That's What He Said

Pistons at Celtics
TD Garden, March 9, 2014/>

Celtics 118/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Committing 28 turnovers in the last game and just seven tonight:

"It’s helpful, obviously, to keep it and get shots, and I felt like we shot better than 10 of 31 from three; maybe that was just because we strung all those together in the third quarter when Jeff (Green) was making those shots. But ball moved really well, spacing was good; spacing’s been better the last few games – even the end of the Warriors game it was a lot better. So I think our offense has been getting better, but you have to come out and do it every night. That’s the hard part. Obviously playing against a great defense on Tuesday, so you know, hopefully we can play well on both ends of the floor."

Re: Rajon Rondo's effect on ball movement:

"Well, obviously he has a good effect on that, but I thought everybody affected that. I think we do have a pretty unselfish group moving the ball. We missed a couple of extra passes but not very many. But it’s good to see the body movement and ball movement. I think we’ve been pretty active on that end of the floor. Kelly (Olynyk)’s been a big part of that too, cutting and playing in space."

Re: Boston's strategy against Detroit's superior rebounding:

"You try to minimize the rebounding disadvantage as much as possible and so there’s a couple of ways to do that. Obviously number one is to make a ton of shots, which we didn’t do but we shot it well enough to win. And then the second thing is this is a game where you go into it and you say, ‘Okay, if we’re even, that’s a win, like if we’re even close to even.’ Down 15, well then we can’t turn it over at all, and we didn’t turn it over at all. So it just becomes a possession game at that point."

Re: The production from the Celtics' bigs:

"Well, you know, three of our four bigs had 14, 18, and 20 so we had a lot of production at that spot, and then (Brandon) Bass I thought did a lot of good things, he just didn’t get many opportunities. So I thought he did a great job too. I thought our bigs played well. Hump (Kris Humphries) can hit that mid-range shot and got a lot of them early and that kind of got him going. He’s always good for a basket or two in transition on most nights and I thought Kelly and Sully (Jared Sullinger) coming off the bench is becoming not only – continues to be a pretty skilled group together but also, you know, maturing from the standpoint of understanding the NBA game and really playing at this speed. So we’re getting better in that regard."

Re: How much it helps to have Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger off the bench:

"So we have, when you look at it, Phil (Pressey) is not a volume scorer, Chris Johnson and Chris Babb are probably better playing off of others, although they’re both certainly capable. So I think having those two guys as playmakers in that second group is good. Now we don’t play that second five together the whole time all at once, usually, but they all know how to play and they all know their roles and they play to their roles pretty well. And it gives those guys more opportunities because they’re the focal point of that group."


Brandon Bass

Re: Boston's ball movement:

"I thought the ball movement was great tonight, I think we had a variety of guys tonight making shots and that always helps."

Re: The uphill battle against Detroit's rebounding:

"That is what they do night in and night out is rebound. We were just able to fight and play them the best as we can, we able to get the win."

Re: This being the best Rajon Rondo has looked:

"He has been playing well, I don’t know if it is the best but he is getting better. I would say he is getting better every game."


Kelly Olynyk

Re: Matching Kris Humphries' intensity:

"You know, as a second group we don’t want the level to drop. If anything we want to raise the level, you know, sometimes you are not going to score but off the bench we can really bring energy and that is what we do."

Re: Rajon Rondo getting better and better:

"It's unbelievable. You can really see him starting to excel even more. He was great when he came back, but now he is taking it to a whole other level."


Pistons 111/>

John Loyer

Re: What changed after the good defensive start:

"Our start was solid enough, later in the period (we) didn’t do a very good job on closing out on shooters. As I said earlier on, sometimes we close out hoping they miss and I thought down the stretch of the game we closed out trying to make them miss. We dared them to shoot the basketball and they had a very good shooting night, but you got to adjust as the game goes on and guys are shooting the ball, and they shot the ball very, very well."

Re: The Celtics sharing the ball on offense:

"They had a lot of just pass/catch shots and some of those were off them not closing out, but every team is here with the ball, but sometimes most of theirs weren’t off the bounce, they were off the catch so led to a high assist number; got to give them credit."

Re: If he is contemplating changes in the Pistons' lineup:

"I consider a lot of things, but I haven’t pulled the trigger. I look at different combinations in practice, yeah, I consider it all the time."

Re: If he will extend Will Bynum's minutes:

"Not at this point."

Re: Detroit's shot selection:

"I didn’t have a problem, in spurts we took some poor shots, but we score enough to win; we got to defend. We scored 111 points had a good chance to win the game, but we didn’t defend. We gave them too many easy baskets, but the biggest thing to me was offensive rebounds in the first half and just our total lack of second and third efforts to go contest shots."


Will Bynum

Re: Forcing Boston into the shots Detroit wanted them to take:

"I wouldn’t say that, I wouldn’t say that. I think that our effort level needs to be a little bit harder. I think maybe we need to play with a sense of urgency. We are trying to make the playoffs."

Re: It being tough to defend Jeff Green when he's on:

"It's extremely tough. You just have to play hard, be a little bit physical with him and contest shots. Definitely a total team effort."

Re: Rajon Rondo's 18 assists and zero turnovers:

"We were just trying to back up off him and let him take outside shots. Sometimes when you back up like that, he’s (Rondo) able to run the team and got the guys the basketball when they needed it. Tough covering him tonight."

Re: How to find more consistency on defense:

"Playing harder. I think it just comes down to heart. Playing harder and playing with a sense of urgency. That’s what I’m going to keep coming back to. As a team we aren’t playing with a sense of urgency, like we are trying to make the playoffs."