That's What He Said

Knicks at Celtics
TD Garden, March 12, 2014/>

Celtics 92/>

Brad Stevens

Re: New York shooting 9-of-11 from deep in the first half:

"Well, they’ve got to make them. So they – you know there’s different ways to play the pick and roll; we tried just about every way. And because of their shooting all around, they were really in a good rhythm. And it started with Carmelo (Anthony) hitting those in isolation. You know one of the things we wanted to do was try to make it as difficult as possible, make him take contested jump shots, it’s what you’ve got to do, and to his credit he’s playing great and he knocked them in. We brought two later on and we had pretty efficient rotations at times and they moved the ball, found the right guy, and in the first half they knocked them in, in the second half they missed them early, and we got back into the game. But to their credit, they were executing at a high level with a very small team, very fast team, very skilled team. And they used that speed to hurt us on the other end of the floor, too."

Re: Adjustments in the third quarter:

"We doubled more, we doubled Carmelo more, we showed a little harder on the pick and rolls, we pushed out some pick and rolls, I thought we rotated better, we had a great series where we faked at the right guy and didn’t leave the wrong guy. So, we did a lot of good things in the third quarter, and then I think that three to start the fourth took the wind out of our sails a little bit unfortunately and we never really could get it going after that again."

Re: Other guys who can be as hot or as cold as Jeff Green:

"Well, yeah, I mean I think there’s a lot of guys that aren’t going to score 27 a night that have capability, that have that ability to do so on a given night. I think that that’s not unique to the league; I think the league is full of guys like that. I think that’s really what separates the Carmelos of the world and the (Kevin) Durants and the LeBrons (James) is they can do it every, every single night. But that’s not a knock on Jeff; that’s a compliment to those other guys and I think he’s been playing pretty well. He did not shoot it well yesterday, but I thought he took the challenge of guarding Paul George exceptionally well, especially from the last time we played the Pacers. He did a great job. Today, we could never really get him switched onto Anthony because he was always a foul away from being on the bench. So he was on there for maybe a play or two, but didn’t guard Carmelo much and I would’ve liked to have seen more of that, probably. But the way that they were set up, too, he was at the four – shoot, he was at the five – for a few possessions. So that was really hard to match Jeff, our three up, because then our fours and fives really have nobody to guard."

Re: Coaching against red-hot offense in the first half:

"Number one, you’ve got to try to break the rhythm. You’ve got to try to break the rhythm so that’s why we like it... We trapped a little bit more and we showed on the pick and rolls a little bit more, so we tried our best to do that. But you want to stem the tide, to be honest. You want it to not get to 20. You want to try to score on the other end, break the rhythm defensively, and hope you can keep it manageable so that when your run occurs you can take the lead instead of just cut it to 10."


Kris Humphries

Re: Defensive struggles in the first half:

"Everyone was making shots for them; Hardaway Jr. (Tim) had 17 in first half, Melo (Carmelo Anthony) hit some big shots, you know it's really tough when I guy like that is hitting 3s you know shake, shake, shake into a 3. They just played well. They started to miss some shots, we got a little back in the game but weren’t really able to turn the corner."

Re: Ranking this game:

"I don’t know. I haven’t really looked at it, it's always different, playing then looking at it on TV."

Re: Making a run in the third quarter:

"Well, I mean obviously we lost quite a bit so it put the fire out quite a bit, but hitting 3’s especially late in the game, you know sometimes with a team like that if they hit a lot of shots early it's not as bad, but when they put together some shots late it's really tough because the game tightens up and a lot of times good looks are hard to come by."


Jeff Green

Re: It being difficult to battle with a team who's shooting 9-of-10 from long range to start the game:

"It's real tough, we got put in a hole. They got an early start, gave them a rhythm and it was hard to get them out of that rhythm."

Re: When New York gets in a rhythm:

"You saw it at the end of the night, that’s all I can say."

Re: His third quarter:

"Just being aggressive, shots started to fall and I just continued to go at it."

