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76ers at Celtics
TD Garden, April 4, 2014/>

Celtics 102/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Not coming out with more fire after the loss in Washington:

"We’re not pulling in one direction right now, and that’s got to be the responsibility of the Head Coach. So I would say that your assessment of our play tonight is spot on from comparing it to Wednesday, but I do think that Philadelphia came out and they moved the ball. They moved bodies, (Michael) Carter-Williams was fantastic, Henry Sims dominated the paint for them. And they’ve been a hard-playing team the whole year, and I’m sure they’ve had their down moments, obviously, throughout their losing streak. But tonight wasn’t one of them; they played well, we played not well. That’s that."

Re: The Sixers getting to the line 37 times:

"I thought they just got to the rim more. Of the two teams, the team that packed the paint and forced the other team to shoot perimeter jump shots better – they did a much better job. We let them get to the rim and we slapped late and got fouls, and we should’ve been much more alert to packing the paint as they were. They were going to make us make threes, you see we shot 33 of them. Most of them were pretty good shots. And that plays a role in this; it’s probably a different feeling if we throw in 14 of 33 instead of 9 of 33. But at the end of the day, we didn’t."

Re: The Celtics seeing the end in sight after playing hard all year:

"That may be the case. I hope that’s not the case. I said in there, ‘I’m going to swing, swing hard until 10:00 or 10:30 on April 16th, our last game, and I want whoever’s going to swing – let’s go. Let's play. Let’s get after it.’ You know, it is a long year, but sometimes you need to dial yourself back to ‘it’s a game that you really enjoy.’ And take the outside pressure off, take the how-you’re-playing-the-last-game off, and just play with a clear mind and with freedom. Sometimes that’s hard to do and you don’t start well. But we need to do that with the last six games. We need to play better than we’ve played the last two. Got no problem with our effort prior to these two, but these two, we got the result we deserved."

Re: What went well in the second quarter:

"I just thought that group gave us good lift, and I thought that we kind of got that again in the early part of the fourth after they hit a couple of baskets. Probably the biggest issue with our play tonight, beyond the obvious which was too many fouls and put-backs at the rim, were the fact that when really good things happen we didn’t handle that well. So we get a four-point lead and we throw the ball away. We pressure into the full court, we get an opportunity, we cut it to five, and then we just open up a driving lane because we’re trying to be aggressive but not being solid when we don’t need to be that overly aggressive. Sometimes when you push and you’re fighting from behind, that’s what happens."

Re: How long he dwells on results like this:

"Ah, that’s a good question. Somewhere around forever. I don’t have a 24-hour rule; I probably should. I can tell you about every single one of my losses at Butler, and I could probably go through every single one this year. A lot more than the wins."


Rajon Rondo

Re: Whether Boston planned to come out with more fire after Wednesday's loss:

"That was the intent, we didn't come out planning on putting on the performance we did tonight."

Re: What led to changes in the second quarter:

"Taking care of the ball. First quarter we had shot about 34 percent, we had nine turnovers in the first quarter. The second quarter we did a better job taking care of the ball and then déjà vu happened again in the third quarter."

Re: What he has to do as this team's leader:

"We are all professionals. We have to do a way better job than what we are doing as far as performing for the name across our jerseys, the front and the back. I try to be there as much as possible to root my guys on from the bench. We have to look deep, everyone has to look in the mirror individually and try to pull out whatever they can give for these last six games."

Re: How Philadelphia caused turnovers:

"They were playing harder then us. A lot of energy, their rotations were on point and they were hungry."

Re: What is there left to play for:

"We have everything to play for. We have pride. We have pride as a team. Right now we’re not displaying that at all."


Jared Sullinger

Re: What the breakdown was tonight:

"I really don’t know, they outplayed us. They played harder than us."

Re: How frustrating the loss is:

"Very frustrating, I mean, it's frustrating for every game you lose. You got to give them credit when credit is due. They came out, they played hard, they made shots and they won."


Phil Pressey

Re: His mindset coming off the bench:

"Just to bring energy when you are coming out there off the bench, and that is one of my main focuses is to bring energy to the team. Also, to really pick it up on the defense end. Unfortunately I couldn't bring it out to win."

