Glen "Big Baby" Davis led LSU to the 2006 Final Four, also earning SEC Player of the Year and Second Team All-America (Sporting News) honors in his sophomore season. He returned to Baton Rouge as a junior and is an early entrant in the 2007 NBA Draft. Big Baby will be blogging with as he prepares for the Draft on June 28.

Big Thoughts Heading Into the Draft
Posted by Glen Davis on June 25, 2007, 10:30 p.m. ET

I'm feeling good right now. I'm done workin' out, got that all over with. Now, it's time to go to the crib and relax.

My overall assesment: I think I improved my stock ... if there's such a thing as stock. I think I've showed these teams I could play, skillwise. I can compete with taller guys, and that I'm a solid player who can help your organization in a lot of ways.

There's a feeling when you work you about what the team is feeling, but you never know what they're thinking. You never know with the teams, man. They could be going in a whole different direction. They don't want to leak everything.

But for myself, I think I competed really, really well in these workouts. And we'll see on Thursday.

At first I thought this process would take forever, but it went fast. I was working and traveling and now it's over. As far as the travel, nothing too crazy happened. I flew in first class ... but I'm not used to that. But I did enjoy it. Now, I have three days to wait. That's gonna be amazing to watch the Draft go by and to hear your name called. We're gonna watch with my AAU coach and my family around.

I want to get this quote for you ... I like to write quotes down. Every time I feel like something's going to happen or if I feel like I have something on my mind, this is my quote for the Draft, my thought process right now, this is how I'm thinking. And it goes:

I don't know what's behind the doors of life, but I know everytime I step on the welcome mat, I open the door with a clear mind and the passion and the heart to win knowing that it could be my only chance to touch greatness.

Basically, I'm saying is what happens Thursday is to approach it with an open mind because even though you could think negative that you didn't go in the first round or you didn't go to the team you liked, but if you go with an open mind and a passion. Everything you do, your passion, your love for the game ... you only get one shot.

And I always write stuff especially when I'm thinking about big moments that come up, but you can put that in my book.

That's my quote.

In Texas, Then Utah, Then ...
Posted by Glen Davis on June 22, 2007, 5:30 p.m. ET

On Friday, Big Baby worked out for the San Antonio Spurs. Chad Ford of has Big Baby going to the Rockets at No. 26 in his mock draft.

I worked out today for the Spurs, and it worked out pretty good. I didn't shoot that great today. I know I can shoot, but as far as competing, I competed pretty well against Jermareo Davidson and Stephane Lasme ... I played against some good players and ready for this process to be over with. All these workouts are crazy.

Physically, it's exhausting, but mentally, you're willing to do anything. But physically, your body ... when you're body goes, your mind goes. But my mind is strong, but my body's a little weary. Mentally, I was into it, but physically, my legs and my shot wasn't falling today. But, altogether, I had a good workout.

And I've worked out against so many guys, but Stephane is a guy who I didn't think who could do what he does, but today he really shocked me. I was like, "Wow, this guy can play."

Like I said earlier, it was cool to be in San Antonio and to be in that championship atmosphere.

But, again when it comes to being physically tired, you have to be mentally strong and push yourself, you need to tell yourself you need to keep going. And it's not like back-to-back games. The rest period between period is short and the other thing is you don't fly five days a week, but my frequent flier miles are crazy.

I'm headed to Utah on Saturday and probably will work out with them on Sunday, then flying to Detroit, then to New Jersey.

Basically, the workout process is crazy because me as a player and loving the game, I would do anything to be in the NBA, but I think the way it's set up it's tough for everybody. You have do so many workouts and it's just tough on you. You fly every day of the week, you have to perform at the highest level at every workout because this is the first time they've seen you up close, and it takes a toll on you ... and you have to be mentally prepared to do it.

Luckily, I am mentally prepared to overcome, because ... I told myself I was going to write a letter to Stu Jackson to ask him to put himself in my shoes and find a way in the future to help the players perform to the best of their abilities.

And then, I may think the process isn't that good, but, who am I to complain, right? I really have no complaints, but just for future references, you know.

To relax, when I have a chance to lay on my bed, that's what I do ... I put my head on my pillow, and go to sleep. And I watch a little "Grey's Anatomy" on TV, but other than that ... I don't do much. I just try to stay focused on the next work out and play. Just play.

Hopefully, the closer it gets to the Draft, it gets easier, but I know it's not going to be easy, because you want know where you're going to go.

San Francisco Bay-by
Posted by Glen Davis on June 22, 2007, 12:05 p.m. ET

On Thursday, Big Baby worked out for the Golden State Warriors. Chad Ford of has Big Baby going to the Rockets at No. 26 in his mock draft.

It went good. I had a nice little workout. My hip's hurting a little bit, but I did pretty good today, but the hip wasn't too bad. I like the system over here. The guys are cool: Don Nelson's a great guy and Chris Mullin's a great guy too. And the way my game is, I can see myself playing here.

I would fit in well. I would bring another post presence and be another guy who can isolate and score. I think I would be a great fit and I know I could contribute here.

Being picked at No. 18 would be really SHOCKING ... to everybody else. I want to shock the world. I think people would be shocked by how skinny I've gotten, really, I'm just thinner by about 45-50 which puts me at 280. I definitely feel lighter and more smooth and more control of what I do on the court.

This was my ninth workout and I have four more. I'm in San Antonio on Friday, and that would be a nice spot. It would excite me to be around those guys. They're the definition of a team. And just to be around those star players like Tony, Tim ... Ginobili. Just to be with them and have that championship mindset with those guys, it would be a great start.

