October 3, 2006

Training Camp Q & A: James Singleton

With 2006 Training Camp under way, Clippers.com wants to give the members of Clipper Nation a chance to ask the players and coaches whatever is on your mind.

Next up: Clippers forward James Singleton.

Christian Vielman: Hey James. I am so glad you are a Clipper, and hope your role for next season is bigger. You really help the team with your intensity and hustle. What improvements are you bringing in to training camp and the upcoming season? Do you hope to participate in the Slam Dunk Contest this year?

James Singleton: On improvements Iím trying to capture more of an inside/outside game.

As far as the dunk contest, hopefully Iíll make it this year.

Kevin Hauser: I saw the game you played in Chicago this summer. You look bigger and stronger and appear to be jumping higher. What did you do this off-season to bulk up? You look and are playing great.

James Singleton: I basically hit the weight room more Ė instead of being in there for three hours a day I was working out close to five hours a day. I probably put on about 15 pounds.

Carlos Valenzuela: As an individual player, what aspects of your game did you feel you needed to work on and as a team what do you need to work on to be prepared for the first game and the season?

James Singleton: Individually I had to work on my post play and my perimeter ball handling. As for the team, we all just have to figure out what role coach wants us to play.

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