October 1, 2006

Training Camp Q & A: Daniel Ewing

With 2006 Training Camp under way, Clippers.com wants to give the members of Clipper Nation a chance to ask the players and coaches whatever is on your mind.

Next up: Clippers Guard Daniel Ewing.

Bayan Sanee: I always see that tattoo on your upper right arm. What is it?

Daniel Ewing: Itís a tattoo of a black panther. He has a ball in his hands and it has a goal in the background, so itís like heís putting the ball in the hoop. It says ďKing of the Court.Ē This was one of my first tattoos.

Matthew Cabral: Hi Daniel. I've been a fan of yours since your time at Duke, and liked what I have seen during your rookie season as a Clipper. I think that you have a lot to offer this squad, and would like to know how you are preparing yourself for this upcoming season? We've all seen flashes of what you are capable of, and we need you on both ends of the floor. Good luck!

Daniel Ewing: Iím just trying to stay healthy, play hard and try to help my team the best way that I can and play the role that they need me to play. I just want to help our team get better.

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