And I know Pop is pretty strict, but I would follow the rules, basically. That's it. I would definitely want to be in a place where I could be who I am, but there are times and places to pick your spots. I know there is some humor in the guy ... there's gotta be some.

I'm going to Utah after San Antonio, but I had a really good time with the Eastern Conference teams. I had good workouts in Philly and New Jersey and had a good time out there, but basically, the first round is my goal.

Quick Update
Posted by Glen Davis on June 15, 2007, 4:05 p.m. ET

I think it's gone well over the last week. I just finished up in Seattle, so everything's been going good -- better than I expected. I kind of got a feeling that my draft status has shot up a little bit and that's good -- good on my part. Mentally, it makes you feel better, it makes you play more comfortable when the pressure is a little bit more loose. But I've still got some things to accomplish, some more workouts to do and hopefully I can get it done.

I'd compare myself to a different kind of player than most people think. The way my game is and the way I play against a Joakim Noah or a Josh McRoberts (whom I've faced in workouts) is a different kind of flavor. I've been doing pretty good for myself.

I was in Chicago on Friday. I was off Saturday. I worked out Sunday. I worked out Monday. I went to Houston on Tuesday and got a physical on Wednesday. I left Houston on Wednesday and worked out for Sacramento on Thursday and here I am working out for Seattle on Friday. Now I have off on Saturday and leave for Washington [D.C.] on Sunday to start a whole new week. I've got a whole other week of teams lined up next.

Day 2
Posted by Glen Davis on June 7, 2007, 4:15 p.m. ET

Everything's going pretty good. Not bad. Had a little workout today in New Jersey and got to meet Isiah Thomas, head coach for the Knicks and Rod Thorn from the Nets. I had a blast. They're great guys and great organizations. I got to play some good guys today. Nick Young, Morris Almond and Josh McRoberts are great, great players.

Just to meet one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game, it's great to meet him and find out the type of guy he is. It's just amazing. It adds more fuel to my fire working out near him and I was glad to workout for him and also the Nets organization too.

Elbow's feeling good. Kind of bruised up a little bit. Now my legs are starting to get to me a little bit. Once I get to Chicago, I'm probably going to give myself a little ice bath or something. Get in the tub and just throw some ice in it.

We started off today with a stretch and then did some lateral movement with our footwork and foot speed. Then we warmed up and shot around. Then we got into drills. We worked drills on both sides of the court. Then we had 2-on-2 games and 2-on-1 games and things like that.

It was comparable to yesterday in Philadelphia. I sort of had a rhythm. With my first workout I didn't know what to expect, everything went so fast, but today things slowed down a bit. You're excited about your first workout and you just want to do everything right.

Being a fan of basketball, I already know what I have to know when I head into these workouts. If you watch the game and love the game, you know the history of all of the teams you go to. Like today with the Knicks, I know about the arena, Madison Square Garden and stuff like that. You've got to know that. You've got to be a basketball fanatic and love the game. You don't do too much homework go by what you already know.

If I were a Net/Knick/Sixer ...
They're great organizations and they could use me in a way to help the organization win championships. I would love to play for any team. You know, I'm an outgoing guy and I get along with everybody. It doesn't really bother me what city I go to or where I'm at. I could be in Utah and it doesn't really matter. I've met great people, especially with the Knicks. I just want to go where a team wants me to help them win championships.

Taking the personality test
I just am me, Glen Davis. I can be serious when I have to be serious and I'm going to joke and laugh when the time is right. I'm that kind of guy. When you joke around, you've got to pick your spots. I'm heading to Chicago, then I'll head back to Houston after that. In Houston, I'll get a massage in and relax my muscles, probably go to the zoo a little bit, workout probably Saturday and then head to Minnesota for a workout on Monday.

Calling Tyrus
I'm going to see what he's doing. He'll probably come up to the hotel tonight. I'll see what he's up to. I spoke to him a lot this season, but this will be the first time I've seen him in a while.

Big Baby's First Words
Posted by Glen Davis on June 6, 2007, 4:20 p.m. ET

I'm Glen Davis and I'm getting ready for the Draft by working out with teams to see where I'm going to go. Today was a hectic day. It was really, really, really, really, really confusing. I didn't have the physical yesterday, so I had to get it today. I was running around everywhere to get blood tests and couldn't eat. It took a little toll on me, but in the end I think it went pretty well.

I got bloodied up a little bit on my elbow but everything went well and I had a good time. I went and dunked on a player and he fouled me and I fell to the ground. It's a little swollen, but I've got some ice and I'll be OK. I'll be fine.

I'm in Philly today. I get on a train in about 30 to 45 minutes and head to Jersey. When I get to Jersey I'm chillin' for the rest of the day. I workout tomorrow and then I get on a flight to Chicago. I'm going to be rippin' and runnin', so I'm going to try and get some rest, get some good food in me.

It was what I expected, what I thought it would be. I did the workout and the psychology part and then the interviews and stuff like that. Everything went the way I thought it would happen.

I'm just really anxious and ready to get out there to play. That's where I wanted to be. I'm not nervous, just out there playing basketball.

I thought I shot the ball really good today and played pretty good defense. My range is about 18-20 feet (college 3-pt. range). I got a chance to do that today, but they didn't really want us to take jumpers. They wanted us to take the guy off the dribble and stuff like that. I can handle the ball really good.

I just try to get in a rhythm and if my shot's not falling, I try to do something a little different to get into that rhythm.

I'm not really sure what to expect tomorrow in Jersey, but I think it will be like today. I know Josh McRoberts (Duke) will be there tomorrow. Today I played with Jason Smith (Colorado St.). He was pretty tough.