That's What He Said

Celtics at Raptors
Air Canada Centre, March 28, 2014/>

Celtics 103/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The last play of the game:

"Yes, we actually tried to get a misdirect to try and get it right to Sully (Jared Sullinger) for a quick shot and they were very physical and they guarded it well. The second option was (Rajon) Rondo with a slip ball screen and hoped to create confusion on the slip. It did, he had a nice lane and the guy hedging did not foul him. It was (John) Salmons catching back up with him that fouled him. On the last play we were just trying to curl Jeff (Green) over the top and see if he could get something on the backside or if we could get Jeff or Sully popping or get Kelly (Olynyk) lower but Kelly never got there. Again, they played really physical and really well in those moments. Hats off to them."

Re: DeMar DeRozan making tough shots all night:

"Tough, the difference in the game was him making the tough shots at the end of the day. Amir Johnson made a great play on the tip in. We tried to block him out but again the physicality of the game. He made a great play and that’s what good players do at that moment. DeRozan was great in the fourth quarter. Seemingly every time in the third and fourth quarter they needed one, and certainly the shot he hit with 33 seconds. It was a great shot. "


Kelly Olynyk

Re: Boston's bench play:

"We just want to come in, play as hard as we can and pick up the tempo. If we’re down we’re trying to bring us back closer and if we’re up we’re trying to extend the lead. We’re just trying to give our starters a better opportunity."

Re: Another tough loss:

"Yes, we had a good push there, got the lead for a bit and we’ve just got to close it out."

Re: Playing against Jonas Valanciunas:

"He’s a big guy, long. He rebounds the ball and can finish. You’ve just got to get to his body, get to him early, and be physical with him."

Re: Being on the court when the Raptors clinched a playoff berth:

"It sucked because we lost. It’s good for the city, the city deserves it. They have great people here and great fans so they deserve it."


Jerryd Bayless

Re: The Celtics' inconsistency:

"We’ve got to play better throughout the game. There are times where we play well, like you’ve seen, and there are times when we struggle. We’ve just got to have a more consistent effort from everybody."

Re: Having the hot hand for Boston:

"I was just making shots, tried to get it going, and it worked out."

Re: Brad Stevens establishing a culture in his team:

"Yes, I think Brad (Stevens) is doing a good job. We play the right way most nights, which is kind of refreshing, and when you’re playing the right way, moving the ball and everybody is touching it, it’s a fun way to play. We’ve just got to continue to do that. On the defensive end we’ve got to keep it to our fundamentals and our principles and hopefully it all works out."


Raptors 105/>

Dwane Casey

Re: It being gratifying to make the playoffs:

"It is. We are excited about it. If you told me in year one that we would be knocking on the door of the playoffs in a rebuilding situation, I take my hat off to all the guys who have come through here. DeMar DeRozan and Amir Johnson especially who have been here through it all. To the fans for understanding and being patient; I know they did not see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but it’s a process. You don’t build Rome overnight. "

Re: DeMar DeRozan and Amir Johnson making big shots given their significance to Toronto:

"No question, it was fitting that DeMar got it going towards the end. He had a tough shot over Jeff Green who was playing tremendous defense. Then Kyle (Lowry) goes to the basket on a set play and Amir follows him in. It was fitting for those two guys because they have been through it all thick and thin. My hat is off to them, but my word is that we are not satisfied. We have to continue to get better. This franchise is built, is fit for a Championship environment. That is the culture I wanted to bring from Dallas when we won the Championship. I know what it takes to win in this league, and that’s not me tooting my own horn, defense wins and we are building that environment here."


Kyle Lowry

Re: The reaction of the Raptors' fans:

"It was pretty amazing, pretty cool. We clinched a playoff spot which is something we as a team wanted to do for the city and fan base. We are just happy to be able to do that."

Re: The Raptors:

"You know what, this is a great team. I always say that one through 15 we are all accountable for one another, we all appreciate each other, and we all respect what each of us brings to the table. We’re a team one through 15 and that’s how you win games."

Re: His ankle:

"I’m alright, a little sore, but I’m okay. I’m fine. Good to go."

Re: The next goal for Toronto:

"We just finish the season off strong; our goal is to keep playing games, not just clinching. Finish with a stronger record and go into the playoffs strong."


DeMar DeRozan

Re: What clinching a playoff spot means to him and the fans:

"Since I’ve been here the fans have definitely been loyal, stuck by us, through the tough times and you can’t ask for better fans then that. It’s not like these fans just started coming around this season, these fans have been here from the start, when we were playing bad and having 20 win seasons. To see it turn around and share it with our fans is cool."

Re: Sharing this win with Dwane Casey:

"It’s definitely cool man, the hard work (Dwane) Casey has put in every single day since he’s been here, since the lockout year, and you definitely see it paying off. It’s definitely even sweeter to have our head coach, who we’ve been here through the struggle with, share this moment with too. Like I said, it’s still a long road to go. "