That's What He Said

Celtics at Bulls
United Center, March 31, 2014/>

Celtics 80/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The fourth quarter:

"Poor start. It wasn’t just the 4th. The first 5 minutes of the 3rd and the 4th we went into a drought. We looked heavy-legged the whole 2nd half. That’s no excuse because they played last night too. Our guys played with good spirit. We just couldn’t overcome the droughts."

Re: Brandon Bass' performance:

"He was a stud. He played his tail off all night. He was very aggressive on offense and defense. He was really great tonight. I complimented him in the locker room in front of all they guys."

Re: The impact of Avery Bradley sitting out the second half:

"Yes, that hurt us. He came out in the 1st half limping. We only have 5 perimeters and that includes (Chris) Babb and (Phil) Pressey. It really hurt us when he went out with that bad Achilles. That was a curve ball that we couldn’t hit."

Re: Chicago's defense:

"There is no easy offense against Chicago. You need postups, good ball movement, and layups and we didn’t have much of that tonight. They challenge shots better than most teams along with Indiana, they are the elite of elite on defense. It’s the best defense I’ve coached against."


Bulls 94/>

Tom Thibodeau

Re: The difference in the fourth quarter:

"The 4th quarter was obviously our best quarter. We struggled throughout most of the game. We were fortunate enough at the end to win the game."

Re: How Boston slowed down D.J. Augustin:

"(Phil) Pressey and (Chris) Johnson brought a lot of energy to the game. We were loose with the ball and both guys are very good at creating steals which got them going. They are playing hard, they have been playing hard. They play together. They were down (Rajon) Rondo tonight so they were going to feel that. Brad Stevens does a great job with them."

Re: Adjustments from game to game:

"The game tells you what you have to do. Every night is different. D.J. (Augustin) was not getting the same looks as he was last night, but he made the right plays. Sometimes it’s a shot, sometimes it’s a pass and I thought he did that. If they are committing more than one player to him, that means we should have easy opportunities for others. We just have to keep the ball moving and make quick decisions. Don’t hold onto it and don’t dance with it."

Re: Boston focusing more on D.J. Augustin in the fourth quarter:

"That’s the advantage we have with the finishing group. We can put 2 point guards out there. We can put the ball in Joakim (Noah)’s hands. And we can put the ball in Taj (Gibson)’s hands. The job of those guys is to read what the defense is doing. If someone has a hot hand, you go with that. IF someone has a match-up, you go with that. IF there are 2 on the ball, we have to make the right play. Basically that is what we are trying to accomplish."

Re: The play of Mike Dunleavy:

"He does a lot more than just shoot. He is always a threat with his shot and he creates space. No one is leaving Mike Dunleavy open. He moves well without the ball. One of the things that gets him the looks is he is a great screener. He moves extremely well without the ball so he is creating shooting opportunities. The obvious is when you see a player make the pass or the extra pass. But a great screen is another act of unselfishness. It makes your team better. He is probably one of our best screeners."


Mike Dunleavy

Re: The importance of securing the third seed:

"I think it’s very important. We want to try to get as high as we can. Not only with home court advantage and avoiding the first seed in the second round, if we’re fortunate enough to advance. We just want to get as high as we can."

Re: Playing in the second game of a back-to-back:

"It’s difficult. We’ve gone thru it a couple of times in the last week. Tonight, when we literally played them last night, it’s just different. You can’t get away with the sneaky stuff, after timeout plays, stuff like that. You have to man up and beat them face to face."

Re: If Chicago is gelling at just the right time:

"Yeah, I think so. You have a night like tonight where you don’t feel the greatest about your performance. But we did play well in the 4th quarter. Playing a team on the 2nd night of a back to back, the same team, it’s tough to pitch a perfect game. I think we’re pleased with where we are at. We just have to keep building."