Scal’s Blog - January 13, 2006

Hey Celtics fans, Brian Scalabrine checking in from the team hotel in Philadelphia, as we're getting ready to take on the Sixers tonight on ESPN2. I'm really looking forward to tonight's game and the next little stretch we have here, especially after winning a tough game in Atlanta on Tuesday night.

For me, it was nice to finally get some extended minutes and show all the fans what I can do. I'm one of those guys that can have an impact on a game but not necessarily fill up the boxscore, and I think we can use some of that. I really enjoyed being on the floor with Paul, Ricky, Delonte and Mark. I thought our unit really shared the ball, got it to our go-to-guys and grinded it out. We really played the game the way it supposed to be played. I was impressed that we were able to come up with one of those tough defensive wins on our fourth game in five nights. That shows me that we're turning the corner.

As far as off the court goes, I recently took in some candlepin bowling, you know the bowling with the little pins and smaller ball, but unfortunately I took the L. It was myself, Raef LaFrentz and Brian Doo (one of the team's strength and conditioning coaches). Raef won the first the game and B-Doo took the second. But don't worry about me, I'm going to hide out for a little while and work on my candlepin game, then in a few weeks I'm taking both of those guys down.

I also got a chance to check out the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia" while we were on our last West Coast trip. It's based the books by C.S. Lewis, and I really enjoyed it. I'd have to give it a B+. I was a little disappointed, though, because I wanted to see King Kong but my wife, who joined me on the trip, wouldn't go for that one. She thought it would be a waste of three hours. I guess I'll find out because I'm planning on checking that one out when we fly to Detroit after the Philly game. I'll let you all know what I think in the next blog.

One last thing I wanted to fill everyone in on is how my friend Dan Dickau is feeling. I spoke to him yesterday and he's in good spirits. He's back home in Washington and his rehab is going well. Dan and his wife are expecting their second child in February and I know that has him excited. That guy just works so hard and I have no doubt that he'll come back even better.

Well, that's all from Philly right now, I'm going to go rest up for the game and hopefully we'll pull out another win for all the fans back in Boston. Thanks for checking out my blog and I'll talk to you all later.

- Brian

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