’s Degree), University of San Francisco (Master’s Degree)

Favorite Clippers Moment: Watching the fans cheer as the players were introduced at my first opening night game – Oct. 31, 2013 against the GS Warriors.

3 Things About Me: 1. I enjoy outdoor sports like paddle boarding, golfing and snowboarding 2. I am a huge fan of cooking 3. I am an even bigger fan of eating.


CODY BROWN Account Executive | (213) 742-7525 | cbrown@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: February 13, 2014

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Alma Mater: CSU Chico (Bachelor’s Degree), CSU Long Beach (Master’s Degree)

Favorite Clippers Moment: Game 7 vs. Golden State in the 2014 Playoffs

3 Things About Me: 1) I love to travel. 2) I met my wife while working in a hostel in Spain. 3) I am a #Relentless Cleveland Browns fan.


VANESSA GONZALEZ Account Executive | (213) 742-7544 | vgonzalez@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: May 13, 2013

Hometown: 707

Alma Mater: California State University, Sacramento

Favorite Clippers Moment: The Blake and Drake Skit at the 2014 ESPYS. #DoWeLoveBlakeAndDrake

3 Things About Me: Disneyland is my spot, Netflix is a top ten, and Ball is LIFE.



ASHLEY HALL Director of Group Sales and Ticket Analytics | (213) 763-2673 | ahall@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: August 1, 2007

Hometown: Lompoc, CA

Alma Mater: University of La Verne (BA), Pepperdine (MBA)

Favorite Clippers Moment: Selling out the building by booking over 5,000 group tickets for a Sunday afternoon game in January 2009. It was full of energy in STAPLES and we beat the visiting team (during one of our more challenging seasons).

3 Things About Me: I love to dance. I'm very proud of my garden. MS Excel is my favorite computer program ever.


LAUREN KIMBALL Group Sales Manager | (213) 763-4617 | lkimball@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: June 30, 2008

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Alma Mater: University of La Verne

Favorite Clippers Moment: My very first Opening Night! I have never been more excited for a game.

3 Things About Me: I love my black lab, Charlie, the Denver Broncos and junk food.


VICTOR YEE Premium Event Suites Coordinator | (213) 763-2671 | vyee@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: December 15, 2008

Hometown: Montebello, CA

Alma Mater: Cal State Long Beach

Favorite Clippers Moment: Our win over the Miami Heat during the 2010-11 season.

3 Things About Me: 1. Big music fan 2. Used to be a shoe collector 3. Find humor in a lot of things.


MAURICE BAKER Supervisor of Youth Basketball Programs | (213) 742-7540 | mbaker@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: August 2009

Hometown: East Palo Alto, CA

Alma Mater: Chico State University

Favorite Clippers Moment: It’s not a specific moment but watching the team perform at its highest level throughout the 2012-13 season.

3 Things About Me: I LOVE Basketball.  I’m a sucker for a good movie.  Music is the key to my life. 


BRETT MCGREW Group Events Specialist | (213) 742-7522 | bmcgrew@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: June 26, 2013

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Alma Mater: The University of Arizona

Favorite Clippers Moment: Quentin Richardson’s three-point celebration.

3 Things About Me: I love golf, boxing, and the beach. 


JENNA DURAN Group Events Specialist | (213) 742-7546 | jduran@clippers.com

Clippers Signing Day: August 2012

Hometown: Palmdale, CA

Alma Mater: San Francisco State University  

Favorite Clippers Moment: Last April when the Clippers beat the Lakers at home to win their first Pacific division championship  

3 Things About Me: San Francisco 49ers have my heart. The Los Angeles Dodgers are my love. Lactose Intolerant but I love pizza!

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