Re: How he can duplicate this effort:

"Just continue to do the same thing, attack."


Knicks 116/>

Mike Woodson

Re: Contributions from everywhere for New York:

"It's kind of nice to see, cause all season long I’ve been preaching, we have so many different players, so many different lineups based on injuries. You know guys want to play. They complain they don’t get minutes, don’t get shots. I think when you are trying to build a team, guys got to understand it's not about who’s getting all the shots, it's not about who’s playing all the minutes, it's what you do with the minutes and what you're doing when you are in there. I thought Cole (Aldrich) tonight kind of reminds you of last year’s team, you know, when a guy goes down another guy, the next guy in line, steps in and he plugs right in, keeps it flowing, keeps things flowing in the right direction. Cole was that guy tonight. I thought he and Earl Clark both came in and gave us positive minutes."

Re: The first half:

"We got stops and we spread the court so well and we are making shots. We are a tough team to beat, and we’ve been shooting these last five games - we’ve been shooting the hell out of the ball and our defense has been on par as well, so it’s a good combination to have. Again, we just got to continue to grow, take it one day at a time and see what happens."

Re: The Celtics' third-quarter run:

"It’s the NBA, you know, all teams are going to make runs. This is a pretty good team here at home and you know they are not going to quit, we knew that, and they made the run and I called it the time I think they cut it to 10 and we came right out and Pablo (Prigioni) hit a three, and it kind of broke it back open again. And then we just did what we needed to do to secure it that last six-seven minutes coming down the stretch."

Re: Tim Hardaway Jr.:

"Well he’s a shot-maker and he’s an athlete. He’s capable of putting the ball down and getting to the rim and making plays; good free throw shooter. You know I want him to be a complete player so I want him to get better defensively and I think he will really as the years come and go. He’s just got to pick up and get a little bit stronger, but I like everything. Tim has been a solid rookie this year for us."

Re: How it feels to be playing good basketball this late in the season:

"I mean, it's kind of what we envisioned when we came out of camp. For all the ups and downs that we’ve had based on injuries - we got four bigs sitting at home that are pivotal to our ball club - so we are going to need them back to continue this run I think, but I’m very pleased with the way guys stepped up and played tonight."


Carmelo Anthony

Re: Cole Aldrich's game:

"Stepped up big time. You know Cole’s been very patient this year, sitting and waiting for his number to be called, and when his number was called tonight he stepped up to the challenge and gave us a big lift offensively and defensively."

Re: Giving Aldrich the game ball:

"It feels good. We know how much work guys like that put in, guys like Cole put in. We’re with him every day, we know how hard he works, and for him to have this opportunity tonight and be a part of our team’s success tonight is a good thing."

Re: The Knicks' strong offensive start:

"We got it going early. We shot the ball well early, defensively we had it clicking from all angles early. They made a couple runs throughout the whole game but we sustained that, kept our composure, and we finished the game out strong."

Re: Watching the standings:

"Well, regardless of who we play, we’re just taking it one game at a time. These are teams that we’ve got to play, it’s on the schedule, so we don’t control that. The only thing we can control is whether we win or not."


Cole Aldrich

Re: Being recognized in the locker room:

"It meant a lot it. It’s is not about me, it’s not about what we did today, it’s about the whole team and what we are doing lately and we are coming out here and playing really good basketball."

Re: The extra work he's put in:

"I mean, that’s the name of the game. You never know when you’re going to get called and Amar’e (Stoudemire) was down and Tyson (Chandler) has family issues so the next guy in line was me. So I just came in and just did my job."

Re: It being hard to be ready when he doesn't see many minutes:

"It is tough. It’s physically tough and mentally tough but that’s what you’ve got to do as a professional. It’s just staying ready and just coming whenever your name is called whether it’s in the middle of the game or like today I started – just coming out and playing and trying to find a way to get a win."

Re: Being nervous about his first career start:

"I was a little nervous. Just when you get out there you just go and play. Just be with the guys and have fun again."