76ers 111/>

Brett Brown

Re: His team getting better in close games:

"To have opportunities where you can talk to Michael (Carter-Williams) and talk to the young players about how you close out a game, we just haven’t had many of those this year, and so I thought they did a really good job of understanding that we’re going to play through Michael and Thad (Thaddeus Young). We want the other people to play and make sure that they are engaged, they’re in the game and take advantage of the attention that Michael and Thad receive. That environment has been rare this year and I thought they did a good job of closing out a game."

Re: Henry Sims getting to the line but not hitting shots:

"Because he was in a boom mode; he was in a really aggressive attack mode. He’d bury his head and try to get to the rim at all costs and in the first half I thought he would rush things when he was at a block, but when he turns and faces and he can catch and go and play out of the dribble, hand-off type of game at the top of the key area; he has a surprising first step and he’s got a fantastic mentality and with that it produced an aggressive attack at the rim and 18 free throw attempts and made 14 of them."

Re: Michael Carter-Williams getting on a roll in the fourth quarter:

"It’s interesting because he was picked and scored on himself, and there’s a pride element that comes into all great players that they, you know, you want to go back at the guy and how do you do that is an interesting decision. Michael tried to get him (Phil Pressey) and he was successful and he just kept going at them and him and there was that period where the game was kind of funny and he grabbed it. It was born out of him getting stripped at half court for the break-away dunk."

Re: Scoring 35 in the fourth quarter:

"I felt like we started the game the way we had hoped to in relation to moving the ball and playing with each other. We did a good job doing that. I didn’t think we did a good job at all in the second period; so poor defensive rebounding. Everybody’s going to write something different about the game; the game was won because we boxed out. They (Celtics) had 6 offensive rebounds, 2 in the 4th period, 4 in the 3rd and they had 20 something points on second chance points. I think that the movement offensively found itself in the 4th period and I thought we did a pretty good job of sharing the ball and playing with each other."

Re: Losing 26 straight and then winning two of their last four:

"We’re on a roll. My motivation, where I’m most proud of these guys, they stay together and they play. They bring their A effort more times then they don’t, they stay together, they cheer for each other. We had a nine-man rotation tonight, they’re in, they’re out, they play for one another and to look on a court at this stage of a year given the record that we’ve had and there’s six games left; I’m just so proud of their ability to play as a team and continue to do the right thing and have a true desire to get better."


Michael Carter-Williams

Re: His fourth quarter performance:

"Early in the quarter I made some key mistakes and gave up the lead a little bit and I just wanted to make up for those mistakes. I was just trying to make hustle plays and down the stretch me and Thad (Young) were really working together. He made some great moves, he had an open jump shot and knocked it down and had a tip at the end. He made some big plays."

Re: Making a conscious effort to score late in the game:

"We really wanted this win. I think it’s a great win for us. As a leader on this team, and the freedom I have to take shots, I’m expected to make some and tonight that’s what I did."

Re: Playing against Rajon Rondo:

"He's a great player. He passes the ball, does all the little things out there. We play somewhat similarly, he tries to get a lot of rebounds and make hustle plays. It’s great to see a guy like him and just to learn from him."


Thaddeus Young

Re: The win:

"We're going to continue to play as hard as we can and try to keep building on what we’re trying to do for next season."

Re: Michael Carter-Williams showing what he's capable of in the fourth quarter:

"Definitely. Like I just said all season long he’s been great for us. He’s exceeded all expectations, going above and beyond. He’s been great for us. He’s going to continue to be great. He’s learning as he’s going and he’s incorporating each and every thing we try to teach him into his game. He’s learning where to pick apart defenses and where to take his shots from. I think tonight the biggest thing was he took advantage of all the smaller guards that were on him."

Re: Philadelphia's offense getting comfortable:

"I think Coach has done a great job emphasizing it. Basically just play through Thad (Young), play through Mike (Carter-Williams), get to the end of the play, get to a screen and roll where it’s Mike and Thad make plays. I think we’ve been able to go a good job so, just being able to make plays out of getting double-teamed, making plays when they take one option away and going to the next one."