That's What He Said

Suns at Celtics
TD Garden, March 14, 2014/>

Celtics 80/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Late-game execution:

"We didn’t play with any poise. That was probably the biggest thing. They executed pretty well. Out of the time out, got a foul on the play out of the time out, and then got a three for Jeff (Green) on the ensuing side out-of-bounds play that we didn’t make. And in the scramble for the ball, I didn’t think we played with much poise for the next 40 seconds. I had one time out left, and when (Marcus) Morris dunked it with 24 seconds or so, I wanted to try and get back in transition as quick as possible and save that thing for a last-ditch effort if we were able to score; I should’ve just called time out and stopped it because it was, the last 40 seconds were awful."

Re: Kris Humphries storming off the court:

"He’s upset because we lost, and he certainly has got a right to be. That was not a good ending. It was not a good performance. I thought we shot probably worst – worse shots than we’ve shot for a while. We missed 65 shots. That’s pretty incredible that we had a chance to win, but that’s not good and we need to make sure that we don’t do that again."

Re: A late collapse being worse than losing the whole game:

"The answer is yes, we collapsed at the end, but the fact of the matter is we probably lost the game just as much in the third quarter. Our offense was incredibly stagnant. And, again, I didn’t think we took great shots and we were clearly not shooting well."

Re: Kelly Olynyk's strong game:

"That’s the part that’s kind of tough because again, (Brandon) Bass can give you something, Hump (Kris Humphries) really probably played pretty well, I felt like we had a good rhythm going with Sully (Jared Sullinger) and Kelly at that time and you’re just trying to find something that will continue to work. And, yeah, he did some good things; he played pretty well defensively and rebounded a little bit. He continues to get better, but hard to be overly praiseworthy right now."

Re: Rajon Rondo coming off of games where he's sat due to rest:

"Well, he’s been doing that so I don’t think it’s unusual. It’s a good question. I mean, I think he could best answer that. He played three nights ago so it’s not like he played a long time ago."

Re: Being surprised to be 'in' games where the team is shooting poorly:

"I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt like if you’re competing and you’re trying and you’re guarding, you’re going to have a chance to win. Doesn’t always make sense analytically or mathematically but we did. After the first quarter I thought we really defended for the rest of the night. I mean, they scored 29 in the first and finished with 87 for the game. The problem is we didn’t play both ends of the floor."

Re: How much longer will he watch Avery Bradley's minutes:

"I haven’t even thought about it because I just was told today that he was playing. So I don’t know the answer to that; I’ll probably have a better answer on Sunday when we meet before the game."


Avery Bradley

Re: How he feels after the game:

"I feel fine. It’s a little sore but I’m going to ice it and I’ll feel fine tomorrow."

Re: What his minute restriction was:

"I’m not sure, I didn’t really care as long as I got a chance to go out there and play hard for my team, that’s all that mattered to me."

Re: If he wanted to play more minutes:

"Of course, as a competitor you want to go out there and help your team, but at the same time I have to be smart and the coaches, he (Stevens) \knows better than me and he knows I have to get back in the rhythm. I was a little rusty and so he has to limit my minutes and he told me that before the game but I didn’t know how many minutes I was going to play and I really didn’t care."

Re: Feeling rusty:

"Definitely. My shot was rusty, but you still can play hard on the defensive end and that’s what I try to do. I try to go out there and lift our intensity and try to get the guys going, that’s my role on this team."

Re: Last minutes of the game:

"I think our best way of executing plays and making plays happen is getting the ball to Rondo (Rajon). He made some big plays for us and unfortunately we weren’t able to knock down shots the entire game. I don’t think we shot a very good percentage as a team this game and that resulted in a loss for us."

Re: The difficulty in acclimating to the offense:

"It's hard to say. Might be one game, might be two games I don’t know. I just have to go out there and be confident and takes what the defense gives me and get to my spots."

Re: His offense starting on the defensive end:

"For sure, defensive end and cuts, that’s what gets me going and I know what kind of player I am and I know it starts on the defensive end first for me."


Kelly Olynyk

Re: Losing his poise:

"I don’t know if it's as much as losing your poise, I mean we kind of got a bit antsy, there at the end. We didn’t try to get the best available; we took the first shot, the best available shot so I think we kind of rushed a bit. I guess it might be another way to say that."

