As the Celtics prepare for the New Jersey Nets, check out how each matchup breaksdown.

Boston New Jersey
44-38 Record 49-33
92.7 Scored 95.4
93.1 Allowed 90.1
41.5 FG% 44.1
43.5 Opp. FG% 42.7
40.5 Rebounds 42.9
19.2 Assists 23.0
14.0 Turnovers 14.8
8.78 Steals 8.74
3.70 Blocks 4.56

Point Guard

Tony Delk
This will be one of the key matchups in the series. Kidd is one of the top point guards in the league and led the NBA is assists (8.9) this season. In four games versus Boston Kidd averaged just 14.3 points, but he dished out 9.0 assists and grabbed 7.5 boards. It will be up to Delk to slow Kidd in transition, while also making him work on the defensive end. Delk averaged 15.5 points in the first round and the Celtics will need him to repeat that performance.
Jason Kidd
Shooting Guard

Paul Pierce
Pierce will be the one the Nets aim to stop and they will use a variety of defenders on him. Pierce averaged 25.8 points in the first round, and 31.3 points in the Celtics four wins. It will be important for Pierce to get to the hoop early and force the Nets into foul trouble. Pierce has been known to hurt the Nets, having his career-high 48 points at New Jersey, last season. Kittles averaged 13.0 points this season and is a dead-eye three point shooter. Pierce must not let Kittles get hot and nail down three's in transition. .
Kerry Kittles
Small Forward

Walter McCarty
There won't be two more athletic players going head-to-head than Walter McCarty and Richard Jefferson. McCarty was huge for Boston in their first round series, raising his point production from 6.1 in the regular season, to 12.0 points per game versus Indiana. If McCarty can stay hot from beyond the arc it will be a big boost for the Celtics offense. Defensively McCarty must not allow Jefferson, who averaged 15.5 points per game in the regular season, to get out in transition, while also containing his penetrating ability in the half court.
Richard Jefferson
Power Forward

Antoine Walker
This should be a fun matchup to watch throughout the series. Walker can go inside and outside, while Martin gets many of his buckets off of Kidd's passes and offensive rebounds. Martin, who is known for tough defense, will try to be physical with Walker and may also play some minutes on Pierce. If Walker can continue to shoot like he has in playoffs (45.9%), using his inside-outside game, it will be a big boost for Boston. Defensively, Walker must keep Martin off the offensive glass and limit his fast break buckets.
Kenyon Martin

Tony Battie
Though not a flashy matchup, Battie versus Collins could prove to be highly important. Both players are primarily defenders and rebounders, but if one of these centers can step up with a few double-doubles, then their team should be able to pull out the win. It will be important for Battie to help keep Martin and Jefferson off the offensive glass.
Jason Collins

Eric Williams

J.R. Bremer

Mark Blount

The key players for the Nets off the bench are Lucious Harris, Aaron Williams and familiar face Rodney Rogers. The C's will count on Eric Williams, J.R. Bremer and Mark Blount. Harris will get most of the minutes for New Jersey, and like Kittles, the Celtics must not allow him to launch three's in transition. Harris is coming off a career-high 10.3 points per game this season. The Celtics will try to take advantage of Williams in the low post if the Nets use a guard to defend him, and will count on Williams to help on the boards and in transition defense. The teams bench that contributes the most should have a good chance of taking the series.
Lucious Harris

Aaron Williams

Rodney Rogers

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