That's What He Said

Celtics at Hawks
Philips Arena, April 9, 2014/>

Celtics 97/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The game:

"We had too many turnovers and we lost Kyle Korver in transition. We lost Jeff Teague in transition as well. We just got stagnant offensively as well. We’ve got to play all the way through a game. We’ve got to be better collectively at both ends. But the big ones are those transition baskets. It gets them back in it and gets them quick baskets. It gives them momentum. They went three straight three’s in transition, and on the last one, (Kyle Korver) was wide open. We didn’t guard them all night. When you look at the numbers, they shot 53% from the field. Their offense has a lot to do with that, but we only had stretches where we defended well. We did not have a great defensive game."

Re: Atlanta's defense in the fourth quarter:

"They started trapping a little bit. They did a pretty good job on it. We made a nice play at one point, but (Jared Sullinger) got called for a charge on it. It was probably a good call, but he made the right play. That would have been a big basket. I thought there were a couple of plays where we were very tentative on ball reversal. We kind of held it instead of passing and then driving."


Rajon Rondo

Re: Losing the game after having a large lead:

"We just can’t keep saying the same things. We have to continue to run through the finish line and close games better. In the second half we had a big lead and we let the team back in it. We have to get stops, and I start with myself and turning the ball over. They turned up the pressure in the fourth quarter and took us out of our offense. I think they trapped the ball more aggressively and they just got into us. It’s pretty much the same old story the last couple of games. When teams make a comeback on us, they turn up the pressure and we seem to fold."

Re: Kyle Korver getting open looks:

"You can’t leave their best shooter open, especially late in the fourth quarter. We have to do a better job matching up transition-wise and do a better job communicating on defense."

Re: What he can do to lead his team for the rest of the season:

"It’s not really what I have to say. I just have to lead by example. I could have done a better job getting the guys together late when they did make their run, but I didn’t."


Hawks 105/>

Mike Budenholzer

Re: The game:

"It was a good team win. You look at the boxscore and you see that we had contributions and effort all up and down the boxscore. We had a resilient group out there. To bounce back from a tough loss last night and bounce back from Boston making a run at us and going up nine, it just speaks to the character of our group and the resiliency of our group. We did it together and that’s what we want to do. That’s what we’re going to do going forward, so I’m happy for our guys."

Re: The fourth quarter:

"The ball movement and the pace (were the difference). We got a Kyle three there, a corner three and a transition three. Our defensive effort is really what fueled it. We picked up our pressure and our effort. We got some turnovers and some steals that led to transition baskets, especially a couple of those transition three’s for Kyle. That fueled us. When we were in half court, the ball moved and our spacing was good. We found the right guy at the right time, and we were able to execute."

Re: Paul Millsap:

"He’s such a versatile player. He’s not 100 percent, which a lot of guys this time of year aren’t. It’s amazing how he can find a way just to be effective. He can pass with either hand. He finishes a lot with his left hand. He’s such a threat. When you put the ball in his hands, he’s a great decision maker. He can distribute and he can score. Defensively on the boards, he went up and got some really big ones."


Kyle Korver

Re: The turnaround:

"We had some open looks and we knocked them down. We turned the ball over on the five-second count. It was just kind of like ‘man, you’ve got be kidding me right now.’ We very easily could’ve hung our heads there. But we kept on fighting. We got some good looks and knocked them down. The momentum switched our way. You could just feel it. The game turned really quickly."

Re: What fueled Atlanta's comeback:

"We were down nine, so we needed to do both (offense and defense). We needed to hit some shots and we needed to get some stops and some rebounds. It was just a good little stretch there."


Elton Brand

Re: What changed in the fourth quarter:

"I saw the pace improve. We got the ball up, got Kyle some open looks, got Jeff some open looks, got Paul to the rim. It starts on defense. Once we got some stops, we could run it down the court."

Re: Playing Brooklyn on Friday:

"They’ve been playing well at home, better than any team since January. It’s going to be a tough task but it’s the same thing (for us to be successful); keep the pace up, get our shots and get our shooters open."