Re: Limiting Phoenix's offense after the first quarter:

"We kind of just tried to bottle up their shooters and forced them to make plays at the rim and try to go vertical. We were rebounding pretty well here for the stretch; they got on the glass a little bit at the end and I think that kind of led to some stuff too. When you are rebounding, running it’s a miss game real easy."

Re: Biggest lesson learned in the loss:

"It’s a game of runs, it's basically what it is. You are going to miss some shots during the night, you are going to make some shots during the night, you got to make sure you end with momentum, that’s the biggest thing. But you know when you hit that wall and hit that adversity you got to play through it. We did miss some shots in the 3rd quarter, but we came back in the 4th and we just got to carry that through."


Suns 87/>

Jeff Hornacek

Re: Being pleased about holding Boston to ~31 percent shooting:

"Sure. I thought we did a better job, we played harder defensively. I don’t know if that affected our offense our offense was not very good. We missed shots, but again defense when you aren’t shooting the ball well can win you the game and I think it did tonight."

Re: His team tightening up:

"We want to tighten it up, but again situations happen; a couple of guys maybe didn’t have great games and didn’t have it going, you know Miles (Plumlee) gets hit in the eye, trying to limit Eric’s (Bledsoe) and Goran’s (Dragic) a little bit, knowing that we have three games in four nights so we are trying to buy some minutes for them and luckily we survived."

Re: Alex Len's late impact:

"Obviously the tip was huge, but I think just his size in there; he does a nice job of sliding his feet and getting in a good position, making guys shoot over him, and when rebounds come up there, they (Celtics) got a couple on long rebounds, but he takes up space and boxes guys out. He may not get the rebound, but some of our other guys like Markieff (Morris) can go up and get it."

Re: Miles Plumlee's injury:

"Yeah, towards the end of the game a trainer came up and said he can go back in; he just got scratched in the eye."

Re: Issues in the halfcourt:

"They (Celtics) were doing some switching and stepping out and we were hesitating guys, Eric (Bledsoe) and Goran (Dragic) are very good at breaking guys down so they were backing it out a little bit which slows down our offense. But again we weren’t making shots so when they did do that it was fine cause the other guys weren’t making them."


Channing Frye

Re: Struggling to get the win:

"I think we’re re-figuring out how hard it is to get wins in the NBA, regardless of what team it is and you know tonight we have a lot of un – I call unassisted mistakes – turnovers, that are not like, ‘I’m driving, I just kicked the ball out of bounds,’ more like just throwing the ball away or just not communicating. And if we can cut those down I think we can be a lot better, but you know it’s going to happen. I think we’re just trying to figure it out. Our resiliency is there, we shot the ball like some scrubs tonight, but I think we got a win regardless. So I think this is one of the few wins I can remember keeping a team under 90, you know, so that’s good for us and we just have to build off that. A win is a win and we’re just going to build on this and continue to move forward."

Re: Phoenix's young team and their playoff chances:

"Nobody makes excuses for us. I think everybody kind of – like the media, I would say, set the bar for what we should be or how we should be and we kind of set the bar for ourselves of what we want to accomplish. We hold ourselves to a pretty high standard and you know we’ve haven’t been playing good of late but we’ve got to look at the big picture and continue to know that we have to continue to believe in ourself and the work that we put in is not for nothing."

Re: Being surprised at where the Suns are:

"Yes and no. I’ve got to be honest, I thought Ryan (McDonough) did a great job of bringing guys in that are not only hungry but they want to buy into a system and fit in to what we want to do. I think everyone on this team is extremely unselfish; we love each other, we love playing for each other and with each other and it’s been one of my favorite years of play regardless of wins and losses. I think we’ve all just been really connected with each other."


Goran Dragic

Re: His stellar year:

"I didn’t do a lot in off-season because I play for my national team. So I had 15 – I was playing only games. So I think so that helped me, too. I was in the rhythm as soon as I came to the training camp. I didn’t practice a lot because Coach Jeff (Hornacek) gave me some rest. I think so this season is much better for me because it’s my second year as a starter so I know what I have to do and what I have to expect from the 82 games. I’m adjusting to every game and maybe because of that, and of course my coaching staff, Jeff – Jeff gives us great confidence."

Re: The importance of making the playoffs"

"For us, it’s very important. We know what we are capable to do. Before the season nobody expected us to do – what they said was we were going to have 15, 16 wins and you know everybody was positive from the first day and tried to get some work done. And I think so we should have a great chemistry this year and we’ve still got some hopes to make the playoffs so you know we’re going to battle a team until the last game and try to get every win."